Born to late and too early all at once
The Middle Generation
Star Bound
Dear Earth Friend,
My name is Astra Smith. I am writing to you from the colony spaceship, STAR BOUND, heading for the habitable star in sector 56 of the Nesula galaxy.
I am glad Mrs. Nebula set me up with someone around my age on earth! There are other kids on the rocket, but they think I`m really weird... I`m just awfully sad these days.
When my parents left earth they boarded the STAR BOUND ready for an adventure. They didn`t understand that it would take 278 years. They also didn`t realize they`d have me. I was born 16 years into the voyage towards the new star. 17 years too late to see earth and unfortunately at least 176 years too early to see my destination.
I suppose that`s mainly why I come off so depressed. The thought of never reaching my parents goal, of living on this spaceship my entire life, and not even knowing my home planet are haunting. I feel like such an insomniac because of it. I don`t mean to be upset, it`s just sad for a teenager. I didn`t have a choice...
Anyways, I would love to hear all about earth! Is it green? My parents told me it is green and blue from space! They also said that the blue is water, but from their pictures that would be alot of water! Also whats the machinery like down there? Is it advanced? Simple?
Sorry I`m getting carried away! I guess that I fantasize about the past to keep from dreading the future...
Either way dearest earth friend, I hope you live your life to the fullest and make the best choices you can. You won`t miss that freedom until it`s gone. Live a great earth life for my sake and tell me all about it!
Your space friend,
Astra Smith~
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