What does fate have in store For these teens?
The Modern Lives of Normal Teenagers
In 1949 at Edwards Air Force base,engineer Edward A. Murphy conducted a project to see how much pressure a human being can withstand.
He thought of everything,and hoped that the project would stay safe.
The project failed miserably,of course.Ergo the creation of Murphy’s law of:
Anything that can go wrong,will go wrong.
She did a small flip on her skateboard on the way to the bus stop,that she’s been going too for a total of three years.But somehow...it still felt new to her.
Her skateboard skidded across the road when she stopped at the stop,people already gathered around it.
Full name: Jennifer Jane Rockwell
Age: 15 ((12 according to friends))
likes: Cats,candy,carnivals,animals in general,hospitals,quotes,medical science,skateboarding,dancing,singing,Disease,Kyle
Dislikes: Mary Sue(s),sadness,clowns,name calling,bullies,innacurate medical dramas,rude people,negative things
Mother: Heather Rockwell ((alive))
Father: Jesse James (JJ) Rockwell ((deceased))
Brother: Josh Rockwell ((alive))
Godmother: Emalie Tara ((deceased))
Godsister: Cassy Tara ((alive))
Past: Her actual mother,due to the grief of losing her husband went full on at her job as a surgeon.JJ practically lived there,and barely spent time at her actual house.At the hospital she met Emalie,a cancer patient.Who was like her mother throughout 10 years of her life,the hospital is also where she met Cassy.Emalie’s daughter.Being at the hospital,she was around patients all the time.Including another patient,Casper.
Her life was changed when Emalie suddenly died.That changed her whole perspective on death.
“Hi,everyone!” She smiled,and waved to the other students who barely knew her name.
A few weak ‘hellos’ were said.
She smiled once more,and sat down on the concrete.
“I’m telling you,you have to tell him.” Kyle whispered to Jenna.
“But what if he doesn’t feel the same?” Jenna whispered back.
“Who gives a crap?You sound like a dumb blonde from the 2000s.”
“I do NOT!” the girl shouted.
“Yeah, you do.And even if he-“
“He will feel the same.” she said clearly.
The two’s heads turned towards the sitting girl.
“What the hell do you know?” Kyle’s voice said sternly,stepping towards her.
“I sense that he will return the feeling Jenna has for him.”
Kyle rolled his eyes,positioning himself in front of JJ.
“Don’t bother us with your psychic bull,alright?” He grumbled.
“But it isnt bull.It isnt the word you were too scared to say.” she stood up,dusting off her blue skirt.
“Frankly,you should appreciate predictions-or rather inferences-from the other side.”
She smiled sweetly at him,to which he just grunted.
“Now if you’ll excuse me,Kyle,I’ll be taking my leave.” She skipped off,leaving a trail of happiness and rainbows behind her.
He rolled his eyes once more after following her with them,and returned to his friend.
“So,you have free time.I’ll be here if you need me,but don’t bother me.” Their teacher said.
Eric sat back in his seat,crossing his hands behind his head.
“Dos he think we’re third graders or something? he muttered,kicking his feet up onto his desk.
“I know someone who’s a third grader.” Kyle joked,tilting his head to JJ,laying on her stomach,on the hardwood floor.She hummed,as she colored a picture with crayon.
“Effin loli,aren’t you?” Kyle said again.
“I’m not a loli.” JJ said,sitting up.”Not at all.” She looked up at him with sparkly blue bell eyes.
He grunted,a tint of red appearing underneath his eyes.
“Then how come you look 12 when you’re really 16?” He snapped.
“I’m fifteen.And i don’t look twelve.”
He narrowed his eyes at the petite girl,still sitting on the floor,her doe eyes still staring up at his.
“Do too.”
“Do not.”
“Do too!”
“DO NOT !!”
“DO-“ he was cut off by the look on her face.Her eyebrows were squished together in sadness,her lip was pouted,and her fists were wiping tears off of her eyes.
“I don’t look twelve...” She sniffed. “Not at all...”
“Great job,Kyle,you made the baby cry.” Eric said.
“SHUT UP,THOMPSON!” Kyle snapped.
A groaning soung was made.Kyle glanced at Jenna,who was saring out of the window with a tired look on her face.
“I’m leaving,who’s coming?” she suddenly stood,and was already by the doorway,with her brother Max.
“I’ll go.” Kyle stood,glancing back at JJ.
“Me too.” Eric said.
“I’ll go,too!” JJ said suddenly cheerfully,the sad look completely gone.
A new voice spoke up,soudning cheerful,”I’ll go too.Theres nothing else to do.”
Jenna looked over at Jasper,who was standing close,with his hands in his pockets.
She blushed at the sight of his smile,and nodded.”S-sure!You can come!” She said.
The group walked along the streets of their town,randomly talking and glancing and laughing at the fact they skipped school,which they thought was totally badass when they were younger.
They howled with laughter when Eric yelled at a man with a long,white beard,to which he called ‘Santa Claus’.
The man suddenly came out of his house with a pistol in his hand,running after the teens.
Jasper turned his head at the two girls who were running fairly slow.
“I CAN’T RUN!” Jenna panted,stopping,and cathing her breath.”I have small legs...” she says.She was surprised when someone came from under her and she suddenly became taller.She looked down,embarassed,at who was carrying her,to which she saw Jasper.He smiled,and ran with her on his shoulders.
JJ was flung over Kyle’s shoulder,her fists pounding against his back.”Hey,who said you could carry me?!” She flustered,kicking her legs.
“I did!Look,i’d rather leave you to get shot but i don’t wanna witness that crap.So dont thank me for anything.”
They soon caught up with the others,out of breath,behind a building and laughing at what just happened.
Jasper set Jenna down,against his heart’s content.
Eric pointed at something,and laughed.”HA!LOOK’S LIKE KYLE’S USED THE OPPURTUNITY RIGHT!” He kept laughing.
Kyle raised an eyebrow,confused,and looked in the direction Thompson was pointing at.
He screamed,his face filled with the color red at the sight of the bottom of JJ’s blue skirt.
Her fists pounded harder against his back.”Put me down,put me down!” She shouted over and over again,as he obliged.
She crossed her arms,looking away blushing.”I’ll give you ten dollars to forget what you just saw.” She grumbled.
Kyle rolled his eyes.”Like i’d even try to remember.” He muttered.
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