2020 based story
The Olympic Dragon
Down the alley
The match girl lay on the alleyway, with a few lights in her hand. She was alone on the dark street with only a few lamps and no sound but owls tweeting at midnight.
The girl was silent, like the rest of the place, while others who were wealthier would sleep in cottages and houses in the big town and would not have a life of misery like her.
She found some candles to light up her cardboard box and keep her warm for a night.
But whistling wind was disturbing her, and she felt a gush of wind blow harder than ever before. On the alleys there were cats and shelter so no wind would affect her much, but this time it felt as the wind was coming from a different source of air, like a creature was blowing hard. But cats couldn’t blow that hard, it was harder, like a tornado. A big force was blowing it. Like a dragon, a monster. But everyone knows those creatures aren’t real. It was just a normal town, like no other.
Frosty breath, deep blue eyes, a monster, a dragon alright. Her heart was beating rapidly, loud enough so she could hear it herself. She hid in the alleyway. Ducking behind some boxes, she knew that the dragon knew where she was. It was terrifying at the thought of fairy-tale dragons flying out the their picture book, into the real world and burning down cities with on flaming blow of wind.
There was nearly no escape.
“What are you hiding from, dear?” A sweet voice soothed. There was nobody else around. ‘It is just the wind.’ The match girl thought. “You seem awfully scared, dear. Now tell me, what are you hiding from?” The voice seemed to come from right above her head. Looking slowly up, she expected a killer to stab her in the neck at any moment. That’s what happens. But all she saw was that dragon, looking straight at her, piercing eyes looking into hers. The match girl tried to scream for help, but no sound ever came out. Dragons couldn’t talk, so who was it?
Silence. No word. Not a single one. The dragon was just staring. Was it a dream? “What’s your name dear?” She saw it. The dragon’s mouth was moving. Sounds. Sounds coming out of the dragon’s mouth.
“Nina.” She said. “My name is Nina.” She could barley say anything. “Don’t hurt me.” The dragon stared and stared. “Nina, tell me now, what are you hiding from?” The dragon breathed. Trembling, she pointed at the dragon. “Me, i guess i am sort of scary. But Nina, i am a nice dragon, so you don’t need to be scared. I am no threat.” Nina didn’t believe this. “Who are you?” She whispered.
“I’m The Olympic Dragon.”
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