The Messages
Do you know that feeling you get whenever you get a letter? It doesn’t even matter if it’s just from your grandma, but when you do, you just feel so happy. I mean, someone took the time out of their day to send you something to make yours better.
Well, there’s someone out there who has really mastered the art of making me feel extremely special, and I don’t even know his name.
Every day I get a note from him. They always have the sweetest things on them. Sometimes he tells me about his day, or just the things he sees. He once wrote:
Today I saw a beautiful flower blooming alone in a small patch of dirt.
I picked it and smelled it.
Even though it came out of the dirt, it smelled like heaven, and I thought: Is it really possible that good things can still come out of the bad?
Then I thought about our pen-based relationship. How can you not know me, but still return these letters? It really puts my faith into the kindness of strangers.
Thanks for that.
Your Friend
This ‘Friend’ and I have been returning letters for a while now. I live in a small apartment building with my family. Right next to the building is a small run down house.
Outside of the house is an old mailbox. The mailbox is where I first found the Friend’s letter. I had opened it for fun and found it in there. How Friend had known, I have no clue, but it made my day.
I awoke to the sound of something on the fire escape. I jumped out of bed and looked out the window. I could just see the flash of something blue go around the corner.
It could only be my Friend.
I looked at what was left on my window ledge. It was a clear vase half filled with water, and a delicate, white daisy. My favorite flower. Around the stem was a small note. I unfolded it. It said only three words and a question mark.
Meet me today?
I didn’t even know the boy, but my heart skipped a beat. Without knowing it, I had secretly been waiting for this moment for a long time.
I got dressed for school and walked out the door. I passed the old house and mailbox. I leaned down to the mailbox opened the door and put in my own letter. It read only two words, a period and its own question mark.
Yes. Where?
I continued my walk to school. Every day I stop at the small post-office and wait for Peter, my best friend. We’ve been friends since kindergarten.
I saw Peter come around the corner. He was wearing his blue t-shirt and cargo-shirts.
I waved.
“Hi Peter!” He saw me and walked over.
“Hey. What’s up, today, Anna?”
“Oh, nothing. Just that the Friend sent me another letter.”
Peter smirked. “Really? Isn’t this kind of getting old? What if it’s some geek?”
I had already told Peter about my Friend. Even though I was a little worried that Peter might be a little jealous, he’s been cool about it.
We walked up the school steps and into the doors.
“I’m just telling you, be careful tonight. He might be some weirdo.”
I scoffed. “I think I know him well enough. He’s sweet, charming, fun, kind...”
Peter cut me off. “Okay. That’s great, but, it’s time to go.” He smiled and we both went our ways.
I went over to my locker and opened it. There, on the first shelf was a small letter.
My Friend must have gotten the letter before school.
I opened the letter.
Meet me at the old gazebo looking over the lake. We’ll have dinner. Get there before sunset.
Your Friend
I was elated. I would finally get to see him.
After school, Peter walked me home and wished me luck.
“Thanks, Peter.”
“Just have fun.” Peter said as he gave me a quick hug and walked away.
I made my way down the beaten path to the old gazebo. I had always loved the lake and the water. It was really pretty tonight. The sun was starting to go down, and it looked like it was setting the water on fire.
The gazebo was decorated with white Christmas lights. In the middle of the gazebo was a small table and two chairs. The table was already laid with small platters of food. I walked in and sat down.
Just a moment later I could hear someone else coming down the path. I turned, but could only see a figure in the coming darkness.
I stood up.
“Hello, my Friend. It’s nice to finally meet you.” I called.
The figure got to the gazebo and I could see him. It was someone I was glad to see. I had really wanted it to be him.
“Peter? It was you?” My smile was so wide. I had really hoped that it would be him.
Peter walked into the gazebo and smiled at the ground.
“Yeah, it was me. I hope you’re not disappointed.”
I laughed. “Never. This is what I wanted. I wanted it to be you.”
“Really?” Peter asked. “Well, in that case, let’s eat.” Peter and I sat down together and started our meal. We laughed and talked the entire time. It was probably the best night of my life.
And with the best night of my life, it certainly had the best ending.
Peter took me down to the dock and we sat with our legs dangling.
“This was a good night.” Peter said as he leaned in close to me. He kissed my cheek.
He drew back and said, “I love you.”
My insides seemed to throw a party. My heart pumped with joy. I smiled and looked at him.
“I love you, too.” I whispered.
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