Dana wishes she’d have just followed one rule...
The Mystery of Windesta Creek
Because I’m Evil I Will Leave All Of You At A Major Cliffhanger And Write In Charisma’s Perspective- LOL
They left me here! I couldn’t believe, after all that, they left me here!
They could have gone back. They could have thought about what would happen if they left me here. But they didn’t. And I was going to be tattooed with that horrible ensignia now. There was nothing I could do, and they knew that.
I just had to accept my fate. I just couldn’t escape them. They were too big, too burly.
Yeah, right! Just because those so-called friends left me high and dry didn’t make me helpless. It just made me mad. And no one liked to see me mad.
The man that was holding me, unfortunately was going to get the force of all my anger as he tried to tattoo me. Fat chance!
I twisted his arm into a painful angle, judo flipped him, then did a trick I called the Thumb Press and took his needle.
“Who wants to try next?” I asked the rowdy crowd, as I stood on top of Trantulus Griton, AKA the man in the leather jacket. The plane was still visible and red hot anger filled me once again. Then I calmed myself. I didn’t want to kill them.
But I forgot that as a woman with a Mohawk, or Jeanne Dichloride, as her real name, grabbed me. Her hands were strong. But I was ready for her.
So, I flipped her, took out my earring and raked her skin, not so much that it would cause lasting damage, and pressure pointed her neck until she slumped onto the ground.
“Anyone else?” I called. I had taken down their strongest in just seconds. No one wanted to fight me.
Everyone of them backed off. And they were right to do so.
I already had a tattoo. And I wasn’t going to get another one from here, of all places.
The thing is, I could have easily escaped on my own. But I had a mission; to figure out what was going on in Elwes. I had extensive training, and the sob story about the Sweet Sixteen was just a cover. In truth, I was older then sixteen, years older. I just needed everyone to think I was weak.
I looked at my watch, and saw the Director of my organization (I couldn’t tell you which one, it’s Classified) on the screen.
“Director, I need an update.” I whispered.
“I’m afraid that’s impossible.” He stated.
“Why?!” I fumed. This was my mission! I needed info!
“Agent Foxx,” he started gravely, using my name, “you have been burned. You’re no longer part of this agency.”
This was the worst news I could have heard. I was out of the agency?!
“But sir, there’s no way off the island. Can you at least air lift me out!” I cried frantically.
“Ha,” I chuckled drily, “listen, get this through your head. We have no association with you. Goodbye. Find your own way off the island.” And his face disappeared.
That jerk! Now I had no way of escaping! And worst of all, no money. If only I’d gotten on that plane with that incredibly vapid Dana girl and her friends.
I knew I had to do something, though. There was a place to eat somewhere in town. So I began to jog, miles and miles along the coast line. I didn’t break a sweat, though. All I could think about was how I was betrayed by everyone. No one cared if I rotted on this horrible island! They were all just out for themselves.
But as I was thinking, I was getting closer and closer to a cliff with ocean underneath. Dangerously so. And I didn’t even notice until I was at the very edge. But I had been running, and as I couldn’t just halt suddenly. The momentum was too much. I dropped like a stone off that cliff. I curled myself in a position that would cushion me the most effectively. But it didn’t protect me.
“Arrrggsjsjehdjxhsjaksjcjdjdn!” I screamed, quite unprofessionally, I must add. But I wasn’t an agent. Who cared about being professional anymore?
I crashed into the water, dislocating my arm very painfully. But I saw a cave up ahead. It might save me, as I was now under the cliff. I frantically swam towards the mouth of the cave with one arm, and just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, not breathing, I landed inside a dry cave.
The inside was bare, except an old skeleton, and it was the perfect place to pop my arm back in. I screamed little, but I knew no one heard me or cared.
I examined the skeleton. A piece of its skull was missing, which meant blunt force trauma. Someone had hit this poor fellow very hard on the head.
But despite the curious head markings, it’s fingers were much more interesting. They were all broken, except one, which pointed up towards the drippy cave ceiling.
I looked up at the cave roof, and realized that it wasn’t at all natural. It was man made! I tore it away, and saw a rickety old ladder leading up.
I really had nothing to lose. I ascended that ladder in no time, and none of its wood broke off under my toes, as I kept the weight distributed. My backpack was empty, and therefore didn’t pose a problem.
I scaled that into a dark chamber. It was empty, so disappointing. Someone else had found its secrets first.
“Oh, well, Charisma, better start building a raft.” I muttered to myself.
Then I felt the ground beneath me shake. And quake.
Something was horribly wrong, because a hole was spreading out from the middle of the floor. And the ground in the middle of the floor fell into an endless chasm. The back wall closed in on me, slowly but surely pushing me closer to the edge.
There was no way across the hole.
It was a classic booby trap.
Luckily, I knew what to do.
I scaled the wall that was pushing me, and used my weight to push off and grip on to the eroded stone ceiling. Years of rain and softer rock types had given the ceiling holes, holes that I gripped onto. My calloused hands barely gripped the slimy surface, but I was able to not fall.
Like it was a monkey bar set, I climbed across, and hopped down to the other side. I saw the place where I would have been. I would be in that chasm right now if I hadn’t gone across that ceiling.
It was a good thing I watched all those adventure movies.
This door was covered in low hanging black ivy, and was covered in paintings about kings and queens and gold. Always gold, in every single picture. A gold chalice, a gold headress, a mountain of gold that they found in their earth. I knew where that led.
Hoping I wouldn’t get a rash from the ivy, I swept the plant aside. It got stuck to my fancy dress, but I preferred wearing a Lycra Suit anyways. Much easier to jump, run, and climb in.
I passed through that door, and saw exactly what I had always dreamt of finding.
Yes, it was gold, of course. Hills of gold, and rubies, and emeralds, and beautiful statues. Everything I’d every dreamt of. Well, I’d really wanted a friend...but seeing as I was unceremoniously left here by Dana, it was safe to say that I wasn’t going to find a friend anytime soon. Maybe some day, if I was lucky.
“This is awesome!” I shouted, trying to make a snow angel in the doubloons.
I scooped up as much as could fit in my backpack, and my pockets, too. I could come back for the rest of it another time.
I found a staircase in that amazing room that led out into the glaring sunlight. I knew what I had to do now. With all this, I was ridiculously rich. I could do whatever I wanted! I could get off the island!
Elated, I ran faster then ever to get to the pub, sprinting a lot of the way. Someone there had to have a cell phone or a boat or something useful to me. And if they wouldn’t sell it to me... I had my own methods of coercion.
I entered that seedy pub, with a broken sign, and instantly, a tall man with thick eyebrows and a bald head came up to me.
“What do you want, girl?” He sneered. Like I would go into a place like this for no reason. Everyone wanted something.
“You’ve got a boat, or a plane? A helicopter would work, too. Do you have one?” I asked.
“A plane. Why? Hope you ain’t going to steal it, ‘cause I’ll rip a weakling like you limb from limb.”
Ah. If only he knew what I was capable of, he wouldn’t be so hasty to make threats, as it was far more likely I would be tearing him limb from limb instead.
“I can pay. I can definitely pay.” I told him. He thought about it.
“Thousand dollars. Nothing less.” He negotiated. I slammed down two gold coins. He stared at them in awe and snatched them up.
“Take it.” He told me, mouth open wide.
Now, everyone in the Pub stopped what they were doing to look at our exchange.
“Now,” I grinned, “show me the plane.”
After many stammered thank yous from the man, he finally went with me.
I went to his garage, and saw the plane. It was nice, well taken care of. Nothing was broken. The engines were running. Fuel was in the tank. I felt satisfied with it. Perfect, at least for my needs. It was an escape vehicle, nothing more.
I brought the plane out to a stretch of empty, green land, as the airport was just too far away to head to.
I hopped in, and took off in it. Luckily I was trained to know how to fly a plane, or that could have ended very badly.
As soon as we hit the fluffy clouds, and my ears stopped popping, I knew where I wanted to go now; New York City. It would take a few hours, though. Fine. I had rations in the back to tide me over and a bag of crackers.
As I flew that plane, I realized that, according to my watch, my former Director was bidding online for a Bugatti Car, a unique, rare one in Sapphire Blue. I set the plane on Auto Pilot for a moment to take a look.
It was something he really wanted. It was sleek and beautiful, and so fast, the exact things he prized most. So as he bid higher and higher, I always outbid him. I went into the millions, and he gave up. He had lost that car. I felt a sense of victory, and a smug grin went over my face. I showed him. He never would have thought someone could outbid him. That was just desserts.
At that point, I knew exactly what I could do with all that money. I would use it to make all the people that had left me behind, the Director, Dana, Gwen, Parker, Kate pay for what they did. Whatever they tried to buy, I would buy it. What ever they tried to do, I would do it instead of them. If they ever wanted a house, good luck- I would always buy their dream homes. Cars? They should just give up now.
In short, I would do my best in making their lives a nightmare. And they would never know it was me.
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