Death is avoidable. Magic isn’t.
Magic and Myths
My feet slapped the cold, hard pavement as I ran through the streets of New York City. I looked at my companion and saw him struggling. He didn’t normally go that slowly. Why was he being so sluggish? I stopped and placed my hand on his chest. I sucked the cold pain out of him and sent in a burst of warmth. He stopped being slow and picked up the pace. My head was whirling with conflicting emotions. Why was he here? I saw him die three years ago. But the past few weeks were all a haze of confusion, filled with holes where I didn’t remember anything. I had seen whole cities disappear in a haze of smoke and fire. I had seen armies fall to my enemies and people control others minds, alien races and mythical creatures that weren’t supposed to exist. Come to think so, a long-dead friend/ally wasn’t the strangest thing in the world.
“It’s just a little bit farther.” He said, but I knew it was too late.
They had found us. I could feel the cold tendrils of darkness wrapping around my torso and legs. Their thoughts swarmed into my mind like flies to a carcass.
Give up.
It’s hopeless.
You should have run away after Jamie left.
It’s your fault your friend died.
You will never have the power to save them
I pushed their power out of my mind and kept running. We turned a corner and there they were. Our refuge. The only place where my kind might be safe. The Towers. The places where there were hundreds of portals, some magical, some of science. They were also the only place where we could make what we need. I slipped my hand into my pocket and closed it around a small green bottle. It was short and fat and sealed with wax. I gave it to my companion.
“Go ahead of me.” I said. “You can save them. We need more power if we are to win this war.”
“No.” he said. “I won’t leave you alone again.”
“I’ll be fine. Besides, you’re faster.” He shook his head vigorously.”
“You have to.” I said in response to his disagreement. ”Besides, you’ve always been the better runner.”
“One last kiss for good luck?” I shook my head. “I never loved you that way, Kai. And besides, this isn’t goodbye.”
He smiled sadly and wrapped me in a hug as I tried not to cry into his shoulder. “Please come back alive this time.” I whispered.
“I will.”
And then he was gone.

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