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The Man
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Man Of: Awkward Beginnings
I gulped, my innocent heart pounding, as I waited outside the classroom. I could hear the sound of voices, laughs, and a few yells that died and started at weird intervals.
My fist day of Highschool, and it was at an actual school.
The doorknob of that classroom was the scariest thing I had ever seen in all my life. I stared at it, and probably would have continued to stare at it until the bell rung, but a voice scared me,
“You new here?”
I might have squeaked, but I won’t admit to anything, and turned around. There stood a tall boy, with almost friendly jade green eyes, and hair the color of darkness.
I gulped, “yeah.”
“I thought so,” the boy smiled, there definitely was a friendly look in his eyes. “I’m Jamie.” He held out a hand.
I shook his hand, wondering if they did that often here or if it was just this one kid, “I’m W. J.”
“Cool, class is about to start,” Jamie said. “We should probably go in.”
“Oh, right,” I said, not wanting to go in at all. “You first.”
“Why not,” Jamie said giving me an easy smile, though I’m pretty sure he knew I was terrified.
I unwillingly followed him into the room. The teacher, an older man with graying blonde hair and brown eyes, looked over at the door and sighed, “James Hornworth, it wouldn’t hurt you to be early for once.”
“No sir, I don’t think it would,” Jamie smiled, a little cockily, as the bell rang.
I was sure the teacher would get mad, but he just gave a little smile and shook his head.
“Get to your seat before I have to do something about you,” he didn’t sound angry at all, but Jamie hurled himself into his seat as quickly as humanly possible anyway.
Then the teacher noticed me, standing awkwardly in the doorway, looking at the tiled floor.
“You must be my newest student,” He said, and even though the room had been full of chatter a moment ago, the room grew instantly quiet. “I’m Mr. Hilldale.”
I nodded, not sure where my voice had went but wanting it back.
“I hear you prefer to be called W. J.?” Mr. Hilldale confirmed.
I nodded again, painfully aware of all the eyes on me and trying not to be.
“Welcome to my class, your seat is over there,” Mr. Hilldale said pointing to the only empty seat in the whole room, which had to be at the back of the class.
The seat looked an universe away from me, with millions of faces in between. I was very thankful he hadn’t made me introduce myself, or worse, said my real name in front of the whole class, but I wished I didn’t have to walk so far.
I plucked up what little courage I had and started walking and, surprisingly, made it to my desk without falling on my face. I could still feel the eyes on me, but at least I was at the back of the class and sitting down.
Jamie looked back at me and grinned from his seat in the middle of the room. I tried to smile back, I’m not sure if I did or if it was more of a grimace. Of course my feeble attempt only made him grin wider, but it wasn’t in a mocking way.
The second after Mr. Hilldale said we were dismissed Jamie jumped out of his seat and was leaning on my desk before I could even close my notebook.
“Hey,” he said, like he hadn’t introduced himself yet, “I’m Jamie.”
I looked at him carefully, “I know, we met outside the door before class.”
His eyes sparkled with a smile, though his lips didn’t betray any hit of merrymaking, “Did we? I didn’t catch your name.”
“W. J.” I said, not sure what to make of him. “Are you messing with me?”
“Yes,” he answered in a very serious tone. “I am.”
My confused frown finally made him brake his hold on himself, and he burst out laughing. I was started, but no one else seemed bothered. A few people looked over, but as soon as they saw it was Jamie they just smiled and went back to whatever they were doing.
“Sorry,” he said, trying to stop laughing as the bell rang. “Sorry, your expression was too perfect.”
I quickly threw everything in my bag and stood, still confused.
“So you were messing with me?”
“Kinda, I had to measure your personality so I can tell how fast I can become friends with you,” He said it so matter-of-factly, like it was the most normal thing in the world.
“Um, okay,” I said, still looking at him carefully.
Jamie started to walk to the door and I followed, “Not to state the obvious, but you’re shy,” he smiled at me over his shoulder. “You are pretty easy going when it comes to jokers like me, though guarded. You definitely aren’t a people person, but I don’t think you like being alone either. You don’t talk a lot, unless you know the person well. Also, this is your first time in a classroom, and you don’t want people to know your full name.”
I stared at him, “how did you know all that?”
His grin, which never seemed to leave his face, was smug yet not overly so, “I listen to Sherlock Holmes a lot. I’m also pretty observant, when I want to be.”
“But,” I shook my head. “How?”
“Well,” Jamie said, putting a hand to his chin, thinking. “You were standing in front of the class door for a long time, and I know everyone gets nervous going to a new school, but you looked completely terrified. When you told me your name, first and second time, you didn’t say “my name is so and so, but my friends call me S.S. for short“ or whatever. You also looked as though you might die when Mr. Hilldale started to introduce you.”
Embarrassed, I wondered if all the kids in the class had seen my obvious distress. I hoped I wasn’t that easy to read.
“I don’t think anyone else noticed the thing about your name, but the rest was pretty obvious. You need to work on your poker face,” Jamie said, half reissuing and half teasing.
I smiled grimly, “yeah, I do.”

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