The Not Populars

Ameera and Maria are two girls in a sea of popular kids. When they discover their necklaces give them unusual talents, they use them against the people that hurt them. But will they be discovered?

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Insomniac (Maria)
Chapter 3: School (Ugh) (Ameera)
Chapter 4: Untouchable (Maria)
Chapter 5: Artistically Skilled (Ameera)
Chapter 6: A New Table (Maria)
Chapter 7: Popular Necklace (Vanessa)
Chapter 8: Status Symbol (Ameera)
Chapter 9: Nerds (Gary)
Chapter 10: Startling News (Maria)
Chapter 11: Punishment (Gary)
Chapter 12: Sleepover (Ameera)
Chapter 13: Sold (Maria)
Chapter 14: Planning (Vanessa)
Chapter 15: Outage (Ameera)
Chapter 16: Banishment (Vanessa)
Chapter 17: Faucet Troubles (Maria)
Chapter 18: Tangled (Naomi)
Chapter 19: Ground-Shattering (Lauressa)
Chapter 20: Stunned (Staci)
Chapter 21: Burnt (Ameera)
Chapter 22: Sky Cries (Vanessa)
Chapter 23: A Forbidden Tale (???????)
Chapter 24: Mr. Stab ~A Teacher’s Story
Chapter 25: Beneath the Gloves (Maria)
Chapter 26: Fearless (Ameera)
Chapter 27: The Inner Layer (Gary)
Chapter 28: Henry’s Crush (Henry)
Chapter 29: The Volcano Within (Maria)
Chapter 30: Natalie’s Secret (Ameera)
Chapter 31: Vanessa’s Mansion (Vanessa)
Chapter 32: The Legend of Old (Ameera)
Chapter 33: Life (It’s Never Fair) (Maria)
Chapter 34: Research (SO Booooring, especially on a weekend) (Staci)
Chapter 35: A Decision (And an Argument, Too) (Naomi)
Chapter 36: Letters (Ameera)
Chapter 37: Meanwhile... (Maria)
Chapter 38: Fuzz-Fuzz Revealed (Ameera)
Chapter 39: A New Friendship (Maria)
Chapter 40: Splatters of Love (Ameera)
Chapter 41: Kidnapped (Henry)
Chapter 42: No Shows (Maria)
Chapter 43: The Maze (Ameera)
Chapter 44: Undeniable Truths (Maria)
Chapter 45: The Weird Ending (Ameera)
Chapter 46: A Note From the Authors

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