What happens In
The Palace of The Acorn King
I arrived at the Acorn King’s castle, cold hungry and wondering why it was ungarded.
“Hello!” I called into the growing abundance of darkness, and endless expanse that made up the Oak Forest, “Hello! Is anybody here? Gate keeper? Anyone?”
I shivered in the cold December air as a flurry of snow crystals drifted lazily to the ground, making an ocean of diamond like snow, untouched but by my heavy bootprints. It was for a terrible purpose that I had come to the heavy oak gates of the reclusive Acorn King. I had come as a sacrifice. Think labrynth with the minotaur. That might make you a little nervous, facing certain death I mean. To add to that, I was a simple, naive, 11 year old girl with enough spunk to stand up to her superiors. That was the main reason that my name had been entered several times to be raffled for the grand prize of sacrifice. Such a wonderful prize (see the sarcasm there).
Anyway, in the land of the Acorn King, there are but 5 cities, and in each is a raffle every year for the sacrifice. You see, the more times that you seriously misbehave, the more times your name gets entered. It’s pretty harsh here.
And you know how many times my name got entered? I believe it was 64. At that point, I held the record. I think I still would.
Five kids were sent every year. And those five kids were never seen again.
Anyways, back to the gate.
I just stood there, as still as I could, and shivered, saying a few choice swear words, and digging my hands deeper into my pockets, where I hit something hard and metal. Huh? Pulling it out, I saw a flicker of iron, and the Acorn King’s emblem flashed in the light of the full moon. As if in a daze, I swung it up the the ancient oak gates, and something heavy clicked within it, and the doors swung open. Weird.
I peered around the gate’s edges, and saw a group of soldiers lighting a bonfire. What?! Were they going to burn me alive. Ugh, why did I have to do everything I did? Why?!
Blood chilling in my veins, I froze there, scared half to death. But then the thought struck me, “If I stay here, I’ll be fully dead.” So then I ran. Quietly at first, before going into a full sprint, not even daring to look over my shoulder as I heard a possible pursuer speaking, boots thudding and crunching the snow. Mentally screaming, I finally brought myself to peek. About 50 feet behind me was a man in full uniform rushing towards me. I ducked under a branch, into a thorny thicket, and waited breathlessly, hoping my heavy red jacket wouldn’t give me away.
I heard voices behind me, but getting fainter and fainter. Thinking it was safe and I could hike away home, or out into the mountains, and crept slowly out of the thicket. I see retreating brown coats, and breath out a frosty breath of relief. Then I felt something clamp on my elbow, and I swiveled around, and there, standing in front of me, was a gruff, red bearded man with weirdly bright green eyes. In full uniform. Of the king.

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