Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Love my hair (Part 2)
“Oh my gosh! I was unaware my hair are these array of shades!!” I gasp in shock.
“You see now? You have natural highlights all the way through. Is that even possible?” Chloe grins. I guess so. I’ve never dyed my hair. My mum had informed me that I were originally blonde, like her, when I was a baby. Until roughly the age of five, my hair transformed into a camel brown. And then my hair fully converted to really dark brown, with similarity to a chestnut brown. As of now, it is as though I’m metamorphosing back to blonde.
“Keep your head REALLY still. I do not have long to style your hair so...”. Chloe requests, as she begins parting my hair. I sense her plaiting my hair down from the roots, at some points , using her hair curler. I notice Chloe, using a product of some sort at the tips of my hair.
“What are you doing?” I question.
“I’m brightening the camel and the caramel colour of your hair with a hair highlighter. Therefore, everyone will notice it’s your REAL hair colour rather then dye or bleach.” Chloe explains. At last she ties the ends with a black hair bands.
“It’s done!” She says, as I close my eyes to the spray of styling spray is spritzed around my hair. I go to the nearest mirror, eyeing my hair. Chloe styled my hair as two parted french plaits, which extends halfway down my back. If I can see the natural change of colour, everyone will.
“Wow! My hair looks amazing! It’s astounding! Magnificent! Beautiful! I’m proud to have my hair! I really am!” I squeak with tears in my eyes.
“Yes I know. I just LOOVE your hair. It’s so pretty.” Chloe smiles.
With no more time left to lose, we brush our teeth as quickly as brushing teeth goes, collecting our school bags(my English essay) and our phones. We slip into our shoes and coats and literally run to school. We reach school five minutes before the bell’s due to ring. Before we enter, Chloe pauses me in my tracks.
“So remember the plan? We walk in. I take off your coat and you need to make sure your hair is trailing down your back. Then your keep your head up and we style everything out, making our way to History. Got it?” Chloe recaps.
I nod ,with the impact of my coat hood nodding with me.
“OK! Let’s go!” Chloe shrieks.
We make one’s way into school, following our style protocol when I unzip my coat, revealing my outfit, making sure my hood stays firmly covering my hair. By now there are a multitude of students, crowding the corridor as it’s started to pour down. Chloe goes to the back of me and takes off my coat, finally revealing my hair. She places it on my back , simultaneously remembering to stick my head up,smiling. Both of us stride down the corridor. Countless, strangers eye my hair in fascination of the new style, on the way. As we turn to the locker hallway, that’s when all the compliments hit me.
“Omg! I really like your hairstyle.”
“Wow Dominique! Is that your actual hair?”
“Your hair looks so pretty!”
“Did you go to a hairdresser to get that done? I want to go to the same hairdresser!”
“You have really nice hair!”“You have really nice hair!”
“I LOOVE your hair.”
“You have pretty hair.”
“Dominique, your hair is PENG!”
“That’s some peng hair you have!”
“How do you get your hair like that?!”
“Your hair is SO long! It’s so pretty.”
Once we reach History, the compliments still come.
“Aw Dominique! Your hair looks so nice!”
“Oh I want your hair!”
“Did you style it yourself. If you did, you’re really good.”
All eyes are on me but there’s obviously one pair of eyes that I pay particular attention to. Adonis.

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