Dana wishes she’d have just followed one rule...
The Mystery of Windesta Creek
Charisma’s POV Part Two Because Cliffhangers Are Fun
I had outbid Gwen, Kate and Parker for every single plane. There was no way they were ever getting back to where ever they wanted to go. I didn’t care what obscure town they were going to. I just cared that they weren’t.
But now, I wasn’t sure what I could do next. Should I continue to wreak havoc on their lives? Or should I use my money to buy a mansion and hire a butler who gave me smoothies whenever I wanted?
Well, a girl has to have fun. Why couldn’t I have both?
So, I decided to keep plotting against my new favorite enemies. I used the data base of my agency to look up every single phone call and text message from them or their parents. The kids themselves didn’t send anything, to my dismay, but what I found from the parents was juicy.
I started with a text message from Dana’s mom to her school principal. Mmm hmm. Dana had been a bad girl. The message read:
When Dana comes back, will her record be clean?
The principal wrote back:
Of course not! We lied to her so she would own up to her deeds. Didn’t you know that?
I scrolled down to see a series of very angry text messages from her mother.
Are you kidding me? You lied to a middle schooler, not to mention me?! Who do you think you are?
All she stole was a bobble head. She’s a good girl!
What you did was worse then what she did. You know what, you deserve to have your asinine bobble head stolen! I’m not glad she did it, but to value a possession more then my daughter, your student, is sick.
And last but not least:
You know what? You don’t need to worry about her being your student anymore. We’re enrolling Dana in another school. Thanks for your time.
Sheesh, Dana’s mom was upset. But now I had some dirt on Dana. I didn’t know what to do with the information I had garnered but it might be useful. The hysterical fangirl, Gwen, was next. I heard a call from her mother now:
“Can you please come over and tow a plane in my yard?” Gwen’s mother started.
“This your plane? You’ll be fined.” A man’s voice grunted.
“No, it’s not my plane. Please come and tow it.”
“Alright. Where do ya live?” The man replied.
“Windesta Creek. I live in Windesta Creek.” Gwen’s mother said hopefully.
“No can do, sorry ma’am.” The man hung up.
That wasn’t as interesting as the texts, but it told me what I could never have believed; the kids had somehow gotten a plane and made it back to Windesta Creek. This was bad. And it fueled my ambition to get revenge even more.
Now I went onto Parker’s parents, texting each other:
When are you coming back from the business trip? I still can’t find Parker! Parker’s father, John texted Parker’s mother, Amy.
This is important to me and you know it! Parker will turn up. He’s probably just in his tree house. I wish he did things, he needs to study more. Amy replied.
Your son should be a little more important to you then your business. And Parker is very intelligent. If you weren’t away, then you might see that. John argued.
He’s about as intelligent as a stump. If I were there, I could teach him better then you!
Well, you’re not here and you never are. And if you must know, Parker has an almost genius IQ score. John retaliated.
Almost genius doesn’t matter. Now, stop bothering me, I need to take a call. Amy texted back snidely.
I can’t believe you’ve made work your family. And you don’t care at all about Parker. And you don’t care about anyone but yourself. John angrily wrote back.
I don’t have time for this. Goodbye, John. Amy ended the conversation.
Wow. I, Charisma Foxx, almost felt bad for Parker. I never knew his parents were fighting. I wondered if Parker himself knew. But his mom was always on business trips...he had to know to some extent. Then I remembered that just as someone had left him behind, he had left me behind. My pity for the boy faded. He was just like his mother. He had just left with no regard for how I felt being stranded in Elwes. The apple never did fall far from the tree.
What could I do to tear the three of them apart? What could I do to make them suffer? I had to listen to one more conversation, from Danas friends, named Kasey to her father. Who knows? Friends have heard all your stories. She might reveal one of Dana Purples deep, dark secrets. I hoped it was darker then stealing a bobble head.
First, the conversation started with static.
Hello? I heard the girl’s voice on the line.
Kasey? Is that you? Said her father.
Who do think it is, the Pope? Duh, it’s Kasey. She responded. That was a nasty thing to say to her father.
Kasey, the service isn’t the best. You’ll have to speak clearly, kiddo. He informed her endearingly.
Where are you? She demanded to know.
I’m in a plane right now, Sweetie. He responded.
Have you gotten rid of her yet? Dana? She’s always been a thorn in my side. I just want her to die, daddy!
Woah. That was unexpected. One of Dana’s friends wanted to kill her?! And they were only little thirteen year olds with spots! This just seemed wrong.
I’m working on it, Sweetie. She’ll be dead very soon. Just a few more days, okay, Kasey? There’s no need for you to worry. In my ears, he sounded like a tough man who just doted on his daughter, and she obviously didn’t deserve it, the spoiled sociopath.
But I want her dead now! That’s the whole reason I sent her to Windesta Creek to stay with her dead aunt Lil. So that she would never come back. You promised me she would be dead, daddy!
I actually heard Kasey begin to shed crocodile tears. And worst of all, her father actually fell for it. It was pretty sickening.
Isnt it enough that you got Michelle to miss her chance at violin fame and sent her to reform school? Besides, Dana will be in the ground soon enough. Don’t cry. Don’t cry, Kasey. I’ll make sure Dana’s demise isn’t easy.
What does demise mean, daddy? Kasey whined.
It means Dana’s time is just about up. He replied, a sneer in his voice.
Good, Daddy. I didn’t frame her for stealing the bobble head, which was my idea, for nothing. I got no credit, and I AM the genius here. I want Dana’s head on a platter. She was always so good, so nosy, always looking for things I did wrong. She deserved for her reputation as the school goody two-shoes to be ruined.
At that point, I almost fell out of my chair. Kasey had framed Dana for stealing the bobble head?! So, in other words, Dana had never done anything wrong! It was Crazy Kasey and her daddy who were doing all the wrong her! What kind of thirteen year old sent her friend to an island just so she would die? No, what kind of person, no matter the age, would do that?
I needed to hear the rest of this conversation. This evidence needed to be presented to a judge right away. With me being in the agency-
Oh yes. I was out of the agency now. All in my own. I would find a way to bring Kasey to justice, and find my revenge; everything would be fair.
You’ll see the article in the papers next week: Girl Dies In Tragic Accident. Because the deaths in the papers are real, huh? Perfectly accurate. He chuckled for no reason, and Kasey joined in. There was no rhyme or reason to it. They had to be nuts.
I came across a few texts from Lil about some drummer in a band or something like that. It didn’t matter. I deleted those.
That night, I hardly slept, despite the fact that I was in a massive hotel suite that included a bubbly hot tub. Nothing would soothe me, not even warm milk would do the trick. I tossed and I turned, haunted by the texts and calls I had heard earlier today. I thought that maybe, just maybe, there was something about all these messages that I was just missing. Like I didn’t know the full puzzle, so I couldn’t solve it. And being a former agent, that irked me.
I tried to watch the news on the curved screen TV, but there was some big, massively boring story about how a famous actor who was on house arrest awaiting his trial for something or other, had died while water skiing or something. I didn’t care. I pressed the big, red off button, and the lavishly decorated room had faded to black once more.
“Charisma, get a hold of yourself. You’ve had years of extensive training, and you get freaked out by a few teenagers and their messed up brains? Get a grip.” I told myself.
I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to order room service. I picked up the phone, and a man at the desk answered in a polite voice.
“Hello, how may I help you this evening?”
“Hi, can I just order room service, please? To room S16.”
“We’ll be up there in a minute.” He said. I hung up, and immediately heard a loud knocking on the door. That was quick.
“Who is is?” I called, just to be certain.
“Room service.” The polite voice answered.
“I’ll be there in a moment, I’m just drying my hair.” I lied. Meanwhile, I was opening the third floor window, to help air out the place. Sure.
Then, I pulled on my special gloves, and a black mask. I slipped on tights and a form fitting shirt so I could move around. I slid my dagger out of my bag and put it on my belt.
“Ma’am? Are you almost done?” The voice said, with a hint of annoyance.
“Almost.” I told him.
Just then, I heard the unmistakeable sound of a sledge hammer against wood. The man broke down the door, and I immediately recognized him, with that evil glint in his eye. Suit.
I tried to jump out the window, but he threw me back, tossing me in a judo flip onto the wood floor, twisting my back. I lithely sprung back up, and leapt onto his back, curling my arms around his neck. He coughed, choked, and sputtered. But then he rammed me into the wall and I winced with the pain. I took out the dagger, and cut a chunk of his hair off. I hoped he had trouble growing it back in.
I climbed up on the table, and played “got your nose” with my fists. He cringed, and I knew I was black and blue, but he was red.
“What happened to Charisma, the 16 year old who was completely helpless?” He asked as I tossed a chair at him.
“Let me give you a hint; she never existed.”
I flipped right over him, and held down his neck, until he passed out on the floor. That was just pressure points, 101. I took a few minutes of time to gather up my possessions (and a hotel shampoo) and eat the room service food. I wasn’t scared of the poison that could be in there. I had long since built up immunity to all kinds of things.
Then, just as he began to wake up I opted for gracefully going out the window, leaving him behind, disappearing into the night. My gloves helped me climb down the eight stories. Then I ran, and ran away from the hotel, and I didn’t look back.

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