Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Yes or No?
Author’s Note
Hey guys! First of, thank you so much for following me,hearting my chapters and giving great feedback for them. As you can imagine, I thoroughly appreciate it which is why I’m trying my hardest to publish as many chapters as possible as QUICKLY as possible. I’ve been hard at work writing up, editing and publishing chapters, going to bed and praying they make it past moderation. For now, I shall no longer take any more ideas for Adonis and Dominique as I’ve now configured my plot for the two. I shall not provide any spoilers,you’ll have to wait and see. I hope you liked this chapter and hopefully by now, most of my chapters are out of moderation.
Lunch came around surprisingly quickly. That or I’m missing my best friend more than expected.
OK Dominique. You can do this. You can be yourself in front of the most good-looking student in the whole school. You can partner with everyone and anyone. You just need to have more self-belief and self-confidence, as Chloe once wisely quoted. I repeat this to myself, mentally, making my way to the library. I enter, scanning the room for Adonis.
“Over here!” Adonis calls out,being shushed by the librarian. Adonis returns the librarian’s remark with a screw face.
“Hey!” He greets, his expression softening immediately.
“Hi.” I reply shyly, taking a seat at the opposite end of the table. Subsequently, I haul out the materials required, setting them on the table.
“So I’m doing this?” Adonis asks, gesturing to his list of things to do, which I so kindly wrote it for him, with my favored pen. A bonus: in my neatest handwriting. Should make him feel special, shouldn’t it?
I nod.
“And you’re doing this.” He confirms, presenting the second copy of my list.
Work began with what felt like awkward silence. Every single talking topic Chloe and I had researched, slipped my mind entirely. I couldn’t think of what to say. Or how to say it. I figure his poised personality and popularity as well as the fact that he’s hard to impress, makes having a conversation with him that much more difficult.
“So, tell me more about where you’re from. You’re mixed race, right? So what side’s what?” Adonis inquires, drawing out the title of the project.
“My mum’s white and my Dad’s black. My mum’s mum (my grandmother) was born in France, moving to England at the age of 18, without knowing any English. She’s learned it, now better at English than myself. Subsequently, she met my grandad. This resulted to her having my Mum and my aunties and uncle. Basically, my Mum’s side of the family is French and British. Being the case, my Mum’s more influenced with the French side of the family.” I explain. Adonis nods, impressively. At least I’m saying something right.
“My Dad was born in England. However, his descent is based from the East of the Caribbean, on a small island called Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Both my grandparents were born in Saint Vincent and currently live there. I usually visit them once every two years or once a year.” I describe.
“That’s great.” Adonis admits.
“Yeah, it is. So moving on, tell me a little about yourself? Where was your old school? Did you move houses?” I interrogated. I may have treated this simple small tall as a questioning from NCIS.
“Wow! You’re nosy!” Adonis comments, jokingly.
My eyes slid to the table, in embarrassment.
“No. It’s fine.” Adonis sighs, with a reassured expression on his face.
“Are you sure?” I check.
“Yeah. So I’ve always lived close by to this school. However, due to my bad reputation locally, I went to a school, around 2hrs away on the train and bus.” Adonis explains.
“TWO hours away?” I repeat.
“Yeah. I kind of liked it. I had more freedom, I suppose. I went to greater lengths to do a lot more things and go to plenty more places.” Adonis remarks.
“My mum is unsatisfied with the fact that I still have to walk a distance to school and take a bus back home.” I comment.
“Seriously? Your mum sounds strict.” Adonis nods.
“Actually, that’s not the case. Frequently, she offers to write a note to the school, which authorizes “no homework”. She believes in a break, occasionally. But I always refuse.” I say.
“Why? You’re so lucky! My mum would never do that for me.” Adonis exclaims.
“Do you think Albert Einstein had an “occasional break” from homework to get to his intellect? Besides, I like the responsibility homework has.” I shrug.
“You like the responsibility of homework?” Adonis repeats, a screw oozing onto his face.
At that moment,three girls past our table, eyeing Adonis. Adonis exchanges glances, eying them causally, from head to toe. Smirks inch onto their hard-core faces.
I clear my throat then they finally leave.
“Looks like you have admirers.” I smile weakly.
“I’m not interested. They’re all jagoffs.” He comments, raking his hand through his hair,coolly. His hair’s just charming. He mastered the Loose and Long Combed Back Hairstyle PERFECTLY. It complemented with the lightness of his hair, its length and his face structure.
“Anyways...oh is something my hair?” He questions with a frown. I realized I was gazing at his hair.
“ERM,no.” I blink, facing down to the work. I continue as he talks.
“Where were we? Oh, could you ask your Mum to write a note for me, avoiding me from homework?” Adonis asks. I shake my head.
“Awww! You’re so mean.” Adonis whines. I laugh, later commenting:
“I’ll see, I’ll see.”.
“So, do you want to come round my house, today, after school? If you want, we can spend like...two hours on the project.” Adonis suggests.
“Um...about that. I can’t exactly come straight after school. I am due to visit A Day Latte with Chloe.” I sigh.
“How long will you be?” He questions.
“To be honest, I am unconfident on how long we’ll be, depending on how long the party runs for.” I answer.
“A party? In A Day latte? Is it?” Adonis questions, intrigue animating his face. In a way, it appeared somehow funny.
“A friend of mine who works there is leaving his farewells with us today at the restaurant. Kind of like a farewell party.” I respond.
“Do you want to come tomorrow instead?” Adonis offers-he’s being so generous with this whole round-my-house project. There’s no way I’d openly invite a stranger to my house multiple times.
“Well..I think we need to at least begin work today so we’re on track with the time, lessons and tasks at hand. Hm...could I come at 5?”
He nods “Yeah,ok.”.
Adonis checks his phone for the time.
“Sugar. Honey.Ice.Tea! We have five minutes to eat Lunch. I don’t have a half day, today! Only a three quarter day.” Adonis mentioned.
“What is it with you not having full school days?” I question, jokingly.
“I like not being in school for a whole day.” He responds,coolly.
“Anyways, I’ll see you at 5. My address…”He trailed off, scribbling it onto a scrap piece of paper.
“Here it is. ” Adonis mutters, shoving the piece of paper into my hand, grabbing all of his contents from the table and dashing off.
Supposedly, I can confirm that it’s settled. I’m coming over Adonis’ house.
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