Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
I wasn’t starving ‘till I tasted you...
With pace, we proceed down the direction of A Day Latte.
“Actually Dominique, I don’t believe I’m going to make it to my mum in time if we stop off at the cafe.” Chloe breathes out, while walking.
“But-“ I sigh.
“I might be able to arrange you a lift home.But that won’t be possible if we go to a A Day Latte.” Chloe suggests.
I sigh. I am unsure whether I’m even able to make Alluvia without eating anything.
“How come you always seem to manage to persuade me?” I ask. She replies with a thankful grin as we make one’s way to Alluvia.
We reach the Italian restaurant just in time, to the greeting of Chloe’s mum, inside her BMW, perched at the side road.
“Hey Mum!” “Hello Kimberley.” We chorus.
“Hey. Um,Dominique, were you expecting a lift home?” Chloe’s mum questions.
“Erm...well I guess not.” I shrug.
“Oh, see the thing is, I was just going to drive Chloe straight to her Dad’s so...”
“It’s fine. I’ll walk home. I could do with the fresh air after being crapped in the bus.” I break Chloe’s mum off with a angelic beam across my face.
“Well if you insist...”Chloe’s mum checks.
“Yes don’t worry. You go ahead.” I assure.
“Alright then, honey. See you soon!” Chloe Mum choruses.
“See you tomorrow!” Chloe says, entering her mum’s car. With that, Chloe’s mum zooms down the road, deserting me at the edge of the road.
I make one’s way back down the path, on my way to A Day Latte. Ultimately, it IS thoughout the course of my journey home. This goes hand in hand with the factuality of my undeniable hunger. Besides... I want to encounter a face I missed dearly.
I push open the doorway, signed with “WELCOME” in scarlet red capital letters.
“Dominique!” calls a voice with appreciation. I laugh, approaching the front counter of the cafe.
“I have pined to see you again!” I chuckle, leaning against the counter.
“Long time,no see,huh?” Andy, remarks, touching my hand in reunion.
“Well, what can I say when I’m at school for most of the day.” I sigh.
“So, what can I do for you?” Andy asks, pulling his hand away,dusting his apron.
“Ooh...surprise me.” I respond. He grins, disappearing into the back of the kitchen.
I have befriended Andy for a considerable length of my childhood, going onto teenage years. We first came across one another in the course of our 11+ examinations for a secondary school of distance. Although I were unable to pass, he had done so. Ever since, we had promised to forever stay in contact and we’ve successfully done so. Recently, he received a part-time job at A Day Latte, to save up to go straight to university.
“Life isn’t such a rush,Andy. You still have a lot to live.” I advised wisely, after he explained his future plan.
“But life’s too short, Dominique. Better make the most of it and not waste time.” He argued. Despite this, I love his compassion towards his interests and ambitions .
Advantages from Andy working at A Day Latte spectacularly include:
• Freebies
• Testing of new frappe flavors
• Spend as long as I want.
A disadvantage would be less time spent with him. But it’s ok, I have Chloe and school and my family to keep me company anyway...
“So, here I present you with a TRIPLE chocolate muffin, freshly iced with chocolate and hazelnut buttercream and pumpkin,cinnamon and chocolate flavored hot drink!” Andy describes, handing me a cup drink and a miniature box.
“You’re a jem! Thank you! So what have you been up to? Same usual?” I ask,happily clutching hold of the bag containing my food, which I so gladly deserve.
“Actually no. I’m finishing up my job next week. I’m going to live with my Dad in Buckinghamshire within a month to find a suitable college. I’ve changed my mind about uni.” Andy tells me.
“Congratulations Andy! I’m so proud!” I exclaim, hugging him, over the counter.
“Thanks. I realised that I have time to make life choices. Besides, the colleges are better in the area, enabling me a better future for when I go onto university. SO, why not?” He smiles. I hug him once more.
“I’ll miss you greatly. Your HILARIOUS jokes, wide smile, the fact that you hate toffee popcorn, that time when a dog chased you all the way to school, crazy ideas...I’m going to miss it all, Andy-candy!” I sigh,hugging him extra-tightly. I feel him smile. Andy always smiles.No matter what situation he’s in.
“The way you re-encounter my lifeline of embarrassment! I’m joking- ’ll miss you more. I’ll miss your intelligence nnd forever knowledge of everything. Oh and your wackiness!” He laughs. I push myself out of the hug,teasingly .
“Well, I can’tell stay for long, I’m afraid . I have to get home and revise for a French assessment tomorrow and I have not informed my mum that I’m here. So. ..”. I say with an apologetic beam.
“Oh yes, the typical goodie-two shoes has to keep her reigning title. She must return to her champion’s lair!” Andy commentates. I roll my eyes, without the impulse of commenting back.
I begin walking to the door.
“But Dominique!” He calls out. I turn my head.
“I- I love you.” He stammers.
I smile with unease,exiting the cafe with panic .
What did Andy mean by I love you. Did he mean it from a friendly perspective or romantically....? But I have never liked him in that way. I have only considered him as a close friend. Afterall, it saves us from the everlasting history of having a boy as a best friend turn into “more than a friend”. But maybe I have liked him... But just haven’t realised. Oh. I just realised that I’m walking the wrong way. But I love you... It’s just when he said it, it didn’t feel weird but it just freaked me out. What does that mean? Is it not meant to weird me out? Should I confront him and question what his remark had been about? Or...maybe I shouldn’t? For all I know, it could’ve been a mistake and he might’ve have meant “I love your hair” or referencing from a song entitled “ I Hate I Love You”. I brush the thought away,catching a bus home.
By the time I arrive home, it’s 6:00, in the region of the deadline of my curfew. The house feels empty. I call for Mum but there’s no response. Is she working late hours? Or....oh no! Maybe she’s searching frantically for me- better call her. I pull out my phone from my pocket to see six unread messages and one missed call.
The six unread messages are from Chloe as well as the one missed call. With urgency, I dial her number and call her back but there is no response. From then onwards, I believe I encounter a mild panic attack. She may have urgently needed to contact me and I wasn’t available. I try her number again and it goes straight to voicemail. This annoys me more. I head down the hallway to the house phone and call her house. The call picked up the second time calling.
“Hello?” Chloe’s mum answers.
“Hi...... Is Chloe available?” I greet.
“ERM yes. We just arrived back from her father’s.” She replies.
“Oh OK. Would it be possible if I could talk to Chloe now...?” I question with hope.
“She’s preoccupied.....OK,OK Chloe. Dominique’s on the phone.” I hear the transportation of the phone.
“Hey!” Chloe sighs.
“Hi. What’s up with your phone? I called you twice and it went straight to voicemail.” I question.
“Oh, it died at my dad’s.” She replies. I roll my eyes. Typical Chloe,getting me stressed out.
“Oh right. So what was with all the messages and call?” I ask.
“Oh gosh Dominique!!! There’s something I need to tell you...” Chloe trails off.
“What is it Chloe?” I ask with eager as well as curiosity.
“I better go upstairs then...”.
Author’s note:
Hey guys! Thank you dearly for reading and there’s more to come soon....
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