Dana wishes she’d have just followed one rule...
The Mystery of Windesta Creek
Plan E
“Run!” I shouted as we raced down the corridor, and up the steps. One broke as my foot made contact with the old wood. I pulled myself up, but Scruffy was clinging to my splintery ankle, pressing the wood into my oozing skin. His hands were tough and strong, and covered with a layer of sweat.
“Get off!” The stair broke under Scruffy and I wriggled from his calloused grasp. We rushed into the main floor.
Then I saw them, surrounding me, all the people from Elwes.
A woman with a Mohawk chewing gum, and her friends saw us and crowded around us, the fresh meat. They looked terrifying, and they were so tall! I couldn’t imagine what they were going to do to us. Chain us to a wall and take turns hitting us with a baton? Toss us in a lake with our hands in cuffs and rocks in our shoes? Or just beat us up?
Then, the woman began to chuckle, her mouth piercings turning up. Was she grinning? Oh, no. That probably meant that they were going to torture is slowly. It might involve Sriracha Sauce, and/or being force fed wasabi (An extremely spicy paste used in Eastern cooking that could burn off your tastebuds).
All the other petrifying fellows glanced at her. And they started cackling as well. The laughter sounded kinetic between them, echoing through the creaky walls.
“You’re the youngest we’ve ever seen on this island! What did you do?” She roared.
What did she mean? Were there no kids in Elwes besides us? And were they going to cause us unbearable pain or not? I hoped it was the latter.
“Yeah. We are. We’re the youngest and stuff.” Parker replied meekly.
“Come on, then, let’s give you a proper initiation! Put on the sack.” She handed us an old potato sack each. They were utterly filthy, caked in layers upon layers of old grime. It was gross.
I looked at Gwen.
What do we do? Scruffy’s going to get up soon. I mouthed to Gwen.
We’ve got no choice. We have to go with them. She mouthed back, pulling the sack over her messy hair.
Parker noticed our silent agreement, and shook his head. He glared at Gwen, not that she saw him do it. The message was clear. We couldn’t go with them.
I pursed my lips and frowned at him. Why did he have to make everything so difficult!
“Are you going or not, ya pint sized suckers?” Called a man in a leather vest. His beard was separated into three separate parts, curled, and greased.
“Yes, we’ve decided that we’re coming.” Charisma replied. What was wrong with her?! Why would she say that?
“Sack ‘em!” Crowed the lady.
The lady flipped the sack over our heads and marched us out of that house, while I felt a mixture of relief and anticipation. What was initiation? I felt nauseous as we were spun around, over and over to discombobulate our minds. It worked; I had no inkling of where we were going.
I tripped over something hard a few times on the way and the potato sack itched my neck like it had been bitten a thousand times. At home, I would have put soothing, cool, calamine lotion on it, but then again, this wasn’t home. At home, a scene like this would only be found in my worst nightmares.
After twenty minutes of blind walking and cursing Charisma for putting us in this situation, they finally let us stop and pulled off the sack.
We were back in the air strip, and I had no clue of how we got so far, so fast on foot. There had to be a shortcut they took. But it didn’t matter. The man in the leather vest was holding a needle filled with something red. Was he going to take our blood?! I felt woozy.
Then, he pointed to his burly forearm.
“I hope you like tattoos, kids. You like my ink?” He snarled. He had a crimson tattoo of a snake strangling a ship. I felt a shiver down my spine. I had seen that somewhere before.
“Yeah, I l-like it.” I stammered. Best not to argue with this heavily muscular man.
“Good, because you’re getting the same one. Who wants to go?” When no one answered, he gazed at us with a calculating expression. I wondered who in the world this man was.
“How about...ladies first.” He started towards Gwen, swinging the needle back and forth. He picked up a jar of liquid and sprayed it on her arm.
How could I let her be tattooed? Some friend I was. She wouldn’t have let me be inked, why couldn’t I do the same?
The needle began to buzz, and he enscribed the first line onto her arm, and she screamed. I couldn’t let this happen! This was awful and I was next. So I grabbed one of the needles and poked the man in the behind.
He shrieked, and whirled around. I dropped the needle and knew what I had to do. I raced towards the plane, my friends right behind me, and the man right on my heels.
I darted to the plane, and dove right inside. Parker came next, then Kate then Gwen. But Charisma wasn’t there at all.
“Charisma! Come on!” I called to her. But it was too late for her. The man in the leather vest had her. We needed to get away from this wretched island, but I felt awful as I realized that if we left Charisma behind, she might never leave. She would never finish her Sweet Sixteen.
But the rest of those vile men and woman were rampaging towards us, grabbing hold of the plane, prying the door open with their bare fingers.
I made my decision.
I switched the plane into Autopilot and took off, and I watched as Charisma was left on the ground. I made a vow to myself that I would come back for her, even if she betrayed us by making us go to initiation.
“Wait! Charisma isn’t on the plane!” Parker exclaimed.
“I know.” I exchanged solemnly.
“We’ll come back for her. When everything we have to do is sorted out, we’ll come back and save her.” I told Parker.
I just hoped it was true. I hoped we were alive when this was all over.
Thirty Minutes Later
“Where’s this autopilot taking us, anyways?” Parker said while munching on airplane peanuts.
“I hope it’s Windesta Creek. Oh, no, my parents are gonna kill me when they see this tattoo!” Gwen griped, “but to be honest, it’s kind of cool that I have one. I bet if Darrin hadn’t been killed by your Aunt, he would have appreciated it.”
Parker and I looked at each other. Gwen was such a fangirl!
“She’s not my Aunt.” I responded tartly.
“Well, then. What happened to your real Aunt Greta?” Gwen queried.
“Kate said that she used to be on the island but was replaced by Lil. Which can only mean one thing. My real Aunt Greta was murdered by Lil.” I stated morbidly.
“Naw, I never said that. Maybe she just moved away, or sompin.” Kate objected. But I didn’t believe that. I had never met Greta, but I didn’t think she was still alive.
If she was alive, she should have helped us. Isn’t that what mom said she did? And yet, she couldn’t do it for us.
“I just don’t get how to solve this puzzle.” Parker paced around, wringing his hands.
“Neither do we, Nerdy Pants.” Gwen teased him. We all knew she didn’t mean anything by it.
The Mystery of Windesta Creek was so tangled, I couldn’t even begin to fathom what was going on. Fake aunts, kidnapping Miss Hollis, mysterious island, stolen paintings- how did all the clues connect?
“Dana, you might want to look at this. There’s a helicopter headed towards us, three o’clock.” Parker told me.
“It’s only 2:30!” I exclaimed.
“No, think of a clock. You’re at the center. Six o’clock is behind you. Twelve o’clock is in front of you. And three o’clock is right next to us. There’s a helicopter next to us, and guys with guns are inside, got it?”
“Guns?” I gasped.
I hardly had time to duck before the shooting began. Loud booms sounded, forcing me to cover my ringing ears.
Yet they weren’t hitting the plane. Why?
“These are our warning shots.” I whispered. That’s when the first bullet his the steel. A shell casing dropped into the plane. I felt myself being sucked towards the hole. If we fell out of the plane, we would never survive the thousands of feet we would drop. Thankfully the hole was only a few millimeters wide.
I just imagined that if Kasey was here in this moment, she would be laughing. In reality, this was really all her fault. And I wasn’t excluding Michelle. She was as guilty as I was.
“Kate, get the parachutes ready.” I instructed the Diner Owner. There were always parachutes on planes in the movies. At least the ones where the main characters survived, that is.
“Kid, I don’t want to burst your bubble...but there aren’t any parachutes on this plane.” Kate shook her head in pity.
I steeled myself as the next bullet hit the plane. No parachutes? We couldn’t survive if the plane went down. We had to stop the helicopter, or it would destroy us all.
“Gwen, give me all your jewley. This is life or death.” I told her. She reluctantly removed a necklace and a bracelet. It would have to do.
I aimed the best I could out of the tiny bullet holes, and released the necklace, hoping it would get stuck in something that would bring the chopper down. It missed, and the silver chain plummeted down into the ocean. I never heard the splash, but I knew how it sounded. My hopes crashing sounded the same way.
Their guns were aimed right at my forehead, and a red laser dot sat there. They had aimed at me, not at the plane, but at me!
They cocked their shining black guns, those machines that were meant to protect, only if you were under attack, yet only brought pain and carnage, and I tossed the bracelet. It soared into a wide arch, right at the helicopter.
Just as they were about to take the kill shot, the bracelet did its job. The helicopter faltered...and dipped down towards the Briney blue of the Atlantic Ocean.
The men inside used their red parachutes (I was jealous) and made it out just as the helicopter exploded and shrapnel blew everywhere.
“We did it! I can’t believe we did it! We showed them who’s boss! Us! Yeah, us!” Gwen cheered.
But Parker and I weren’t feeling her mood as the plane jolted, and we slid onto the floor. My face was covered with peanuts that had spilled.
I wasn’t ready to celebrate just yet, seeing as a lot of the shrapnel metal materials hit our plane. It looked like we were going down just as they did. I said a prayer, and so did everyone else.
I felt awful about leaving Charisma behind, but at least she was safe from this.
“Is this the end?” Parker asked gravely pale. I couldn’t answer him. Because the answer I knew in my heart was yes.

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