The New Year Party
Hey, my name is Sasha and this is the biggest week of the year for me. It is the week of the New Years again and I have to find a party to attend. I have always wanted to go to Ross’s party he was the most popular kid in the school but, you had to know someone to be there and I did not know anyone. Hopefully this year he would let me come it would be so much fun.
“RING” it was the second bell and time for my next class algebra, if you ask me it is just a waste of time but, if I didn’t hurry I would be wasting time in Detention. So I handed in my work and ran out the door. I had two minutes to get to class and my class was almost on the other side of the school. I knew that I could not be late again or else I would get my third late slip in a row. You know what that means, Detention and my parents would not be happy. I need to run. Thank goodness that the halls were mostly clear, so I could run right to class in about a minute. I couldn’t waste any more time. I had to go now or I wouldn’t make it.
“Oops, sorry I didn’t mean to run into you!” I apologized to Maddie. I can’t believe I basically ran over her. I guess I was so caught up in getting there on time I wasn’t looking where I was going.
“Oh no need to apologize Sasha It’s ok, by the way I have something for you. I have been looking for you lately. “ Maddie said relieved that she finally found me.
“Please, not now! I need to get to class or else I am in Detention. I will talk to you later!” I started to leave and she stopped me. I was very upset with her because I needed to get to class.
“Wait just one second please, I have something important for you. I think you are going to like it.” Maddie said as she nudged my elbow.
“Okay fine but make it quick!” I said finally giving in.
“Okay so I have two invitations to someone’s party guess who it is.” Maddie said excitedly.
“Um please say you are not joking, you have invitations to Ross’s party!” I basically screamed.
“Oh yeah!” Maddie screamed with me. She gave me an invitation. It had a heart on it. Now I really needed to hurry it was 10:14 and class started in exactly one minute. I needed to go.
“Uh I am almost late for class I have to go now!” I yelled in panic.
“Oh ok um you better go then.” Maddie stuttered. I then ran so quickly like a cheetah preparing to pounce. I just got to the door and it closed. I missed it how could I possibly do such a thing . “Great! Just great” I said sarcastically in my head. I had to prepare myself to walk in and receive the late slip, and did I mention it was the third one in the past week. That means detention and detention means big trouble when I get home. Oh dear! I thought. I turned the knob and opened the door. I walked in as everyone stared.
The teacher said “you are late.” I saw that coming. I took my late slip out of his hand and went to my desk. Everyone was staring at me like hawks. I sat down and sighed. I had to keep my head up, I was invited to an amazing and cool party. I was so excited, two more days and then the party on New Year’s Day. Oh and that reminds me, I need to start making my New Years resolutions. It will be a lot of fun.
“RING” the last and final bell rang. Ok now I need to call my parents. They won’t be mad right? Oh who am I kidding they will be furious. I had to prepare myself for the worst. Ring, ring, ring the phone was ringing so much. I really hope that they are not home.
“Hello”, the person from the other end said.
“Um hey mom.” I said worrying about her reaction.
“Oh hi sweetie.”My mom said.
“Hey, I need to stay after school.” I said hoping she wouldn’t ask why.
“Why?” She asked.
“Why did she have to say why?” I thought to myself. “Um well I have detention.” I said hoping she did not hear me but, she did.
“Okay, I am going to pick you up later, we will have a conversation when you get home”. My mom said sternly.
“Okay bye, I will see you later.” I said very scared.
“Bye.” My mom said. Oh no! She sounded mad. Now I needed to get to detention. I opened the door and took my seat, putting my phone in the basket. Then I sat and sat and did absolutely nothing.
“You are dismissed.” The detention teacher said. I stood up and grabbed my phone. I walked out the door to find my mom right across the hall. I quickly ran to her. My mom and I walked out the door saying nothing at all to each other. When the car door closed she drove very quickly all the way home it was so awkward. Then when we got home she closed the doors and told me to sit down for supper. After I sat down she started talking.
“You have recieved three late slips in past week and I am very upset with you.” She said giving me the look of disappointment.
“I am very sorry mom I was stopped by Maddie.” I said hoping that she would let it slide.
“ Why did she stop you?” My mom said. What is up with my mom and asking why?
“ She wanted to give me this.” I said as I gave them the invitation.
“ Oh an invitation for a New Year’s party” She said like she had something crazy in mind. “You are not allowed to go to that party or any other party.” She said.
“NOOOOOOO!!! I am begging you I will not get another late slip for the rest of the year I promise” I begged.
“No, you are not to go to a New Year’s party this year.” My mom said with that look again the one of disappointment. I new that it was official, no party this year. Even though this was the first and probably only time I would ever be invited to Ross’s party. If only I could travel back in time.
I walked into my room and got ready to go to sleep. I crawled into my bed and turned off my lamp. My eyes would not close. Well I am not going to sleep I thought. I got up and it did not seem right my room was changing, slowly but fast enough that I could notice it. Maybe I just got up to fast. I walked out the door and a chamber looking thing was outside of it. Oh dear this is super spooky. I looked at the chamber it looked very old and dusty. There was a green glow coming from it. Wait here are the buttons, wow this is so cool I thought as I studied the buttons. The one button said go. And the other said emergency, I hope that I don’t need to use the emergency button. Is it bad that I kind of want to go in to it, wait why not. I open the door and the light went so bright that it basically blinded me. I hopped in and right then it started to shake and lift off the ground. This is so cool I thought.
“Um hello are you there. Hello are you okay! SAHSA!” Maddie screamed.
“Oh hey what day is it?” I asked very confused and I felt very dizzy I did not know why.
“Um it is December 29th and you just basically fainted are you okay?”She said very worried.
“Oh thanks I need to get to class see you later.” I said remembering that I was almost late to class.
“Wait I have something for you.” She said.
“Not right now please! I will see you later.” I said hoping she would not stop me.
“Okay well I hope I can run into you soon.” She said.
“Yeah, bye! I said as I started to run. The door to my classroom was open. I went in and took my seat super quick. The door closed, and class started. Whoop whoop! I said in my head, I was so happy.
“Ring!” The lunch bell rang, now I need to find Maddie. There she is in the lunch line hopefully I can get into the line with her.
“Hey Maddie, you said that you had something for me.” I asked wishing that she would not forget.
“Oh yeah.” She said as she was digging into her pocket, “here maybe read it when you get home and thank me later.” She said as she gave the envelope to me.
“Okay!” I said. I got into the line and had my lunch. It was really gross but,I ate it anyways.
“Ring!” The last and final bell rang. Now I get to go home. This has been a very crazy day. First, I ran into to Maddie and fainted. Well I was on the ground my mind went through the day and showed me what not to do. Also I now get to go to the party! I went to the school phone and called my mom, she was on her way. When we got home I told her that I had something that I needed to show her. We opened the envelope and inside was an invitation to Ross’s party. My mom was so nice and let me go to the party. I was so excited. I am so glad that I waited to open it. Or else I would be in detention and that never turns out well!
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