The Moments We Loved A Book Tag Game
Moments Part 2
Part 1: @the_judge_of_stories
Part 2: @figment68
*I tag... @HalfbloodMockingjay***
1. Please only use a chapter book
2. Use the same artwork and don’t change it
3. When making the chapter title put what part is next (part 2 , part 3, etc.) Please change the name of the chapter title. My title is “Moments”, but you need to change it when it is your turn.
4. This chapter book will never end.
5. Tag one person at the end
6. This is like a picture book tag game
7. Do NOT change the cover chapter title (“The Moments We Loved” will NOT be changed)
8. Have fun!
“Mommy!” Called April as she hugged my leg.
“Good morning sweetie. Are you hungry for pancakes and eggs?” I asked.
“Yes!” April said.
“There’s my little hugbug,” said my husband as he came back into the kitchen and swung April up into her highchair. “Let me get you some juice.”
“Juishe!” April repeated.
The children started coming in and taking their seats at the table.
“Daddy Oscar pushed me,” said Zachary.
“Did not!” Said Oscar.
“Did too!” Yelled Zachary.
“Did too!” Copied April.
“We don’t push or raise our voices at the breakfast table,” I added.
“Why are you so dressed up?” Ana asked Velvet.
“I felt like it. I just love this dress! It is velvet just like my name, and purple my favorite color in the world. Will you curl my hair for me after breakfast?” Asked Velvet.
“Sure,” Said Ana.
“Me too!” Added April.
“Your hair is already curly you silly,” Ana told April. April giggled.
“Who get’s the first pancake?” Dad asked.
Which was followed by a chorus of “Me’s!” However the oldest, Max had just walked in and grabbed the first plate from their Dad.
“Can I please see the paper Dad. Just the entertainment section. Cory said the ‘Fly Traps’ are coming here to perform mid-September. I just have to go,” Said Max.
“Eew fly traps!” Said Winter. “Gross!”
“Eew,” Copied April.
“They are a band you sillies,” explained Ana.
“They are too noisy, I don’t like them,” added Oscar.
“You’re too noisy,” said Max to Oscar.
As I finished up the pancakes and the chatting turned eating I joined the family at the table.
“Uh-oh!” Exclaimed Zachary who had spilled his juice.
“I got it,” my husband kindly said getting up to grab some paper towels.
“So, I was thinking we should do something as a family today since school is starting soon and everyone will be busy,” I started.
“Can we go to the mall?” Begged Velvet.
“A picnic!” Yelled Zachary.
“Let’s go to the park!” Yelled Oscar.
“How about the zoo! Please, please, please!” Begged Winter.
“Zoo! Pweeze!” April chimed in.
Soon everyone was yelling ideas over each other. I heard shouts of bowling, zoo, park, picnic, mall, baseball cages, skateboard park, hiking, and I think someone actually said the city dump!
My husband whistled as only he can bringing the room to a fairly quiet state.
“Thank you Jeff. I was thinking we might all go to the apple orchard and pick are own apples,” I said.
There was instant feedback, mostly positive. After a bit more discussion it was decided, we were going to the apple orchard.
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