The Professor
New York’s Got a Friend
“My word,” Ms. Emmett cried, “I-i don’t know what to say.”
“Mr. Emmett please come out from there.” Professor Andes said quietly.
The tall and old man came forward, his eyes wide.
“Father, I-“
“I am sorry my dear Robin. Someone else gave me an offer for the diamond that was much more that what the queen had given.” The old man sighed, “I was to wait here and while the uproar died down, ship it to that person.”
Professor Andes looked at Ms. Emmett sadly.
“Ms. Emmett I-“
“It is quite alright. I didn’t know.” She was trying to hide the hurt in her eyes, “Father must pay for his crimes.”
About a month passed, and Mr. Emmett was sentenced to two months in prison, the dear English queen received her diamond and all was well...for some people.
The police were still searching in vain for the man who had given Mr. Emmett the offer. With more assistance from the professor, the New York Police were able to find that this man was one of the most infamous criminals in the U.S., going by the name of Josiah Rennings. He had offered an extremely large price for the diamond, so large that it was quite likely he had forged the money himself. Ms. Emmett felt it her responsibility to assist the professor in his searches for this man, and she was actually a rather decent assistant to him.
“I found more leads.” She said, placing a bundle of newspaper clippings on his desk.
“Thank you,” Professor Andes looked up, “Robin.”
“My pleasure.” She replied, turning away before Professor Andes saw her slightly pink cheeks.
It was several weeks later that, in a distant mining town in the far west, a mining guard had a skirmish with a familiar criminal. They had him in the small town jail and the professor and Ms. Emmett were planning to go down to see if this man was indeed the one.
The afternoon before their departure, Ms. Emmett looked up at the professor from over her cup of coffee. They were sitting in a cafe, enjoying a quiet evening.
“I am quite certain that this man is the infamous Josiah Rennings.” She said. “The description of this man seemed accurate to his.”
Professor Andes looked up with his keen blue eyes. The wind had slightly tousled his black hair, making it slightly messy. This made Ms. Emmett blush slightly, for he was typically a very tidy man.
“Indeed,” Professor Andes said, “indeed.”
The two of them got onto the train that next morning, sitting across from each other.
“Good morning to you.” The conductor said politely to Ms. Emmett, and then Professor Andes.
They both smiled kindly in response as he checked their tickets. As the conductor bent down, the professor noted something odd about him. Drawing to a quick conclusion, he tackled the man down. Ms. Emmett jumped in surprise as the other passengers looked over in confusion.
Other workers on the train rushed over to find the professor pinning the conductor’s arms behind his back, gritting his teeth in annoyance.
“Really,” the professor scowled, “I would think you all had better security than that.”
“Excuse me sir,” a trolley maid said, “could you let Mr. Jones go. I think you’re hurting him.”
Professor Andes smiled sadly.
“This isn’t Mr. Jones.”
“What do you mean by that?” She asked.
With a sigh, the professor pulled the man’s beard with a yank and it fell to the ground.
Josiah Rennings glared over at him.
The professor smiled sadly yet again as he opened the man’s coat to expose multiple wallets and bills.
“I would hope you return this all to the passengers.” Professor Andes chuckled. “To do otherwise would be considered poor customer service.”
With that, Josiah was led off the train by an officer and taken away to prison. The professor sat back down in his seat, resting his chin on his fist. He caught Ms. Emmett staring. He looked over at her questioningly.
“Is there something wrong?” He asked.
“No,” she smiled, “It turns out Mr. Rennings escaped his western jail time. But why are we still going west? We’ve already caught our man.”
Professor Andes smirked somewhat mischievously.
“Have you ever gone west?” He asked.
She shook her head slightly.
“Well maybe you’d still like to go?” He suggested.
Ms. Emmett laughed quietly.
“I don’t see any reason not to.”
The professor smiled to himself. He thought she’d say so.
“What do you say we go to the coast?”
She smiled again.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
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