The Master and His Protector
“Quill, come here.” The man beckoned.
The voice belonged to one of the counselors within court. He was much taller than I, being that I am only ten years old. His dark hair layered his head, nearly matching his eye color. His tan skin popped against the clothing he wore.
His brimmed hat was tall in size, colored in a deep brown. A white shirt sat underneath his black long coat. His left arm was covered in a metal armor that appeared to match his mechanical fingers that peaked out from his left hand. Shadow boots crawled up to his knees, layered in buckles.
He brought me into a room, decorated in soft hues of mostly white. The walls were draped in a thick fabric that pooled down from the ceiling, the material bundled at the floor. It was a large room with toys for infants and children placed all around. In the middle of the space, was a basinet that held a small baby.
My dark grey eyes peered at the small being and a smile formed upon my lips. The newborn was sleeping, he had large cheeks with a small nose. His complexion was super pale apart from the soft pink kissing his cheeks. He had dark blonde hair covering his whole head.
“Starting this very moment, this baby will be your Master.” The Counselman said.
I looked up at him, tearing my curious eyes from the child.
“The ceremony will be tomorrow at dusk. Protect the young Prince, just as you were trained to do. Do you understand Quill?”
“I will protect him with my life.” I firmly stated.
He smiled and pat my shoulder. “Good boy. You will be around him always, never leave his side. Learn from him. Learn what makes him cry, what makes him happy, sad and angry. We are counting on you Quill.”
My pointer finger touched the Prince’s hand, his tiny fingers grasped around it without hesitation.
“I will do my duty.” I smiled, feeling my heart swell at his beauty.
I knew at that moment; my life was to change. Whether it was for the good or bad, or even both. This is my purpose, this is what I was born to do. He will be my Master and I his Protector.
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