The Murders At Myst Hotel
Plan failed..
The wifi connected. The password was “murder”. What is this place? Am I dreaming about this whole trip? Thats it! I must be dreaming, all I have to do is wake up. Yeah, thats what I have to do! But how? Maybe, if I pinch myself.
“Ow!” I said, while I pinched my left arm. Well that did nothing, but cause pain. Maybe.. if I ask Anna what she thinks.
I walked towards Anna, who was on her phone.
“Anna?” I said.
“Yeah?” she replied.
“Am I, wait, actually- are we dreaming?” I asked, half expecting to suddnely wake up.
She sighed.
“No Kylie. We arent dreaming.” Anna said. Well, there goes that thought.
“What happened to the plan of hiding mom and dad’s stuff? What was that plan even supposed to do?” I asked, sitting down beside her.
“Well.. they found the stuff,” she sighed once more, “and the plan was supposed to make them think that Dario stole the stuff.” she explained.
“Oh..” I said.
Its the next day, and I’m exhausted. I hate this place. I hate our room. I hate Dario. I hate this hotel. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! Why couldnt we just go to a place where people don’t get murdered? A while later, while everyone was sitting in the disgusting TV room, I turned on the TV. It was on the news channel. The news lady said;
“Breaking news, the police have gone to investigate the hotel, called “Myst Hotel”, and were unable to find it. They are still searching. They tried to contact the owner of the hotel, Dario Listern, and were unable to find, or contact him in any way. They are searching for him.”
I looked back at Mom and Dad, they looked to be in the same state of shock I was in.
“Mom?” I said.
She paused, like she wasnt able to process anything, then finally said;
“Believe me now? Hmm? All the times you said “Dario is a nice guy!” or “Stop talking nonsense!” and stuff like that, do you finally believe me now? Huh?” I said, looking at her, angry that she didnt believe me all this time.
“Yeah. Is this enough proof mom?” Anna said.
She paused again. She sighed.
“Im not going to believe Dario has killed someone. Probably a misunderstanding!” she said.
“Are you serious?! Are you actually serious?! You dont believe me after all of this proof? Seriously?!” I yelled, running into my room, and slamming the door.
“That is not how you talk to your mother!” Dad yelled ftom the TV room.
My mom came into my room.
“What was that? Hmm? You dont ever dare talk to me like that!” she said. I didnt reply.
After and awkward silence, I finally said;
“You know what mom?! I dont even care anymore! I cant BELIEVE my own MOTHER doesnt believe me. Im done! Ive had enough! You dont believe me? I dont care one tiny bit! Just STOP!” I yelled. As I pulled the covers of my filth bed over my head.
I heard the door slam. And mom go back to the TV room. Im done with this filthy, disgusting, terrible hotel! Done.

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Chapter 9

Dario’s complaint..

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