The Professor
Los Panqueques Son Muy Sabrosos
Young Professor Andes sat behind his grand desk, quietly chewing a large serving of fluffy buttermilk pancakes. His cook had outdone herself this time, in fact the professor had a hard time believing she had actually cooked them.
With a bang, his door burst open and a beautiful young woman of twenty-one stood before him. She had wavy caramel hair that went down to her waist and bright intelligent gray eyes.
“Are you by any chance Professor Peter Andes?” She asked, clearly out of breath.
The professor looked up from his breakfast and nodded.
“I am.”
The woman rushed to his desk, her bonnet tied haphazardly about her neck and her boots buttoned incorrectly.
“I’m Robin Emmett sir, and I was told that you could be of infinite help to me.”
The professor accumulated an expression of interest, magnified in his startling blue eyes.
“How may I be of assistance?”
Ms. Emmett began her narrative while the keen professor made note of all the important details.
Occurrence: Yesterday, November 12, 1894
Details: Extremely precious diamond stolen from bank vault; was to be shipped to the Queen of England as a gift; stolen in the night which was rainy and stormy (possibility of more evidence at crime scene)
“Ms. Emmett,” the professor began, “how is it that you have come to know of all this?”
Her facial expression was somewhat guarding.
“I don’t mean to prod Ms. Emmett,” said he hurriedly, “I simply need information, but if you are uncomfortable-“
“No, I understand. My father is the owner of the bank with which the diamond had been placed under protection. He sent me here to you.” She replied.
“Who else may he have told about this?” He asked.
“Only I sir. My mother died of typhoid ten years ago and I have been living with him to help around and keep house for him as he is beginning to come of age.”
The professor looked up at her as she sat upright and straight. Although she acted proper, he could note a slight hint of mischievousness and youth in her eyes. The young lady looked back at the professor, aware of his searching gaze.
“Professor, I heard that although you weren’t of the official police force you are one of extreme deductive reasoning. You have helped the detective agency in numerous ways concerning other cases much more severe than this. I simply came here on the wishes of my father but I do not plan to stay here in this chair for the rest of the day, I have things to do and places to be. So, pray answer me this; will you take the case or not?”
At first the professor was surprised by this woman’s bluntness but he smiled and laughed.
“Don’t worry Ms. Emmett, I will take the case.” He stood, “Would you mind coming along with me to the bank? I would assume that the police have left it untouched if they knew I was to be there?”
The young lady nodded.
As Professor Andes climbed after Ms. Emmett into the cab, they were off. Neither of the two spoke much as they rode on in silence.
“I must comment on your seeming gift for silence Ms. Emmett.” The professor said nonchalantly as he stared out the window.
The lady blushed a considerable amount as she stared down at her hands. With a sudden jerk, the cab came to a stop and the two came out to the bank.
The professor locked his hands behind his back as he walked about the property. He smiled to himself as he stared down at a pair of footprints imprinted perfectly on the inside door. The mud from outside having hardened where it had been left on the ground.
As it so commonly is, there was another footprint and from this the professor could conclude the man’s stride. With both the length of the print and the length of the stride, Professor Andes came to know the man’s height. He turned to Ms. Emmett who was watching boringly.
“May I bother you to take a few notes?” He asked.
“I don’t plan on becoming a detective Professor.” She responded.
He grinned.
“I meant for my sake.” He turned back to the prints, “The man you are looking for is rather tall, around the height of six foot seven.”
Ms. Emmett looked at him blankly as he turned to her. Then realization dawned on her features and she hurriedly scrambled for a piece of parchment and a pen. With a few scribbles she wrote down the height of the man. She glanced up at the professor who was now knocking on the walls.
“Professor, pardon me, but that is a wall and not a door.”
“Actually, Ms. Emmett I am afraid you are quite incorrect my dear.” Professor Andes was sliding his hand along the corner in the wall and with a satisfied smile, he pushed.
“Well? What’s in there?” She asked, curiosity gaining the best of her.
“Before I look, tell me Ms. Emmett when your father left work.”
“Around four thirty.”
“Really?” The professor looked over at the young lady, surprise on his face.
“Yes.” She responded.
He pushed the door open and the woman gasped at what was inside.

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