The east divison
The Rebellion
Light reflected of the smooth surface of my mirror. The room was too bright for my taste. One look at a wrong place on the mirror could make a man with perfect vision go blind....... Okay, not really. But it was too bright.
“Joseph,” I began. “Dim the lights a little.” My butler shifted from his place against the wall and hit a few switches.
“Yes sir,” he muttered.
Joseph was from a family assigned to serve the current president and his family. It was a coincidence that he was only a year older than I.
The lights slowly dimmed until I could see myself clearly in the mirror. I swept my brown hair out of my eyes with one hand and fruitlessly combed with the other. I felt my hand shake and I grasped it. Today was the day that I would—.
My thoughts were interrupted when my H-comm beeped. I picked up my watch and openned the comm. A hologram of my father flickered to life.
“Xander,” he said. “Are you ready?” His eyes were sharper than usual.
“Of course I’m ready,” I replied. In truth, I was scared out of my wits.
He nodded. “The guards outside will escort you to the stadium.” With that, the screen blinked and shut down.
I sighed. Who knew a birthday would be so terrifying and difficult. I wished I was one of those carefree kids who stuffed their faces with pizza the first chance they got.
One of the cons of being the president’s kid was that I had to deal with political things during my free time. This whole “Rebel’s Prison” was just a trick to boost our public image. If anything, it’ll just cause more trouble with the criminals.
The Rebel’s were an elite terrorist group whose organizations were spread across the country. They quickly became a top priority and many bases have been wiped out. However, the remaining base in the west were the original masterminds behind this. The ones in the East Division were the closest to our capital and remain elusive. Our most recent spy has mysteriously disappeared and we no longer have any contact. If they were truly savages like in the stories, then he was most likely dead.
I turn and walk outside, Joseph on my heels.Two burly men stand on either side of my door. When I step out, one nods at me and begins to walk to the stadium. I follow and the second one walks behind me.
The indoor hall which we walk in splits into 3 different paths. I take the middle while the men take the outer paths.
The lights flicker on revealing a long, empty hall. Of course no one’s here I think. A faint voice echoed through, bouncing off the walls. I continued down until only metal doors seperate me from the outside. I presh my hand against it. The coldness wraps around my hand and I hesitate. It’s been 6 years since I’ve last been here. For exactly the same reason as now, a publicity scam. Mooching off her death and leaving her memory in the dust. It—. I shake the dark thoughts out of my head.
Something burned inside my chest and I pushed open the doors. The flashing lights momentarily blinded me. I took a deep breath and stepped onto the stage.
(A/N) : Haha.. Uh. Hi?
Well, I’m doing a rewrite of this. Looking back at it, I noticed everything was rushed and I’m a newbie. So.. Thanks for reading this. (Even if probably only one person is reading it....)
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