Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Just Breath,Dominique
Author’s Note
Hey! I’ve decided to place the quick note at the beginning of the chapter. Firstly, I am terribly sorry for the extremely long wait for Chapters 18,19 and so fourth. Whenever I’m writing up a chapter on Storybird, I always attempt to find faster ways to publish stories, even if that means making the chapters shorter and sweeter. Apart from the long wait, I hope you enjoy this chapter and look forward to more chapters...
Readying myself to leave for school, I receive a text from Chloe, checking if I am able to detour at her house .
I tapped at her front door, awaiting the reverberation of footsteps banging down the stairs,and calls of “Someone’s at the door”. To my surprise, Chloe swung open the door, all set with her sports gear held in the grasp of her hand and her school bag, over her shoulder.
“Right Mum, I’m going to school with Dominique - see you later!” Chloe calls out, locking the door shut.
“Hi.” I greet.
“Hey.” Chloe returns.
“So....what’s the occasion?” I question.
“What do you mean?”
“Like, how come you texted me, asking if I could come over to yours?” I ask
“Can I not ask to walk with my best friend to school? I just…fancied the change.” Chloe shrugs, heading back down her road.
“Seriously? You want me to believe that?” I inquire, turning my head towards Chloe.
“Ok sigh. I wanted to talk to you as well.” Chloe admits.
“Go ahead.” I offer.
“I spoke to my Dad, once more, about Kayla. This time he revealed the entire story. First things first, Kayla’s not his daughter but Cheyenne’s. When I heard this, I was relieved that Dad didn’t betray Mum and I. I think Mum was to…anyway, Kayla looks identical to her Mum and in a way… reminds me a little of you.” Chloe smiles.
“You’ve met her?” I question.
“Not quite. But I have seen her.” Chloe replies. She takes out her phone from her coat pocket, unlocking the key and eagerly scrolling through photographs until she comes across the one. Once she has, she leans the phone to my sight. I narrow my eyes at the picture.
The girl looks around 12/13,with bushy, less of an afro and more voluminous hair to goes up to her waist, GREEN eyes(her eyes are prepossessing), light brown skin, tall, solid and smiling in the photo ,dressed in a tank top and jean shorts along with white trainers. “She similar to you with the hair, skin color, eyes-“
“Her hair is longer and has more volume than my own, and my hair colour isn’t equivalent to hers.” I cut Chloe off.
“Obviously! Your hair colour is one of a kind. However, your eye colour is spot on to hers and she’s mixed race like you. But her Dad’s white apparently, so I’m not sure...”.
“It doesn’t matter. So you saw this photo only yesterday?” I ask.
“Yep. Cheyenne received a photograph from my soon-to-be -grandmother -in -law.” Chloe answers.
“So this was kept a secret from everyone for how long?” I inquire.
“I think a couple of months for Dad. It wasn’t exactly a secret as they live up North, away from everyone.” Chloe explicates.
“Who’s they?” I question.
“At first, her grandmother, and now her foster parents. Social Services transferred her to the family probably around 2 months ago. If Kayla was still living with her grandmother, Cheyenne would’ve probably told us about her daughter before.”
“The big question really is: When are you meeting her?” I push. Now, we’re near school, being only three minutes away.
“The date hasn’t yet been confirmed. Even so, Dad has suggested inviting Kayla to the wedding. Although, Cheyenne isn’t exactly enthusiastic…” Chloe trails off.
“I’ll tell you later-we’re at school now.”
For the most part of the morning, lessons were running smoothly.
French was the last lesson before first break, in the company of Chloe. With the lesson at an end, students pack away and Adonis approaches my table in urgency, asking if I could meet him in the library, first thing for Lunch, to begin the work for our Science Project.
“OK, so I’ll see you in the Library?” He checks.
“Yes, in the library.” I confirm.
Adonis leaves Chloe and me,alone, in the classroom.
“Wait a minute. You and Adonis were assigned to do a project together?” Chloe asked in surprise. I nod.
“Erm, when?” She frowns.
“The day you weren’t at school. I was going to tell you but there was stuff going on at home…” I trailed off.
“Like what, Dominique?” Chloe questions, anger seeping into her voice.
“I really can’t say, Chloe. It’s-“
“It’s what, Dominique?” Chloe cuts me off.
“I’ve told you everything about my situation, trusted you, and you’ve been a good friend and supported me yet you can’t trust me?” Chloe asserted.
“It had nothing to do with trust, Chloe. I just didn’t have the time.” I declare.
“So you can’t find time for me anymore, yet you can do a project with Adonis without telling me? Ok, I’ve gotta go to my next class. See you around.” Chloe snaps, grabbing her school bag, abandoning me in the classroom, alone, with a clueless countenance.
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