“sO YOU WANT TO BE A nanny?”
The Nanny
Once, many years ago, there lived an ordinary family that lived in an ordinary house on an ordinary street in the ordinary city of London. The family was composed of four parts- Mr. Peters, the father, a man with lots of attitude. He was stout, bald, and had a bushy mustache that demanded all of the attention and moved while he talked. Mrs. Peters, his wife, and mother to their children, was a woman of grace and class. Always wearing fancy dresses and talking even fancier, she made sure that everything was always perfect- especially her curly brown hair. Next came the children- young Nancy Peters and the older Arthur Peters. Nancy was... different, to say the least. The girl had bright green eyes and an imagination larger than the Pacific Ocean. She saw the brighter side of everything and always encouraged others. Arthur, on the other hand, was an artist. He and his little sister normally had an exceptional relationship, as she would dream things up and he would draw it. They argued on occasion, but always knew how to work it out. One day, Mr. and Mrs. Peters agreed that the children needed a nanny. They were always out and about, and as such needed someone to take care of their children while they were away from home.
“Dear, what if we simply posted an advertisement in the paper? Of course, not just any plebeian should work here, and we’ed both need to approve of her...”
Mrs. Peters gestured to the newspaper opened to the job advertisements.
Mr. Peters sounded shocked, his bushy mustache raised.
“You couldn’t possibly suggest we hire someone off the street? There are several capable nannies that I know of, all of them definitely willing to work for us-“
Mrs. Peters cut him off.
“But will the children like her?” “NO!”
Nancy cried as she flew into the kitchen, where Mr. and Mrs. Peters had been speaking.
“Mommy! I don’t want some old, meanie pants nanny!”
Nancy exclaimed.
“Nancy Petunia Peters! I don’t ever want to hear you say the words ‘meanie pants’ again! Am I clear, young lady?”
Mr. Peters shouted, rising from his ornate, brown, french chair.
Mrs. Peters’ eyes made a silent plea- to stop yelling at the girl.
“I’m sorry, Nancy. We can find you an exceptionally nonsensical nurse. I promise!”
Mr. Peters declared.
“I think I know just the woman, then.”
Arthur exclaimed, stepping into the room. He was a tall young man, with a twinkle in his eye and a skip in his step. His brown hair complemented his green eyes very much, and they twinkled in the light of the chandelier.
“One of my old friends is a nanny here in town. I just met up with her today in the streets, actually. She doesn’t ask for much, and is apparently very silly.”
He said, his smile bright.
Nancy exclaimed.
“Arthur, dear, what’s this person named?”
Asked the ever-prudent Mrs. Peters. “Why, her name is Madeline Au Pair.”
“So, you want to be a nanny, Miss Au Pair?”
Asked Mrs. Peters, still skeptical about the woman’s appearance.
“Why, no! Of course not!”
The woman responded extremely politely while sipping her tea.
“I already am one. If I was not, I woud not be here, Mrs. Peters.”
Mrs. Peters shook her head quietly at the woman. While Mrs. Peters was in a pink, puffy gown that was exotic and ornate, Miss Au Pair wore a barmy dress with fluffy pink tufts exploding out of the back, goofy glasses that made her look even stranger than she already was, and her hair tied back into a flower that made her blonde hair resemble a tree-top. The woman was certainly mad as a hatter, in Mrs. Peters’ opinion.
“Why, you insolent little-“
Mrs. Peters was caught off guard as Nancy threw open the door and came speeding in, faster than a horse.
“Is this the woman that’ll be taking care of me?”
Asked Nancy excitedly.
“I would think not!”
Bellowed Mr. Peters, demanding attention with his mustache flying everywhere.
“You are crazy for even trying. All of your answers have been barmy, and you cannot even begin to understand how important this is to me and my family! You do not understand-“
“I understand you perfectly well, Mr. Benjamin Peters. I know how you are the owner of a serious business down in the city, and make millions off of it every year. You, Mrs. Evelyn Peters, are an elegant woman. You clearly make sure everyone knows that you are one of the high-society women of the town, and that hiring me, according to you, would significantly lower your popularity with the women’s society.”
Madeline said simply, and very pleasantly rose, tipped up Mr. Peters’ jaw that had dropped, and took her seat once more.
“People compare me to Sherlock Holmes, Mr. Peters.”
She said promptly, and stood.
“Right then! Nancy, to bed, please, for we have much to do tomorrow. I shall meet you in your room to tuck you in after I have spoken to your mum and pop.”
She said, and hugged the little girl tightly.
“Yes ma’am, Miss Au Pair!”
“I will take my pay every month, and ask only for thirteen pounds.” Madeline said, straightening her hair.
“Goodnight, Mr. and Mrs. Peters. I will have my stay in the guest room, ‘til my accommodations are fully prepared.”
Miss Au Pair curtly turned on her heel and marched down the hall towards Nancy’s bedroom. After stepping inside, she saw the girl snug in her pajamas and laying in bed, half-asleep.
“Much to do tomorrow, Nancy. I hope to get to know you soon!”
Madeline whispered excitedly, and kissed Nancy on the forehead.
“I would like to know you better too,” Whispered Nancy as she succumbed to the beast of sleep. Nanny Madeline knocked quickly on Arthur’s bedroom door and walked inside.
“Thank you for helping me get the job, Art. Nice to see you again, by the way. Maybe we can still be friends like so long ago.”
Miss Au Pair said.
Art nodded from his easel. He was painting a portrait of the nanny as she had appeared when she walked into his father’s study.
“I hope we will too, Madeline. Have a good night.”
He quickly finished the drawing and handed it to her. “Thank you, Arthur!” Said Madeline, hugging him as she took the drawing.
“See you at breakfast, Miss Au Pair.”
With that, Miss Au Pair quickly turned, waving, and left the room, walking back in the dark to her own.
“Much to do tomorrow, Madeline. You have to make it the best day of their lives.”
She mumbled to herself.
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