The Murders At Myst Hotel
Im dead. Im done. I couldn’t even scream, I tried, but I felt like I couldn’t move..
“What are you doing?” I voice said behind me, Anna jumped and looked at the person behind me.
“Is that you grammie?” she said.
“Yes, I came over late today. Why are you two up this late?” Grammie said.
“Oh.. um... we were-“ I stumbled.
“Getting a drink.” Anna said.
“Well try to make less noise please. Goodnight.” she said.
After grammie went into the guest room, me and Anna continued our “quest” to get those passes.
We slowly opened the door to our parents bedroom. It creaked a bit, but we knew it wouldn’t wake anyone up. We tiptoed into the room, and our parents were fast asleep..
There were the passes! Right there on the table! I grabbed them very slowly, and of course, quietly, and ran out of the room, pulling Anna with me.
“We did it!” I whispered. Anna nodded, she looked like she needed sleep, so I told her I would hide the passes. I hid them in my closet, under all my clothes. All I could think of was..
“Mission, accomplished.”
Author note:
Thank you so much for all the support on this book! Sorry this was a very short chapter, but more chapters will definitely be coming soon! And it would be amazing if you could read another one of my books, only if you would like! My recommendations, are Across The Field, or You and Her. Sincerely,
Daisy. xoxo
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