The Magic
Maggie Magine
Magic Dad ~ Maggie
I used to believe Dad was magic, but I was little then, now I know different, there’s no such thing as magic. I don’t see why he needs me in all of his shows, can’t he use a volunteer! Mom never approved of Dad’s occupation but she tolerated it when I used to believe.
Now I know better.
There’s no such thing as magic.
“Maggie! It’s time for dinner!” Called Mom from the kitchen.
“Coming!” I shouted back at her, before putting down my homework and racing to the dining room. There I found something I hadn’t seen in years.
Mom and Dad were fighting about Dad’s job. They would have fought about it every day if me and Sam hadn’t backed him up the first time.
It was different then.
I was young and foolish.
I believed in magic.
They stopped when I came out.
“Er . . . Maggie” said my mom awkwardly, “dinner isn’t quite on the table yet”.
“Sure,” I replied skeptically.
“Why don’t you take a shower” mumbled my dad.
“OK, just don’t fight to loudly, I think I might hear you over the water!”And before they could punish me for having cheek, I jogged to the bathroom where my brother was waiting.
“Dad is magic” he exclaimed. This was an argument we’d been having often lately . . . and it usually ended with is both getting grounded.
“There’s no such thing as MAGIC” I blazed before, shower forgotten, marching off to my room where I lay down, not hungry, and falling asleep.
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