The Murders At Myst Hotel
Pack the bags..
Great. Just great. I’m packing to go to my vacation. For most people that would be really exciting! Not for me. I was packing, for a trip, a trip to death.
Thats basically what I was doing, heading to my own death. I tried billions of times to convince my parents not to go. They wouldn’t listen. Honestly, I would rather just stay home all summer, then go to this hotel. And I’m not kidding.
“Come on Kylie lets go!” Mom said, getting into the car.
I had one last glance at my home. And I got into the car, carrying Amber, my dog, with me, and off we were to Myst Hotel. “Hooray.”
After about 4 hours, Dad said:
“We’re here!”
“Yay.” I said sarcastically. We walked up to the entrance, and infront I saw a very scary looking man holding the door open. He had very little hair on his head, he was tall with a skinny figure.
“I will be your assistant. If you really need something and cant get it because you’re oh so lazy, call me.” he said in a cold voice.
“Looks like we won’t need any room service.” Anna whispered to me.
I laughed loudly. The man looked at me disgusted.
I’ve had enough of this guy.
“Can I help you? Am I not aloud to laugh?” I said.
“Kylie!” my Mom said.
“Dont worry I’ve seen bratty kids like this before.” he replied. My Mom looked at him shocked.
“Lets go to our room..” Dad said.
When we reached our room, it looked like it was in terrible shape. Cobwebs everywhere, holes in the walls. Tears in the bed sheets.
“It looked better in the pictures.” Dad said, putting our suitcases in the corner of the room.
This is going to be a long summer. A very, very, very, very, very, very, very, long summer.

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Chapter 5

First day of “vacation”...

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