Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Make It Quick
We tap our credit cards onto the Oyster tap-ons, passing down the bus. As it was an double-decked bus, the two of us settle on heading upstairs. To our discovery, we spot Adonis, Beckett, Ajax and some other guy who was in my form in Year 10 named Alexandra, at the back seats of the spacious bus.
Chloe and I exchange peeks of annoyance and embarrassment as we seat ourselves at the front seating on the bus.
“Hey Dominique!” Adonis calls out. I glance Chloe’s way , portraying the expression “Oh no!”.
I swivel my head round, coming eye to eye with Adonis. I could be mistaken but I believe we encountered a moment when nothing or no one else mattered. Whether it was true or not, I break the split second hook, twirling back around.. Chloe carries out an “ooh, la,la” look. The amount of chatter and noise on the bus increases.
Chloe uses this as an advantage to ask:
“Has something else gone on between you and Adonis?”
“Why’d you ask?” I say, avoiding the subject of matter.
“ two have been getting on quite well. Very well, in fact. And I just wanted to know whether you’re telling me the complete truth?” Chloe explains.
I sigh. I am quite hesitant of what to undertake, in case Chloe rooting to find out what’s going on between Adonis. This may follow onto Chloe secretly having some kind of sentiment towards him. At that point, she potentially could conclude our 7 year long friendship, craving for revenge ; you get the idea from all those friendship,romance stories where the best friend ends up falling for the same guy that you’re crushing on.
“ not really. He did compliment my looks but erm...” I trail off.
“So he did say something to you? Why didn’t you tell me?” She questions with a teasing grin.
“Well...if you want the truth...?” I double-check.
“Yes, I do , Dominique.” She answers without hestitastion.
“I just thought that you might like Adonis and the last thing I want to do is hurt your feelings if you had a crush on him and...!” I were interrupted-
“Dominique! I’m not crushing on Adonis. I mean yes he’s good-looking but he’s not my type. I’m into the athletic, sporty kind who look good but not perfect. You should know. I told you this when we were in Year 5.” Chloe exclaims.
“Are you sure? You’re not lying?” I check.
“He’s a jerk. And overly-confident and TOO good-looking and a loudmouth and-“.
“Ok I get the message!” I interrupt with a grin.
All of a sudden, I apprehend a shuffling of shoes come closer to where we were sitting. I believe Chloe does as well as w both turn our heads, noticing Beckett, Ajax, Alexandra, followed by Adonis.
“A jerk? Seriously?” Adonis questions, raising his eyebrow, unimpressed.
“ERM,yeah! You’re actually pretty full of yourself too, when I come to think about it.” Chloe criticizes, fully facing Adonis. Adonis fires Chloe an exasperated stare. What on earth was Chloe thinking?
Adonis seats oneself in the row of seats right behind us, accompanied by Ajax and the two other boys taking a seat the row behind them.
At that moment, the pair dispute about one another’s flaws, critiquing one another. As soon as, the altercation becomes overly-offensive, I break up the tension, dragging Chloe off the bus into town.
With pace, we proceed down the direction of A Day Latte.
“Actually Dominique, I don’t believe I’m going to make it to my mum in time if we stop off at the cafe.” Chloe breaths whilst moving.
“But-“ I sigh.
“I might be able to arrange you a lift home.But that won’t be possible if we go to a A Day Latte.” Chloe bargins.
I sigh. I am unsure whether I’m even able to make Alluvia without eating anything.
“How come you always seem to manage to persuade me?” I ask. She replies with a thankful grin as we make one’s way to Alluvia.
We reach the Italian restaurant just in time, to the greeting of Chloe’s mum, inside her BMW, perched at the side road.
“Hey Mum!” “Hello Kimberley.” We chorus.
“Hey. Um,Dominique, were you expecting a lift home?” Chloe’s mum questions.
“Erm...well I guess not.” I shrug.
“Oh, see the thing is, I was just going to drive Chloe straight to her Dad’s so...”
“It’s fine. I’ll walk home. I could do with the fresh air after being crapped in the bus.” I break Chloe’s mum off with a angelic beam across my face.
“Well if you insist...”Chloe’s mum checks.
“Yes don’t worry. You go ahead.” I assure.
“Alright then, honey. See you soon!” Chloe Mum choruses.
“See you tomorrow!” Chloe says, entering her mum’s car. With that, Chloe’s mum zooms down the road, deserting me at the edge of the road.
I think I opted for a big mistake.

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