Everything changes...
The Makeover! (EDITING)
Chapter One
I close my eyes as tears roll down my tanned cheeks. I had a bunch of toilet paper in one hand and in the other, was a pen and my diary. I hear a voice come from the cubicle door.
“We know your in their Mia!” Nikki says
I sniff.
“It doesn’t matter what happened, Mia!” Jazmyn says cheering me up a bit.
“That’s it! We’re coming in!” Nikki shouts.
I laugh.
Your probably wondering why I was in a toilet cubicle wishing I was dead. Well, it all started when I (A dork) was invited to the most popular boy’s party(Jacob). While he was talking to me , Jessica (The mean girl) overheard and decided to get revenge. So she hacked onto my computer and got a USB to sink a video of confessing that I had a huge crush on Jacob and she played it on the party. Everyone started to laugh and teased me until I made my way here. But even before that incident I was a total dork! Glasses, messy hair, geeky clothes and never keeps up with the latest trends! So that’s my story. But that story only happened 10 minutes ago.
I hear a bump on the wall and I knew they were trying to get in.
“Okay, okay! I will get out just for you!” I laugh.
I unlock the door and found my friends freeze for like 1 minute.
“What’s wrong?” I ask worryingly.
“You’re a MESS!” Nikki says like she was my mum.
“Since when did I care how I looked like? I am a tomboy!!”
“Well we have to change that!” Jazmyn add.
“You’re not changing how I look!” I demand.
“Fine!” Jazmyn and Nikki chorus.
“So, what am I going to do? If I get out there I will make a full of myself!” I say as tears still dropped down my eyes.
“You have to get REVENGE!” Nikki says while giving a evil smirk.
“I ain’t go there!” I say with attitude.
We all laugh.
“Okay then.... I know! You have to climb out of that window.” Jazmyn suggests while pointing to a window.
“Okay... I guess...”
Luckily I wasn’t wearing a dress, even though I was supposed to so it made it much more easier to climb out of the window. I open the window seal and climb out. Luckily, I could jump onto the floor. So I did.... Bad plan. I landed in Jacob’s arms. I stare at Jacob’s mesmerizing eyes and flush pink.
“Uhm... I-I am soo... sorry...” I stutter awkwardly.
“It’s okay!” He replies while I got out of his arms.
“I-I better go!” I say quickly and I start to run
“Wait!” He calls after me.
I turn slowly not wanting to look back as I felt my face turn a light shade of crimson.
“I appreciate you liking me.” He says with a cute grin.
“Uhh... Thanks?” I say unsure of what I said.
He grins one last time at me before he tuns, and walks to the ballroom. I had just made a complete full of myself in front of the one I’d had so many dreams with! Don’t judge me but he’s really cute. I run back home and flop onto my bed. I get out my diary and stary doing a description of how Jacob looked like.
Jacob. The boy with mesmerising sky blue eyes that reminded me of the ocean. The twinkle of the eyes as he laughed the deep dimples that showed when he talked. He was everything that every girl wanted. The football look with the slicked hair-
My door opened suddenly and I ripped the page out of my diary as my diary flew across the room. It was just my big sister Ellie.
“Whatcha doing?” She asked as she skipped and hopped onto my bed next to me.
“Nothing...” I mumbled.
“Why aren’t you at the end of schoo-“ She didn’t get to finish her sentence.
“WHY DON’T YOU ASK THE WHOLE SCHOOL THAT!” I shout as I stomped out of my room to the kitchen.
Instead of going to the kitchen, I end up in the living room. The house/mansion was so huge sometimes, I could’t find my way around it! I retrace my steps, and then went the right way towards the kitchen. I open the fridge and grab my favourite flavour of ice cream (Cookies ‘n’ cream) and get the ice cream spoon. I walk to a living room and turn on the TV. I open the lid of the ice cream, and eat it while I watch Orange is the New Black. I watch the all the episodes of season one,before I get tired. I sleepily walk towards my bedroom before opening my door and find Ellie sitting on my bean bag.
I ignore her and change into my pyjamas. I jump into bed and turn my lamp on as I read my news feed on Facebook from my mac book. I stare at all the posts I had gotten from Jessica as I scroll down. I go onto her profile page and see her recent post. I feel tears roll down my cheeks rapidly. I slam my laptop lid (As I will call it) down and get my diary and pen out. I pull my covers over my head as I draw how Jacob looked like tonight. He was....... I can’t explain it. After ripping the page out I see my tent (It wasn’t really a tent) open and my sister sits down beside me before taking my diary from my hand and reading it. She smiles and sometimes her smile will drop into a frown. Her frown was the saddest when she turned to the page where I drew Jessica and Jacob kissing while I was in the background holding my diary.
She slept with me for the night as I buried my head into her warm arms. It was the best sleep I’d had for ages.
The next day I wake up still in Ellie’s arms. She was already awake and was smiling at me. I smile back and get out of bed. I take a shower and change into a pair of jeans with a jumper and sneakers. I look on my bedside drawer and see a present there. I look at a white tag that is hanging from the bow.
Hope you like it! From your favourite sister! (Because I am your only sister!)
I grin.
I untie the ribbon and see what she got me. I open the case and I was so happy! I GOT NEW GLASSES! But it wasn’t just ordinary glasses! IT WAS THE SAME EXACT GLASSES JACOB HAS! I was so excited to wear them so, I tale off my old glasses and slip on the new ones Ellie had got me. I race to the living room (The main living room actually) and hug her with all my strength.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” I say multiple times.
“You’re welcome! I just wanted to make you happy.” She says.
I jump off the couch and head to the kitchen where I stuff cornflakes in my mouth and grab my bag with my diary and my pencil case. I run to the bus stop and brush my hair as I wait. I don’t have a hair tie with me so I just let my hair fall over my shoulders. When the bus came, I walk to the steps and tap my Opal card onto the stand. He nods as I sit down in one of the front seats. I open my diary to the page where I had drew Jacob and right when I turn it I hear a soft chuckle. I turn my head slowly to see Jacob.
“I like it!” He says as he admires my work.
“T-Thanks..” I say as I blush.
“Can I see more?” He asks.
“A little bit private though. So you can’t tell anyone.” I whisper.
He nods as I pass the book to him and he slowly looks at my work doing the exact same facial expression my sister did and frowns the most at the exact same picture Ellie did. he returns the book back to me and doesn’t talk to me after. When I arrive at school, I get off the bus and walk to my locker. Everyone was staring at me. I decide to put on my hoodie while I walk. I open my locker, get my books out and walk to the office to get a new timetable. Once I get my timetable, I meet up with my friends at art. I walk in and no eyes go on me. Then I remember, all of these people are exactly like me or my friends... including my crush....Except for Jessica.
I sit in the middle of Nikki and Jazmyn and they give me a look that says “Are you okay?” I nod and get out my art book and my art kit out of my bag. They shrug their shoulders at each other, and get out their art books as well as their art kits.
“Good morning class!” Mrs. Jim says
“Good morning Mrs. Jim...” We say dully
“You guys should put a little bit of excitement when you say good morning!” She critiques.
We all just stare at her bluntly, but she ignores us.
“Today, I am going to be giving you your new partners for next term and this week. When I call out your name please sit next to your partner. And I can assure you that it won’t be your friends!”
Everyone groans.
“And the last couple are Mia and Jacob!” She says.
Everyone snickers at what Mrs. Jim says.. COUPLE!! WHY DID SHE HAVE TO SAY COUPLE. Me and Jacob’s face both go red a the same time but he smiles a me. I smile back and sit next to him, as I put all my stuff on the table.
“For this week and the first week of term 2, you have to make a collage of you and your partners favourite hobbies.”
That was going to be easy for me and Jacob because I know all his hobbies, and his hobbies are my hobbies! :D... I turn my head, and I see Jacob staring at me, But when I turn my head his face goes red as a tomato! He then looks at me and smiles, like I was the one that was staring at him.
“You may discuss with your partner now.”
“My hobbies are reading, playing xbox, plying soccer and watching soccer, and yeah typical tomboy things.” I said.
His mouth was hanging open and then he chuckled.
“That is typical guy stuff”
“Well it is tomboy stuff too!” I pointed out.
We both laugh. I notice Jessica giving me death stares and I shoot her a look back. She suddenly turns her head and started talking to Nikki. Poor Nikki..Jacob and I finish discussing our favourite hobbies and start to plan out how we were going to set out the collage. I just found out that, Jacob and I work as I really good team! The bell rings as I return with all of the supplies we need.
“You guys may pack up your stuff and head to your next session! I advise you to come to your partners house to work on it during the holidays!”
Jacob finds my hand under the table and holds it tightly... What was he doing...? Then I realise that he was giving me is phone number and his home address. I smile and mouth a “Thank you”. before he smiled back before we pack our equipment up. Jessica gives me the biggest glare and walks up to Jacob. She kisses him and they were literally having a make out session right there. They finish after a minute or so and Jessica gives me a smug smirk. Jacob glance at me and mouths a quick sorry.
I shrug my shoulders showing no emotion and walk towards him before leaving the classroom. I don’t even think he’d care if I was upset. Then,
Someone takes my hand.
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