The Story of Kehlani Kahale
The Missing Daughter
Officer Jameson sat there, working on paperwork, when he got a call. “Lincoln, Nebraska Police Department. How may I help you?” he answered “Officer, help me! I-I-I can’t find my daughter! I went into my daughter’s room and her bed was empty! I checked the whole house! I DON’T KNOW WHERE SHE COULD BE?!” shouted a frantic, shaky voice on the telephone. “Ma’am, ma’am, please calm down. What is your daughter’s name?” Officer Jameson asked. “Her name is Kehlani Kahale. She is 5’5”, 14 years old, and 92 pounds. She has golden blond hair, slightly tan skin and ocean blue eyes.” said the woman. “Okay ma’am. Now tell me your name.” said Officer Jameson. “I am Wikolia Kahale.” said the woman. “Ma’am have you checked with her school?” asked the officer.”Of course!” replied Wikolia Kahale. “Okay ma’am, now where is your address?” inquired Officer Jameson. “I live at 9419 Rosecreek Road. It’s a big light blue house with black shutters.”said Wikolia. “Okay Mrs. Kahale, I will be right over.” said Jameson. He hung up the phone and grabbed his coat. As he walked to the police car, rain dropped softly onto him. He got in the car and started his way to Wikolia Kahale’s house. As he was passing the woods, he noticed a pastel, light blue bike with white accents laying on a rock next to the street. He stopped the car to get out and look at the bike. The bike had a tag on it. The tag read “Property of Kehlani Kahale”. This case was going to be interesting...
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