The Medallion’s Curse
Hope For A Severed Friendship
Hello! This is a new format for The Magician’s Daughter. It’s not from just Maggie or Alice, but from both of them, and other characters.
We’ll start with a new character . . .
I proudly looked over my new house, it was finally all set up. I scratched the head of my spotted cat, Azriel, before getting up and walking out the door. It was time to visit my brother, Wilhelm Magine.
Wilhelm lived right next to the house I had just set up, and I was excited to see him. We literally hadn’t talked for a decade. I knew he had two kids, Samuel (Sam) and . . . there was one girl . . . oh, yes, Margaret. As I put my hand up to knock on the door, I noticed a girl sitting on a bench to my right.
¨Would you happen to be Margaret Magine?¨ I asked. The girl stared at me, as if she didn’t have the faintest idea who this ¨Margaret¨ was.
¨Oh!¨ she finally exclaimed,¨yes, I am Margaret Magine, but everyone calls me Maggie.¨ I crossed over and sat on the bench next to her.
¨Why are you here, don’t you have friends to play with?¨ The way she stiffened, I could tell I had struck a nerve. Then Azriel, who had been watching me, hopped up on to Maggie’s lap. ¨See? Azriel wants to know also.¨
¨That’s a beautiful name,¨ she said, stroking Azriel.
¨It means ‘Heart of a Lion’ in Tawnie.¨
¨Where’s that?¨
¨A long way from here, child, a long way from home.¨ I wrenched my thoughts away from sunlit meadows, calm oceans, and tall fur trees. ¨But back to our original topic, why are you sitting here away from other children? You do have friends, don’t you?¨
¨Well,¨ Maggie sighed, ¨I did have one friend, her name was Alice, but I sort of erupted at her, because I was stressing out over a problem. And . . . and . . . I know it’s all my fault and I feel so bad about doing it. The thing was, I thought that I was always doing Alice a big favor by being her friend because nobody else is. But now I realize how much I was taking our friendship for granted because I have no friends without Alice!¨
I knew that if this girl was Margaret Magine, which she probably was, she was my niece, and it was my job to comfort her. I awkwardly put my arm around her and she looked up.
¨Who are you, anyway?¨ she asked.
¨Why, I’m Raia Magine, your aunt.¨

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