Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Today was meant to be that day when you don’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. The same old happens. You go to school with your friends, sit in each lesson for a hour,learning intricate, at times, impenetrable details/knowledge which you’re meant to remember for the entire week until you have that lesson once again. Until then, you enter the lunch hall as usual, order and pay for lunch, sit at table and eat.
What’s funny is how humanity takes customary events for granted, not distinguishing the bigger picture. “You only have this day once ,so make it count”- is what my Mum quotes ALL THE TIME. Who knew her quotations were actual life lessons?
So, there I was, sitting at a table with Chloe, minding my business and ordinarily eating vegetable sticks with dip. Currently, neither of us were communicating; Chloe was busily tucking into her plate of BBQ chicken breasts and flimsy, slightly burn fries and I were reciting 30 facts about Grand Normans inside my head.
The next thing I know, I hear swooping and swooning sounds coming from my left. Without caution, I glance to my left and then focus my eyes upon the sea-blue tone in his eyes, his pretty much PERFECT cheekbones and gorgeous, glossy chestnut locks, cascading around his head. At that moment, my vision was hooked onto him, as though nothing else mattered.
“Wow!” I gasp, “ He’s SO HOT!”.
“Oh no. Not you too!” Chloe wails.
“Not me too what? I was just stating an..obvious fact.” I protest.
“More like being prejudice.” Chloe corrects.
Hypothetically speaking, she was accurate. I potentially was being prejudice. But I was not lying. He was very good-looking and had this spark in his eye that triggers a feeling inside me. Which makes me doubt where this story shall end...
Hi. In case you hadn’t realized, Chloe is my best friend. And I’m Dominique Darwen, 16, currently studying my A-levels in Science, Maths, a large majority of humanitarian subjects (7 to be exact) and French language at Bridgend Mixed Grammar School. life. It seems like a typical,geeky,educational one which contains no dramatics, thrill or stimulation . This, is a matter of fact, the truth. Although, it has gotten better; I have learnt 10 new slang words commonly used on the Internet. These consist of:
*Dutch: Joint split the cost
* x: Kiss
*FOB:Fresh off the boat
*NASA:National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
*IDWTK:I don’t want to know
*Carpe:Vomit, throw up
*LBM: Little Big Man
*MHMM:Yes, sure ok
*143= I love you
*I/O: Input/Output.
Unfortunately, assimilating the use of Internet slang does not amend my tedious, uninteresting lifestyle. Due to my motive, I urge for something fascinating to occur. Even if it means getting the recognition I deserve after voluntarily helping out at RSPCA for two days, to gain expertise in the veterinarian field. you understand me better than you had before, I’m going right back to the present scene.
“Hey, being prejudice is prejudging someone. I, on the other hand, was stating a fact. Therefore, I technically was not prejudice.” I explain, simpering.
“Ah, why do you have to be smarter than me?!Though, that’s besides the point: why were you so excited to see him? Have you two met before?” Chloe questions.
“ No,” I sigh, “But I’d sure want to.”.
Chloe groaned, rolling her eyes once more. She clearly does not have a shown interest in him and rather discuss Modern World History, and its impact to society’s cultural preferences.
I interrupt Chloe’s incorrect historical fact:
“Do you think he’s joining our school’s A-Levels?”.
“Erm,are you even paying attention about Duke William II of Normandy? How do you think he feels?” She snaps,questioningly.
I laugh at Chloe’s lame joke.
“I apologize. Albeit, I find difficulty in doing so. Especially when all I think of are his eyes.” I say in a precisely high-class accent. Not expecting her response, Chloe suggests:
“Urge! If you’re so hooked, why don’t you just go over and I dunno...maybe talk to him (?)”.
Author’s note:
This is my first ever published chapter. Therefore, thanks SOO much for reading and there’s more to come soon...

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