The Murders At Myst Hotel
A planned catastrophe..
“We are going to get MURDERED mother.” Anna explained.
“Thats enough!” Mom said in an angry tone. “Im sick of hearing “We’re gonna get murdered!” Or “Its not safe!” Or “Dario did this and that!” Just stop it!” she said.
“Me and Anna are hopeless. Hopeless. At this point, we have nothing else we can do. Nothing.“ I thought.
“Yes there is.” Anna said.
“What?” I replied
“We have something we can do!” she said.
“Thats creepy Anna. How did you know I was thinking that?” I replied.
“I’ve lived with you for 13 years. Now listen,” she said pulling me to the disgusting, ragged couch and gesturing me to sit down. “We can do something.” she said as she put her long brown hair in a bun, her blue eyes shining bright, I could tell she had a good idea.
“We create a reason to go back home.” she said.
“Like what?” I said, glancing at the kitchen, Mom was busy making lunch, her brown hair swaying as her tall figure was quickly walking from side to side of the kitchen, while she was looking for ingredients. Dad was making us dessert, jello. Dad had black hair, different from all of us, but he was tall like Mom.
“So, anyway, we have to hide stuff.” Anna said, smiling at her so called genius idea.
“What will that do exactly?” I asked.
“Just, listen to me. Trust me okay?” she said.
“Mmkay.” I replied.
So I hid moms watch, and dads sunglasses, in the pocket of my suitcase. Anna hid Moms earrings. I had a bad feeling about this.. but I bet its a better feeling than being unsafe.
“I hid the stuff.” I whispered to Anna as she was on her phone.
“Okay.. YES!” Anna suddenly exclaimed.
“What?” I asked.
“I found WIFI!” she said.
“Yay. That helps our problem.” I said sarcastically.
“But I don’t know the password..” Anna said.
“Hah, try murder.” I joked, Anna actually typed it in, as a joke, after about 5 seconds..
It said:
“Wifi Connected”.
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