Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Wasted Chance
Author’s Note
Hey! I decided to put the author’s note first as this chapter is a pretty long one. It had to be in order for me to pack in every little detail. Hopefully, shortly after this chapter shall be another chapter. For now, enjoy and KEEP READING
The school day quickly comes to an end. I call for Chloe ,without a response.
“Chloe?” I repeat. Disregarding my remark, she carries on walking.Failing to catch her attention, I assert “Chloe, I mistakenly forgot to tell you. That’s all this really-”
“You know what? I’m not here to hear your plea-I’m here for Andy’s farewell and nothing more .” Chloe cuts me off, exiting the school car park.
I advance after her. From then on, a strained silence was carried, until we reached the discarded bus stop.
“Is your mum picking us up from A Day Latte?”
“As far as I’m aware, she’s not picking ME up.” Chloe grumbles.
“Ok...” I trail off in annoyance.
“I’m trying to understand what the issue is. Although, have you perhaps considered this “issue” may not be a big ordeal?” I comment aloud.
“Not a big deal? YOU kept something potentially important to you from me. Your right. It’s not exactly a big thing to hide,is it? In comparison to my situation? ” Chloe snaps. I huffed, looking elsewhere. I sense where the complication now lies. She believes I purposely set out to keep what would be an idiotic secret, about Adonis being my partner. The thought of her disputing over a situation particularly pathetic, angers me:
“Chloe, I do not recall saying having Adonis as a Science partner is not a big thing to hide. I said it is not a big ORDEAL.” I corrected.
Since then, nothing more was said.
Eventually, the bus arrived at our stop.
In five minutes, we’re off the bus, Chloe making her own way down the path,without attempting to catch up with her. I arrive at A Day Latte to the reverberation of trap chill music. I notice the exceedingly long queue of customers ,decorated with party hats on their heads, waiting to be served. Overall, a good turn-out. I check out the room for the guest of honor,spotting him at the far side of his own party. I know, I’m just as confused as the next person.
“Hey.” I greet, proceeding towards him.
“Aw Dominique, you’re here.” Andy smiles, his face lighting up.
“Well obviously I’d turn up. I wouldn’t miss seeing you cry for the second time because of me!” I joke.
“Haha, how funny. Anyways, wait here for a moment.” Andy disappears into the crowd of potential customers.
Minutes of awkward partying go by and Andy finally returns with a irresistibly gorgeous chocolate-box, accessorized with painted exquisite flowers and a sweet bow.
“Come with me.” Andy declares, taking hold of my hand and leading me away from the crowd.
“What’s up, Andy? I’m supposed to be surprising you.” I exclaim.
“You’ll love this.” He smiled, handing me the box, swiping out his phone from his back pocket.
“What? You’re recording my reaction. NO way!” I laugh, attempting to grasp hold of his phone but failing.
“So...aren’t you going to open it already?” Andy asks, impatiently.
I untie the bow on top of the box and lift the lid. To my discovery, a brick of seductive Red Velvet Cake had been beautifully iced with “Goodbye Dominique. Will miss you. A x”
“Aww Andy! You didn’t have to.” I awe.
“But I wanted to.” He said, gazing at me right in the eye. Awkward.
“I’m guessing you’re confused as to why I have made the effort to make this for you. you remember last week?”
“What happened last week? I have a short term memory, unfortunately.” I ask.
“When we last saw each other. I told you I was leaving and you couldn’t help being cuddly.” Andy teased. I playfully pushed him.
“And as you left...I said I love you.” he rejoined.
“Oh.” I blink in utter astonishment.
“Dominique...I meant what I said. I love you. From the day we first met at those 11+ examinations. Before we entered the intense atmosphere,you’re the reason why I past my 11+. You didn’t even know me and you were so kind and calmed me down. Nothing’s changed. You’re calm,cool, intelligent, funny, always kind, pretty. My Fantasy girl which isn’t so fantasy.” He admits, boldly.
“Wow... I don’t know what to say.” I mutter, starstruck.
“ this a good sign?” He asked.
“I don’t-I don’t know Andy. You’re moving to the other side of Bridgend and today’s your last day and...”
“And what? Don’t you feel the same way?” Andy declares. I this point,speechless.
“Andy, I appreciate all your compliments. All of which I disagree with but still....thank you.” I acknowledge, touching his hand. He hangs his head.
“Andy, there’s no point in carrying out this relationship. Today’s your last day, you won’t be here anymore and...I don’t think I’m able to-“ I trail off,skimming my focus elsewhere.
“You don’t have to say anything to me. I understand.” Andy sighs.
He gets up. “Wait Andy.” I demand.
Without waiting, he storms out of the room. I head back into the party, full of regret from spoiling Andy’s farewell party.
An hour passes by. Andy hasn’t glided into sight since.
“Hey!” Andy’s colleague,Ava, greets, standing besides me at the side.
“Hi.” I reply.
“It’s sad that Andy’s leaving, isn’t it?” I nod.
“He’s been working here for what feels like forever. I’m going to miss his jokes and bounds of laughter and his smile.” Ava describes with a beam.
“Yeah.” I agree,glumly. As Ava recounts Andy’s time at A Day latte, I begin to encounter flashbacks of my time spent with him. Those days had been the most highlighted, stimulating days of my life so far.
“I think out of everyone, he’s going to miss YOU the most.” Ava comments.
“Really?” I question.
“Yeah. Speaking of Andy where is he? I’d think he’d be the centre of attention at his own farewell party.” Ava comments.
“I don’t know. Sorry.” I say, She gives me a smile before I slip away.
At that moment, I find Andy in the centre of the room with a microphone.
“Ok guys, listen up. Thanks so much for attending such a special occasion. My farewells for today have been...” He glanced in my direction “...The hardest ever. I love you all so much. The customers and staff and all my friends I’m leaving behind. Please don’t feel as though you cannot visit anytime or this is a goodbye forever.I’ll come and visit. Those who know me will know that I simply can’t stay away forever. I’ll come back to haunt you.” There was a bunch of scattered laughs across the room. “Once again, thanks for coming and...farewells!” There was a round of applause before the music kicked in again. I check my phone for the time. 16:30. As much as I want to stay, I have to leave. Frantically, I search the room for Andy, asking colleagues, entering strictly no customer permitted places. I seem to massively fail at the discovery game “Finding Andy”.
In desperation, I head outside, scanning the entire area outside the shop. No sign of him. Abruptly, one place pops into my head. Backyard of the restaurant. I make my way in a hurry. Luckily,Andy was there, perched on a rundown step outside the kitchen’s back door.
“Andy!” I cry out with relief. I take a seat next to him, examining the grassy patched concrete,nervously.
“Andy, I have to go. I have a project-”
“With Adonis?” Andy cuts me off.
“How do you know about Adonis?” I question in surprise and curiosity.
“Chloe told me.” He replied. I sighed.
“No surprise she would.” I burst out.
“I asked her if you were seeing someone and she said there was a guy called Adonis.”
“Andy...this is really not what you presume. I’m not seeing Adonis in any other way...” I explain.
“But he’s the one?” Andy insists. I say nothing.
“Besides Chloe, this is the hardest goodbye I could possibly give.”
“Really? My hardest goodbye goes to you too, Dominique.” Andy says sarcastically.
“Andy, I care about you. My intentions were never to hurt you. I’m not planning to cause any harm...” I trail off, reaching out to him. He shifts away.
“Seriously? You care? Well I LOVE YOU! I love you. I don’t just care about you. I love you! And you didn’t even have the decency to tell me why you couldn’t love me back!” He raged. I remain quiet.
“Honestly, how could you miss my feelings for you? It’s SO obvious. For example, the way I LOOK AT YOU. Like now!” He outcries, gazing into my eyes. He shakes it off.
“I didn’t know what to say or what to do. This is all new to me.” I object.
“You’re never puzzled, Dominique. I know you . It’s because..of him.” Andy sneers utter disgust. It’s the first time I have experienced Andy sneer.Nonetheless,at me.
“What has Adonis got to do with you and me?” I declare, gradually approaching Andy.
“Why do you think I don’t have a girlfriend? Or a crush on others or look at girls in a different way? Because I see you!” Andy argues.
“Well I haven’t done that either. I’ve done nothing wrong!” I raise my voice. Andy stops.
“Why are you mad at me?” I demand.
“I’m not mad at you Dominique. I can never be. It angers me so much. After everything that’s happened, I still love you.” Andy sighs, calming down.
“You’re right. You’ve done nothing wrong...I have a farewell party to return to so... Goodbye Dominique!” Andy asserts, turning round , beginning to walk.
“I love you!” I call out,surprisingly.
Andy paused in his tracks, “What did you say?”
“I said I love you.” I repeat, coming to terms with what I said. I love Andy.
He turns around, at ease. The following comes a surprise to myself even;Andy admirably strides in my direction until we’re particularly intimately close. Cupping my cheekbones in the palms of his hands, he lures me into a meaningful kiss.. When I kiss him. It feels wrongly wrong right. Emotions flowed into the kiss. My heart was having a battle with my mind. My heart’s confused by the answer yes yet my mind’s determined on the answer no. I emerge from the kiss, surveying my best friend’s face.
“That took you such a long time.” Andy comments. I pull away from him as he laughs.
“I have to go. I’ll text you, call you,video message you and keep in touch with you as much as possible. I mean when I say I will miss you..” I say,shortly before immersing him into a warm hug.
“Urgs! Why did this have to end? This is perfect.” Andy thinks aloud.
“Bye Andy Candy!” I farewell.
“See ya later Dominique!” He signs off ,kissing my cheek before I begin walking out of the backyard and he enters the kitchen.
I head home in a dart. Unfortunately, the scene with Andy hadn’t left me long to prepare and make my way to his house.
“Hi!” Mum calls from the kitchen. I forgot to inform Mum of my- soon -due study session with Adonis.
“Mum, I am EXTREMELY behind schedule.” I exasperate , leaping up the stairs.
“I’ll need a lift too,Mum” I call from my sizable wardrobe. My idea for my appearance was surprising Adonis by being exceptionally casual and laid back. Nonetheless,my time to change is limited. Contemplating through my selection of high-class, fashionable jumpers,I consider asking my mum for her point of judgement. If only I had Chloe as company. I mentally remind myself to fix things with Chloe tomorrow. I need her. In a sense, she’s my other half and my motivated side.
At this moment,I’m half ready; dressed in a white linen tunic, layered over with a cream woolen jumper and rightly-fitted jeans(not ready for ripped jeans yet). I still haven’t decided my hairstyle yet. In desperation for inspiration, I power on my tablet, google hairstyles for a study session with a cute boy. I scroll through a solid variety of photographs until my eyes come across one. I begin to grin. I have an idea.
A tutorial and two later, I’m complete ,dress-wise set to go. My hair is dressed as a tightly combed back ponytail, trying to minimize the amount of gel I smoother over my front fringe and etc. At around the end of my hair(where my hair colour changes to a camel brown) I curled it in order to highlight the difference in colour. Thanks for the tip,tutorial!
“Mum!” I call, moving into he kitchen.
“Mum, could I perhaps have a lift to this guy’s house please?” I ask kindly.
“A guy? Who?” Mum questions,as per usual.
“My Science partner. I’ll explain everything on the way. I’m due at his house for 5 but as you can see it’s 4:55 and I’m unsure of where he lives.” I rapidly brief to Mum, grabbing hold of her car keys from the drawer and advancing to the car,parked outside our house.
“Ugh Dominique! I’m busy cooking dinner!” Mum protests, clutching hold of her coat, taking hold of her casual”driving to friend’s house” heels as she heads to the car.
Entering the car, I hand Mum her keys and she starts the car.
“Next time, manage your time,yeah? You spent far too much time at that farewell party.” Mum tells me off as we drive down the road....
To be continued...

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