The Plot Against the Elders
The Orange Sector is brightly lit with lanterns hanging everywhere that are actually battery-operated flashlights. It looks like a celebration, but it can’t be. This is the Badlands. Nothing good ever happens here.
I’m on a scouting mission for my team. Some people call me a superhero, some call me a freak, and some don’t call me anything at all. They stay far away from me, scared of what they don’t know. The Badlands is a place with no adults. All of us children are left here at the age of six. No one knows why. No one knows how. There is no escaping the Badlands.
If all that wasn’t terrible enough, once residents of the Badlands turn eighteen, they disappear. Like they never existed at all, they are suddenly no longer alive. There have been lots of people over the years who have tried to find the way out.
A way out doesn’t exist. This world is a terrible place, but it is home. I scan the Yellow Sector for Grips. These Specials turned evil are easy to spot. They walk with a swagger. They act with great confidence.
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