The east divison
The Rebellion
Their Hideout
“Seriously, loosen your grip! You’ll break my wrists!” I growled as we walked. I had walked into a couple of walls due to the fact I was still wearing the blind fold..... They had taken it as a sign that I was trying to escape. Therefore, they found it necessary to try and crush my wrist.
“You keep complaining and I’ll break more than that,” Lucas snapped.
“Calm, Lucas,” Zoe began. “We’re almost at camp.” He grumbled but obliged.
“We’re here,” Zoe said after a long walk downhill. The sack over my head was taken off and the lights blinded me.
Their camp was much more than what I expected it to be. Their were 2 story high buildings everywhere. Small cottages lined the streets. But, the most impressive thing there was the dome in the middle of the camp. I glanced up and noticed that the lights filling the area were stuck on a dirt ceiling.
“Wow,” I muttered.
“Come on,” Lucas said. “I’ll show you to your cell.” I was dragged off in some direction into a smaller cave-like area.
“This,” he said, pointing to a small cell.” Will be your quarters, don’t call if you need anything.” With that he tossed me into it and locked the door. “Supper’s served soon. But, you’ll be coming to the assembly.” He walked out of the room with Zoe following soon after.
“Hey,” a raspy voice said. “To your left.” I turned to my left and came face to....... well nothing but steel bars. “No... Look down.” I did as I was told. Across the gate was a small boy with scratches down his face.
“Uh, yes?” I asked.
“Who’re you?” He looked at me with beady eyes.
I snorted. “Xander, son of the president. I’m surprised you don’t know of me.” He stared.
“Uh, who?” I sighed. “Never mind, but..... Could I have your serving of food since you’re going to the assembly? They usually feed their guests well.” He looked at me while silently pleading.
“Whatever, their food probably taste like garbage.” I looked away.
But, I doubt I’ll be treated like a guest.... I think to myself.
“Get up, Alex,” Lucas said, rattling the cage door.
“It’s Xander!” I all but yell as I get up from the small bed.
“That’s what I said, now let’s move.” He unlocked the door and dragged me out of it. “Don’t make me or you regret not putting you in handcuffs.”
We made it over to the dome with little interruption (little kids throwing rocks at me). “Now sit here and don’t even think about moving, Alex,” Lucas growled and went over to join some other guys. A few other people sat by me, making it practically impossible to reach the exit before someone caught me.
Great, I thought I’m going to have to sit here forever.
A sound of metal clinking on metal interrupted my deep thinking so I turned my head in the direction of the noise.
Zoe put down the spoon she had used to capture everyone’s attention and stood on a chair.
“Everyone gathered here tonight, I thank you. You joined our cause when there wasn’t a remote chance that we would make it. You made this organization strong. You’ve built this foundation! You have held fast to what might be our only hope, and made it strong. So, let me honor you by putting my life on the line..... To reach that goal that we all dream of. I will honor our last great leader, and finish this mission! Whether it takes a lifetime or two, I will complete it! Today, we have taken a step towards victory!” I had a feeling she meant capturing me.
“I know we have lost a few, but they shall live on within our hearts! I honor those who have fallen and when I make a victory it is not mine but their’s. They who have paid the ultimate price for us to go on. They hold up this camp!” The crowd roared.
“And, I may not be good at making speeches as the leader, but I shall try.” A few chuckled at this. “As most of you know, our leader should come back sometime this week.” So she’s not the leader of them then? “But, we must hold on until the the company returns to camp. We must trust that they are safe. But for now, we feast!” The crowd cheered and shouted. They all stood up to get food while I sat there.
I decided to make a break for the exit. With all of them grabbing for food I should be able to make it to the door. I gathered my wits and charged.
I slipped through the crowd before bumping into someone.
“Sorry,” I muttered before circling around him.
“No proble— HEY!” he shouted when he recognized me. I bolted across the dome.
I was just a few feet away when a hard impact made me lose my balance and breath.
“Caught him,” a voice chirped from on top of me. Apparently the person on top of me was a girl.
I groan, “Get off, you’re crushing me.” The girl huffed but obliged.
“Are you implying that I’m fat?!” She held my wrists firmly behind my back and led me back to the front.
“No, all people are heavy and my chest can’t handle a person sitting on it.” The girl who had caught me was shorter than me and had red hair. Though she looked about my age, she had to look up to see my face.
When we arrived to where I had been seated earlier, Zoe was standing there.
She sighed, “Really, now?”
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