Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Foremost French lesson...EVER!
He lays back in his chair, nonchalantly.
“So,you’re not denying that you do like Dominique?” Beckett pushes. Even now, I’m staring at Adonis
“I never denied it...” He trails off, grinning. I go back to checking my work for now the 11 time with a dorky grin plastered on my face. All of his friends gawp in surprise, teasingly.
“BUT, I never said I liked Dominique that way either.” Adonis points out. This causes all of his friends to sigh with relief. With impulse I say:
“Hey! That is quite disrespectful!” Everyone burst into bounds of laughter, I in the end join them. Sometimes, it is a good thing to relax and let loose.
“Right. That’s quite enough boys. Let’s move you to different places now...”Mr Richards sternly suggests. Unsurprisingly, Adonis,Ajax,Beckett and Enzo plead of one more chance to work together. Mr Richards thankfully does not fall for it, allocating every single one of them into faraway seats from one another, inviting Chloe back to her usual place.
As the lesson comes to an end, Mr Richards assigns us with research homework, dismissing 5 minutes before the next lesson. As we pack away, Mr Richards compliments:
“By the way Dominique, loving the hair! Did you dip-dye it?”
“No she didn’t sir! It’s her natural hair!” Enzo replies nosily.
“Erm, I’m pretty sure you are not Dominique, Enzo.” Mr Richards tells Enzo off. Chloe and I leave the classroom with wide spread , well-deserved smiles on our faces.
“Something tells me today shall be a good day!” Chloe sighs, enthusiastically,linking arms with me. I believe she’s correct about that.
Chloe and I arrive to French, with a new attentional style strategy. Patiently, we hide around a corner, biding one’s time for everyone to enter French class. Together with confidence, we set foot into French to the bursting compliments from other people, regarding my hair! I am exceedingly pleased that Chloe and I are sitting together this time, without other people, doing so for us...**cough,cough ENZO**
During our relaxed writing exercise Mrs Alphonse had set, Chloe questions:
“So...what did he think of your hair?”
“He actually did not mention anything. HOWEVER, his newly-found friends had complimented my hair.” I inform, missing out the large chunk of the narrative when he calls me, “peng” and “pretty”. Chloe gawps at my response, either with offense or astonishment.
“But Dominique, his friends’ opinions do not matter to me nor you. What is essential, at this point, is Adonis’ impression of your appearance.”
“Sh! Keep your voice down- he’s in this class also.” I hush, distractedly scanning my French extension instructions.
“What? No! Your hair is irresistible to a compliment. That guy needs to get his eyes checked.” Chloe comments, finalizing, her written sentence.
“I understand we had put the time and effort into my hair and you had strived for the ultimate result. On the other hand, not everyone has to like my hair, Chloe. Besides, his hair is even better! His golden brown locks are exceptionally attractive! It works well for him.’ I argue in defense.
“No, I disagree. You hair is heaps more flattening. It’s a better colour and suits your face more that his hair does.” Chloe argues.
“Are we seriously debating about whose hair looks prettier?” I question with disbelief.
“All I’m saying is we made all that effort for him not to compliment your hair.” Chloe clarifies. I do get where Chloe’s coming from. On the other hand, it’s not that big of a deal. So many random people complimented my hair anyway. Besides, I rather impress Adonis with my personality and not my amazing hair.
“Ok. Class dismissed, but do not forget your French revision for your upcoming mild vocabulary test!” Mrs Alphonse projects over the rustling and bustling of bags and chairs.
“What lesson do we have next?” Chloe inquires as we exit the classroom.
“We’re not in the same class for Period 3.” I reply. She nods, about to depart to her next lesson. I call for her and she pauses in her tacks.
“Do not delay your Lunch for me- I have my Music audition at Lunch. We don’t share any classes after that. In that case, see you...after school?” I check.
“Yeah, ok! Usual place.” Chloe smiles, before heading to our separate lessons.
After my departure from Chloe, I attended Maths class, revisiting the interesting topic, Algebra(!)
During Lunch, like I had mentioned, I went to my Music audition which hopefully went just as well as I believed it went.
Subsequently, I had Religious Studies. Exploring the philosophical rumors of God’s creation within Christianity would’ve been enough the rate this as my second favorite lesson. IF I weren’t craving of something, anything to eat.
With the fact that I still hadn’t eaten, my day concluded with English Literature. It was an honest living nightmare as I were not in any way focused on the task at hand. Instead, I was conscious about the inapt fact that my stomach was growling in similarity to an jet engine. In addition to that, my English essay could have reached a higher standard, if I were not especially distracted about Adonis. By the end of my lesson, my English teacher had wanted a “quick word” with me.
“Darn it!” I scream mentally. I am SOO hungry!
“Dominique, I wanted to discuss if there has been something troubling you during your English lessons.” Ms Allen interrogates.
“Erm, no. Not at all. I enjoy every English lesson very much. Um...why did you ask?” I inquire, confusion masking the desperation of food on my face.
“Just because the essay you had presented me’s not up to your usual standard...” Ms Allen trails off, expecting me to fill the gap and give an explaination.
“Oh the night I got ‘round to completing the essay... I had been exhausted from other school-related purposes... Probably was not as focused as I needed to be... It won’t happen again.” I conclude with an angelic smile.
“Fair enough. As long as you guarantee it won’t happen again...”.
“It won’t Ms Allen.” I beam. She lets me go. Due to this, I hasten out of the classroom door, speeding out of school, towards the school entrance gates. There I notice an tall, athletic yet feminine figure, with the style of a ponytail, leaning against the rail of the gate, browsing her phone for whatever reason.
I approach the figure.
“You’re late...AGAIN!” Chloe informs me, glancing up from her android device.
“Sorry...again! Ms Allen, my English teacher kept me behind. Note to self: NEVER ask you for help on my English essay again.” I say as we make one’s way out of school. Simultaneously, Chloe shoots me a hurt expression.
“What did you make me write?” I question.
“Was it that bad?” Chloe insists.
“She asks whether I was troubled with something during her English lessons, elucidating the essay I had handed in was not up to my usual standard.” I describe as we turn a corner.
“Sorry!” Chloe says aplogetically. I accept her apologize with a smile.
“But you still owe me-can we go to A Day Latte? I’m starving out of my stomach as I haven’t eaten since that bowl of cereal.” I suggest.
“Oh why! I have to meet my mum at Alluvia in half an hour, in order to head to my Dad’s together.” Chloe sighs, disposing her phone into her PE duffel bag.
“It’ll be my treat...” I remark with encouragement.
“Fine. I’ll come. After all, it’s near where I need to meet my mum. Besides, I need some sort of distraction from my Dad and Mum.” Chloe replies as we cross the road with precaution. I simper. At that instance, I watch the bus drive past us, towards the next stop.
“Bus!” I exclaim, breaking into a run, followed by Chloe. In a act of friendliness, the bus driver stalls the bus for our arrival. We just about made it.

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I wasn’t starving ‘till I tasted you...

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