Earth’s Conquerors
The Reverends
The girl was completely feral. She thrashed around, even with two, much taller clerics holding her she managed to bite their hands and scratch at their ribs with her short dirty nails.
The eyes of the white robed men were hard, betraying no hint of the pain they must have felt, as they pushed the wild creature into the interview chair. Metallic straps snapped up from the arm rests to hold her down, but they didn’t stop her from bucking and kicking at the legs of the table.
Though she was young, she was quite tall for a human, with short muddy brown hair hanging around her ears. She was frail and thin, but I knew she had plenty of spirit. Even in this room, separated from the scene by a large one way mirror, I could feel the power of her aura.
It was terrifying.
“She’s a beast.” The minister beside me shook his head in dismay. “In all my years in the church, I have never encountered a human like this.”
I nodded, rolling down the sleeves of my own silver robe to hide the goosebumps beginning to crawl down from my shoulders.
“Nor I, Lord Hika, most humans I encountered were afraid of me, not the other way around.”
There was a small chuckle that ran around the room, but the sound was cold.
Of the ten Reverends watching the girl with me, and the four in standing by in the interview room, eight of us had received a cut or slice from her knife during capture. One minister was still in the infirmary, fighting for his life.
I took a moment to examine my comrades. With no exception, each man’s aura was flecked with a fearful green, the kind of terror of a rabbit watching a lion. Yet the more dominant emotion was the dark black stain of hatred.
I frowned. How could they not feel some empathy or pity? Except for the dull eye colour she looked very similar to a Reverend child.
“I can understand why she is like this now though. It has been 12 years since the invasion, it might have been different for adult humans who had a society to model themselves on but she would have been a baby when our ships arrived. If a Reverend child was left in that decaying wasteland for so long. I have no doubt that it would turn savage too.”
Hika gave me a sidelong look.
“How can you feel sorry for her? She stabbed you in the kidney.”
I blushed. Hika was a seer like me, someone who could see a persons inner soul though vision. Though very few reverends possessed this talent, most priests knew I felt and thought differently from the majority. And so, it was a universally known fact in the church, that I was weird.
I became quiet, touching the small wound in my side thoughtfully. It stung, though it was mostly repaired now.
A golden robed figure entered the interviewing room, taking a seat opposite the girl.
I recognised him immediately, though we had never met in person. It was the Great Bishop Kamin, left-hand man of the pope himself.
Kamin glared at the creature, not in terror like the minister and I had, but with pure contempt.
“The Great Bishop rarely comes down from the mother-ship” I whispered to Hika “Yet he has come to see her?”
“The Great Bishop was the overseer of the human suppression” Hika explained “He was very clear that he did not want a single human free from the church, that no sinner should escape gods eye.”
His voice dropped so only I could hear him “Personally, I think he’s just come to gloat. She evaded us for quite some time.”
“Do you think she will be sent to a slave farm?” I murmured after a minute. Though the bishop’s words were muted through the one way mirror, I could see he was becoming more and more quietly furious, his aura glowing a bright red.
Hika pursed his lips, watching the pair for a moment and taking in the Great Bishop’s reactions.
“No... This one is far to wild” He said eventually “She will be executed.”
The alien who entered the room was quite different from the two who had dragged me in.
He was about 7 foot with mostly human features excluding the creepy violet eyes that, even in this bright white room, seemed to glow.
“God will punish you and you will burn in the underworld for evading us for so long.”
I stopped kicking the table, realising with chagrin that no tantrum of mine would get me out of this weird metallic room.
I was still mad that the aliens had ambushed me in the middle of the night. Furious that after all these years of hiding, eating rotten scraps from broken fridges and fighting off thieves. I had been caught for forgetting to extinguish a candle.
Tom had warned me they had light detection sensors....
“The great pope of this church has heard of your sins, he suggested we try to convert you but I feel you lack the intelligence and reform to be saved by the lord.”
“God?” I smirked, thoroughly done with all this captive business.
“What was that?” The gold robed alien asked, I bet he was shocked I could speak.
“That’s the one thing I didn’t get.” I tilted my head up to stared directly into his weird eyes. “Being invaded by a race with superior technology, I understood it, its in the movies, it was basically prophesied by Hollywood. But why did we have to be invaded by you religion obsessed freaks.”
The alien didn’t drop his self satisfied smile.
“I know you wouldn’t understand us.” His eyes narrowed” Keep it up, keep fighting and you will be sent to death for heresy.”
“Send me to death then!” I barked back.
“Well at least we want the same thing.”
He raised his dark eyebrows and I instantly regretted provoking him. Reverends were not like humans at all emotionally. I don’t think they knew what love or kindness was. In any case, they did not need any more excuse to harm me than that I was not one of them.
A wave of claustrophobia washed over me and I began to kick at the chair again helplessly.
The alien pulled a small slate clipboard out of his robe. It had some sort of form clipped on it, written in dotty squiggly lines of the Reverend language.
“So we can get this over with, could you please recite to me your full name, the name of your parents and your address 12 years ago.”
“Go to hell.”
His face became grave and even through the claustrophobia and anger I managed a small grin.
Oh how they hated blaspheme.
“This form will be properly filled out, with or without consent.”
I tightened my fists, knowing was was about to come.
It wasn’t just the military might that had allowed the Reverends to dominate the earth, they had another power, one trump card that humanity hadn’t been prepared for.
Almost casually, the alien reached out, taking my forehead in one massive palm. I tried to shake his hand off but suddenly I lost control of my body completely and slumped in the chair.
Without knowing how I knew, I became aware that there was another consciousness in my mind. The feeling was so perturbing, I might have vomited if had control over my esophagus.
The Reverend didn’t wait to ask any questions now he was in my thoughts. With no hesitation he barged his way into my memories to find the answers for himself.
I began to panic. Panic for real this time. There was secrets in there that I couldn’t let the reverend see. Things I would rather die before showing him.
Without fully knowing what I was doing, I began to attack the foreign consciousness with my own mind.
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