The River’s Song
In Which There Is A Problem
There was once a water spirit, the water spirit of the Elwha River.
Her name was Melody.
Melody had beautiful tan skin, like the Indian Plum trees that surrounded the river’s shore, she had hair like Ice who covered the surface of the running waters in Winter’s latest months, her eyes shone like the reflection Sun on the water.
She was the most beautiful spirit that ever lived.
She had a simple life, filled with the simple things that Life could give. She had a best friend named Odessa, a spirit of deer and elk. She had loving parents, two of the many spirits of Douglas Fir trees.
But most importantly, she was in love. Melody was in love with one of the Lightning spirits, Echo. Melody loved Echo very much and he loved her as well.
They planned to marry when Moon had become full again, but Melody’s parents, even though they cared for her very much, wanted Melody to marry Glen, the Moon’s only son.
That night, Melody made her way down the river and took her normal form, so that she could enter her land home. “Hello mother, hello father.” She said, her voice was like Morning’s breeze and made everything seem better than it was before.
“Have you been hanging around that discusting Echo again?” Melody’s Mother said, her voice as cold as Ice’s.
It was no use lying to her mother because she was the leader of all the spirits who were of Wolf. She could probably smell his scent on her clothes. “Yes, but I am truly sorry mother.”
“No nonsense. you are to marry Glen, and no other.” As she spoke, some one knocked at the door. “Ah, that should be him now, to give you his heart stone.”
“What! You invited him over?!” Melody said, appalled.
“Listen to your mother, she knows what is right for you.” Melody’s father said and patted her shoulder, then whispered: “I don’t like him either.” In Melody’s ear.
“Hello, sweet Melody.” Glen said and leaned to give her a kiss on the cheek, but she simply dodged this and said:
“Get out of my face.”
“MELODY! Do not speak to your future husband like that! He is just as noble as your Echo and her doesn’t have his head in the clouds.”
“But mother, I do not love Glen. A further more, he is as changeable as your friend, Midsummer.”
Melody, did speak the truth, for not long before, Glen had given his heart stone to Odessa. But now he had cast her aside to ask for Melody’s hand in marriage.
“You shall except his stone, or lose your life!” Melody’s mother yelled and said to Glen: “She isn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. It should be easy to win her heart.”
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