By Sunnythatbunny
I invented that word for a reason, and for some strange reason I feel that at least you, dear reader, should know my reasons. Beware, I am a damaged soul, lived through the pain and the misfortunes of all eternity. I am a depressing spirit, so do not, I repeat, do NOT read on if you wish to live your life in ignorance of the horrors I faced. I have warned you. Turn back, turn back now before it is too late for you! Journey down a bright, happy path - do not be burdened by my mere existence. I mean it. Leave me to wallow in my tragedies for another eternity. Goodbye.
But... you are still here.
Why? I do not know myself.
Well, you have made your choice, however much you may regret it in the future. Read on.

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Chapter 2

There’s An Evil Side To Everything

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