The Realm Beneath
The Beginning
“Hey Adirah!” Brent yelled.
The bell for the end of the day rang as I scooped up my binder and speed walked outside to see Brent running towards me.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“This is what’s up!” he held up his history test with an A scribbled at the top with red ink.
“Yeah so?” I said confused.
“Adirah! The herbal part with the witches and demons!” he explained.
“Ohhh. Good job! I have some good news too. I got an A on the creative writing I did, with the magical world and all.”
He rolled his eyes “Guess we both have a habit for these things.”
“Yeah, speaking of which what happened to the Ouija board you just bought?”
“That? I haven’t done much with it.” he looked around suspiciously. “Come on let’s go, Maria wanted to talk to you.” he said pulling my arm as I slowly dragged my feet lazily.
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