What trouble lies waiting with The Hebar...
The Mysterious Affair at Torney’s Bend
The Hebar
The Hebar had been the Torney legend since the first light. However, in recent times, the Hebar has emerged as a reality and has been crying frightfully in the night, preventing any sleep for the folk of Torney’s Bend…
Karsper was one of the commoners at Torney’s Bend and he was one who appreciated his sleep. He also wasn’t one to believe such poppy-cock. Of course, since The Wailing had started, Karsper was quick to change his opinion. That still didn’t mean that he believed the rumors that hung about the Hebar like flies.
Such as the one concerning Miss Mayanette.
“Oh I swear Karsper,” she’d cry, “that Hebar brute has taken away my Kittles!” Kittles was Mayanette’s cat who had a hobby of breaking into people’s homes and stealing.
Now here she was, crying again in Karsper’s kitchen, “My poor, poor Kittles!”
“Miss May, I beg of you not to cry, I’m sure Kittles is nice and safe.” Ruenard, being the kind-hearted gentleman he was, was soothing the girl.
Mayanette lifted her tear-stained face. “But Runie, how can you be so sure? It’s been days since I’ve seen him!”
Suddenly, Karsper spoke. “You’re quite positive, my dear, that your cat was indeed taken by the Hebar?”
She blinked. “What else? Kittles does go on hunting trips but never for this long.”
There was a pause. Then he continued, “Why don’t we go seek the Hebar and settle the score with it?”
“We’re it’s next meal,” Ruenard groaned. “The Hebar will massacre us on sight.”
The companions were well on their way on what Ruenard thought was ‘Foolery.’ Ruenard had tried to argue that it was too dangerous to go, especially for Mayanette. However, she had said in a rather cold voice that she makes her own decisions and that she would accompany Mr Karsper.
Now, he was atop his squat pony, Blondie, who was carrying all their belongings in case they decided to stay the night. Meanwhile, Mayanette was hanging on tight to Karsper as he rode his trusty horse, Foally. It had been half an hour before the adventurers had finally reached the Hebar’s lair. The horses sensed a ferocious presence and whinnied nervously.
Karsper jumped off Foally and gave out the orders, “Right, it’s mid-afternoon and the Hebar doesn’t wake till evening. Lets’ make ourselves comfortable, shall we?”
So, they all got off their horses and started to set up camp. Soon, dinner was cooking in the pot.
Soon, the moon would climb the sky.
Soon, The Wailing would begin.
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