The Second Book of the United League of Heroes Saga
The Return of the Ultra-Men
The world is an evil place, Diary.
I mean, look at what the world did to all my friends. Especially Roxy. They might as well have lost their mind while we’ve been stuck in this prison.
Before Frostfire revealed the secret that the Ultra-Men weren’t what they thought they seemed, the world was perfect. Well, mostly. I guess the simpler and humans without super-powers still had wars to wage, fights to be fought, and battles to begin. But now, thanks to Frostfire, my friends are supposed to stay in this prison for life.
And why am I here? It’s simply because I defended what I thought was right. My belief was that the Ultra-Men should take control of the world. We might as well have one leader we can all look up to. And now, for that, I’m stuck in this prison with them. For speaking my beliefs! And now, because of that, I’ve been stuck here for five years!
I tell you, diary. The world is getting worse every day.
From, Vivian.
Vivian finished writing in her diary, which was only a bunch of papers that weren’t put together to form a book, and slid it underneath her prison bed.
Once Vivian was just about ready to get into her not-comfy-at-all bed, she looked at Roxy, who was her cellmate.
Roxy slept soundly, and Vivian sighed at the sight of Roxy. Roxy just wasn’t herself lately. While she would refuse to acknowledge any name that anyone would call her except Medusa, she’s dropped that name. It’s as if she forgotten “Medusa” completely. She’ll answer to just about any name now.
And that wasn’t the only change. Roxy didn’t seem well lately. She isn’t the aggressive and strong girl like she used to be, she isn’t eating as well as she used to, and she wouldn’t talk at all. Not even to Vivian, who became a friend while they were in prison. Vivian was afraid that Roxy wouldn’t change from this, and that it was caused by her fifteen years in prison.
“I guess this is what happens when you’re in prison too long. I guess I’m lucky I’ve only been here for five years now,” Vivian whispered to herself, but through some sort of mouth-guard that she was given by the guards when Vivian first got here, and she couldn’t take it out on her own.
She was given it not so she could protect her mouth, but to protect other people’s lives. Like some snakes and other animals, she had a poisonous bite. And the guards at the prison wanted to make sure that none of them or other prisoners would die because of Vivian. No matter how hard Vivian tried, she couldn’t get the mouth-guard off, because it was locked in place.
Suddenly, alarms began to blare in the hallway. While Roxy somehow slept through it, Vivian raced to the door to her cell, wondering what was going on. Probably another escape attempt that would fail, just as all the other escape attempts in the past have done.
There was no one in the halls except for a few guards rushing around, so Vivian wondered where the people attempting to escape were.
Suddenly, Vivian heard something behind her.
Something was cutting through the wall, but not with a knife or anything like that. This cutting was going too fast for that. It must’ve been with a laser.
Once a large hole had been cut through the wall, a woman with black hair was there. Vivian hadn’t seen her before, and wondered who she was, and if she could be trusted.
“If you want to escape, follow me. But leave Roxy, because she’ll slow us down a lot,” the woman ordered.
Vivian did want to escape, but leave Roxy? Before Roxy started to change, they promised to never leave each other behind. But, then again, that was before the change.
“I’m coming,” Vivian answered.
Right before she left the cell, she looked back at her friend who was still sleeping through all of this and whispered, “I promise I’ll rescue you soon.”
Vivian and the mysterious woman joined up with a group of the Ultra-Men, but not all of them. A few were in other prisons, like Ultrastar and Ultradragon.
“Listen up, people!” the woman yelled. “If you’re not here to attack Frostfire, then leave! I know that Ultrastorm is the boss, but you’re also going to be listening to me, Electriss!”
One person in the group objected, “But you’ve never been a part of the Ultra-Men! Why don’t we nominate another co-leader?”
Immediately, Electriss grabbed onto Vivian’s mouth-guard and broke it.
Shocked, Vivian took the mouth-guard off and felt the lower part of her face for the first time in five years. “Because I’ve got Vivian, and you don’t want her to give you a dosage of a poisonous bite, do you?”
Everyone backed away a little. Vivian smiled. No one had ever been afraid of her, but without her mouth-guard, she could make anyone back off in fear! “I don’t know how you know so much about me, Electriss, but that was great!” Vivian told Electriss.
Ultrastorm pushed his way to the front of the crowd. “The Ultra-Men are run by three leaders. I nominate Electriss and Vivian to be the two other leaders of the Ultra-Men besides me,” Ultrastorm declared.
“By the way,” Vivian told Ultrastorm. “If I’m going to be one of you, I need a new name. Call me Viper.”
Ultrastorm nodded. “Well, Ultra-Men, let’s go! It’s time for us to return, and take revenge on Frostfire!” he yelled as all the Ultra-Men ran through an opening in the wall, free once again.
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