Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Living a lie
“Is everything alright,Chloe?” I comment, cautiously.
“Right,OK. Mum’s cooking dinner downstairs. Therefore...I don’t believe she can hear us. Sorry, what was that, Dominique?” Chloe asked.
“Is EVERYTHING OK!” I repeated.
“Not exactly,” Chloe responds “... Basically, we orginally visited my Dad to discuss wedding matters. When we had arrived, he conducted himself in a mysteriously friendly manner.” .
“Mysteriously friendly? How is that possible?” I question.
“Well, his friendliness was a concealment of something else” Chloe describes “Disregarding his fiancée’s absence , Dad sat Mum and I down at the dining table. His mien had been very serious .”
“Mhm” I say,attentively .
“He broke the awkwardness, expressing his affection towards myself and Mum, delineating his happiness for us.
“Where is your fiancee? mum asked.
“Cheyenne has gone out shopping with Chloe’s grandmother for an outfit for the wedding . This gives me the opportunity to talk to you both alone. Kimberley, Chloe- this is not what you think- wait actually...It might be.” he explained.”Chloe pauses to take a breath.
“I have something to confess to both of you. Something that might change everything forever.... I officially freaked out as Dad seemed sombre yet antsy. Mum sat besides me ,exchanging a bewildered expression.
“ Chloe, Kimberley...Cheyenne and I have a daughter. In other words, you’re half sister,Chloe.”.
“WHAT?!” I exclaimed.
“SHH! If my Mum discovers I’m sharing our personal affairs with you, I’ll be banned from talking to you.” Chloe hushes, carefully.
“Wow.” I exhale.
“Both of us reacted the same way. Mum fired questions, like a machine gun. How old is this child? Where is she? Why have you kept this from us? How long did you know this? How long was he going to keep this from us? He says nothing except wearing an lugubrious expression. This was until Mum pushed herself out of the chair in anger.
“I know it’s a shock to both of you. It was,even to me to find out how old she is. She’s um...12. “ he mutters.Mum legit flipped out. Cussing,cursing, swearing, yelling. If I was not in that room, I’m pretty sure Mum would have smashed a china plate on top of Dad’s circular head. I just sat there,astonished.” I give a small “hmph” of humor.
“Could that be the reason why your Dad couldn’t pay enough attention to you? Because there was another child?” I inquire.
“No,it isn’t. She doesn’t even live with them and Dad and Cheyenne only visit her once a month.” Chloe expressed in words.
“So...I have a half sister. Her name is Kayla.” Chloe says almost in a gentle whisper.
“Have you seen her?” I question.
“Yeah, I have a picture which I’ll show you tomorrow.”.
“Woah! I would have never expected this, at all. How are you coping? Are you okay?” I ask with empathy.
“Obviously I’m even more furious at my Dad than I had been before. Also, I undoubtedly dislike Cheyenne and wish he hadn’t met her. But I can’t have any more setbacks- My A-Levels are crucial at this point. I am STRENUOUS from the amount of work A-Levels require. The last thing I needed was this bombshell of news!” Chloe expressed,composedly.
“Maybe you should take a day off and talk to your Dad, dish out more-“
“No Dominique!I haven’t exactly been on top of my coursework. I’ve been swimming within it, like a frog. I cannot afford any further distractions. IF it weren’t for you, accompanying me through my parent’s divorce, I wouldn’t even have all of this A-Level coursework to consider. I don’t want that situation to happen again! I’ve just got to....go! See you tomorrow!” Chloe sighs brightly,holding up the phone abruptly.
I forgot to call Mum first , to inform her where I am and what I am doing. Frantically, I yank out my phone from my trouser pocket and scroll down my contacts. I press on the contact “Mum” and then the call icon.
“Hello?” Mum picks up.
“Hi Mum.” I chorus.
“Hey! What’s up?” Mum asks.
“ I arrived home OK after taking the bus.” I notify her. A enduring sensation of urge and loyalty weighs inside my stomach. I want to tell my Mum about Chloe but at the same time, my mum could talk to Kimberley and cause a whole lot of unnecessary chaos. It’s all for the best, I guess.
“Right...well I’ll be home soon. Just finishing up office work. Could you start dinner for when I arrive,please?” Mum asks.
“Why? I have homework to complete!” I groan.
“Well I’m sure I could write you a note. Therefore, you will not get into trouble,Darling.” Mum offers.
“You know I don’t want you to do so- I should take responsibility for my decisions and actions.” I decline.
“So how are you meant to do both?” Mum interrogates.
“Hm....split my time for two tasks: Spend around half an hour on educational purposes and a further half hour on conjuring up today’s dinner.” I explicate.
“Ok-great! I’ll be home soon,once I’m done with my workload. Until then, stay safe, remember not to open the door to strangers and most importantly DO NOT leave the house without instruction.” Mum demands.
“Don’t worry Mum. I have no requirement to go anywhere due to the quantity of work I have and I won’t answer the door to any unknown strangers. And I’ll try to stay safe.” I say.
Mum sighs in response.
“Alright then. I’ll see you soon, got to go now. Love you.
“Ok, Mum. Talk soon. Love you too!” I say, holding up the phone call.
I begin on whatever homework I need to complete, following with additional reading up on school topics. I conclude with reviewing and reciting my notes. Once done, I make one’s way to the kitchen.
Opening the fridge, to my surprise, I spot a packet of chicken breasts. In thought, I pull those out. I scan the fridge for anything which shall come in useful with my cooking, conjuring experiment. I take two courgettes, two red peppers, pesto, packet thyme. I raid the other cupboards, removing sweet soy sauce,dark soy sauce, a fish paste, along with various other spices. Once I gathered everything required, I grab a frying pan, pouring two tablespoons of olive oil, meanwhile prepping the vegetables . I begin dinner with cooking the boiled rice, to accompany the Thai Chicken.With that, I pour in the add onions, garlic, sriracha sauce and pepper flakes sauté until fragrant. Eventually, I add in the chicken, soy sauce and basil leaves until cooked.From then onwards, my mind’s set on sharing out my platter of food and tucking right into it. OOH I just can’t wait. At that moment, the food had been nicely displayed onto my plate, a piece of food art. With pride, I snap a photograph of my food.
I make my way to the dining table to eat when our door bell rings. Must be Mum. I assume. I peer through the looking hole, to my discovering spotting Chloe, perched outside my door. In surprise I open the door, my plate left at the side table in our corridor.
“Chloe?” I question.
“Hey Dominique. Do you mind if I crash at yours?” Chloe asks. Her eyes are puffy and wet, most likely from tears, makeup smeared, a red patch on her cheek. In one hand she clutches hold of her weekend duffel bag, the other bag consisting her sports gear. In sympathy I reply:
“Yeah, sure. Come in.”.
I share my portion of my food with her , rationing with little food and giving Chloe plenty.
“Mhmm...” She says with apperciation. “Did you make this?” She asks.
“Yes I did. In 20 minutes! How cool?” I say.
“Very! It’s delicious. If I knew you cooked food, I would come here everyday for dinner.” Chloe comments. I smile with unease.
“So how come you are here, all of a sudden?” I interrogate.
“Had an arguement with my mum. Couldn’t deal with it anymore. So I walked out.” She shrugs.
“Does she know you’re here?” I ask.
“No but she’ll probably guess. It’s fine though-“
I interupt “No it’s not-call her and let her know where you are or I’ll do so for you and ask her to pick you up.”
“ I dunno Dominique. My mum basically had an outburst at me. I couldn’t stay there any longer. So I just left...”
“And didn’t tell your Mum where you left to? Chloe, it’s traumatic for your mum. Call her now. Or at least text her.” I suggest with a sigh. The fight in Chloe seemed to have drained her entirely. Her eyes lost their spark. Their colour had turned to a murky blue. The makeup on her face didn’t make up the tiredness expressed on her face,instead dulling her face. Her ponytail, which normally is neater than my English exercise book, is now messier than a messy bun.
She taps a text, switches off her phone and lays back onto the sofa.
“Done.” She mumbled.
“So what exactly went down at your house?” I question with delicacy.
“Well...Mum clearly expressed how she feels about me having half-sister. Surprisingly, she does care, preferring if I had nothing to do with Kayla and ignored her entirely.” Chloe explains frustratedly. I nod in understatement, sealing my lips shut.
“But the thing is....even though Dad betrayed Mum and I, I still want to see her,meet her,find out how she feels about our Dad. Is that wrong despite the situation?” Chloe questions.
“Not at all, Chloe. It’s alright to be selfish sometimes.” I say.
“I know but it’s my Mum and I want to please her but first...I must please me.” Chloe sighs.
“And what pleases you Chloe?” I ask.
“Having a half-sister pleases me. Not being the only child pleases me.” Chloe replies.
“Right.” I smile.
“Hm...and let me guess. What pleases you is the amount of attention Adonis paid towards you?” Chloe randomly said.
“What? No, Chloe. What pleases me is that you’re actually seeing the positive in a negative situation.” I argue defensively.
“We were meant to give one another feedback. Sorry we hadn’t gotton round to it. You must be bursting to talk to someone.” Chloe comments.
“No it’s fine,” I assure, “ You’re more important. “.
“ So what’s your next move, my friend?” Chloe asks.
“I’m unsure. I guess this calls for what I can do best- research.” I smile.
“Can I help?” Chloe offers.
“Fine.” I roll my eyes. We dispute our finished plates into the kitchen sink before making one’s way upstairs to my laptop. We log on, simultaneously searching for topics to start a conversation with a boy with to Adonis’ characteristics .
“ If we click onto one more ADVICE site, we’ll be here till the middle of next day.” I groan in defeat, falling onto my bed.
“And we have school tomorrow.” Chloe adds, landing next to me on my bed.
At that moment, I hear the front door opening.
“Hiya!” Mum calls out. I push myself off the bed,making my way downstairs. Chloe follows.
“Hi Mum.” I greet, kissing her cheek.
“Hello Chantaya!” Chloe greets.
“Oh hello Chloe. What a surprise to see you here. You usually come during the day.” Mum points out. I check my phone for the time. 8:03.
“Right. Um, I best be off.” Chloe smiles.
“But I thought....” I trail off.
“See you tomorrow Dominique! Bye Chantaya! See ya Dominique.” Chloe farewells, collecting her bags from the door entrance, closing the door lightly behind her.
I frown” That’s weird. She said she was crashing here tonight.”.
“Oh well. She shouldn’t be here this late anyway, without giving notice in advance.” Mum shrugs.
“Oh Mum. You probably scared Chloe off. Anyway, I might have a early night. It’s been a long day.” I sigh.
“Alright honey. See you in the morning.”
“Same back. But how come you’re so late back home?” I question.
“I was...ERM stuck in traffic.” Mum answers. I nod in comprehension before proceeding upstairs.
“By the way Dominique. I love your hair.” Mum compliments.
I pause on the stairs.”Thank you.”
“Who did it for you?” Mum asks.
“Chloe.” I reply.
“Chloe?! Wow, she’s good. Did anyone at school like your hair?” Mum inquires.
“Practically everyone. It was a massive success for myself and Chloe’s hairstyling skills.” I beam.
“You have hair just like your grandmother. I must show you her hair. You’ll see the resemblance.” Mum comments. I smile, soon afterwards continuing upstairs.
author’s note
Thank you SOO much or reading. I decided to make this chapter a long one so you can make the most out of the read. Comment below if you have any suggestions on scenes I should write between Adonis and Dominique. I have a few but they’re due later on with the book. Therefore any suggestions would be great.

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