Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
It can only get better...right?
“Mum, turn right? Wait no. Not that right. The second right!” I direct.
“Dominique, just hand me the phone. Your rubbish at giving directions.” Mum complains, opening the palm of her hand whilst driving.
“Focus on the road. Don’t worry. OK. Keep going straight.”. I instruct. We’re round about twenty minutes late. During our journey, I explain everything I forgot to notify her in the first place,in between providing the driving instructions to his house, via my phone navigator.
At last, we locate his road ,unsure of his house number because his writing on the scrap paper is ineligible.
Being the case, I had to knock on every single house number on the street which, if you can imagine is embarrassing for an introvert person such as myself. When I make the executive decision that he wrote number 15, I force Mum to drive me to his door.
“What’s the name of this boy, again?” Mum asked ,continuing down the road.
“Adonis.” I reply instantly.
“Awww....Is he...Greek?” Mum asks.
“Yes. How did you know that?” I say in bemusement.
“Because I know everything; my best friend from university was Greek so...I could tell who was Greek,judging by their names.” Mum clarifies,manoeuvring into a space of their neighbour.
“This is not a proper parking space-aren’t you coming in?” I ask.
“Dominique, I am already behind my own personal schedule by dropping you off, if you haven’t noticed. Now hurry up and go before the neighbour complains.” Mum orders.
“Actually....better not, Mum” I agree. She nods understandably. I unlatched the car door, collecting my bag before closing the door.
“Have a good time!” Mum calls, through the winded- down window.
“We’re not having a good time- we’re researching for an upcoming Science project.” I protest.
Mum rolls her eyes “ Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and relax,ok?.” I smile at her remark before making my way to his door. With that, Mum tears down the dead end. I breathe deeply. Dominique, you can do this. Make sure I ask about his background,heritage and social life. Equally, attempt to avoid the uncomfortable past., I inform myself,mindfully.
I knock on the door. Hearing the pounding of footsteps , Adonis opens the door. At that moment, he wears a sports original tracksuit in navy blue,accompanied with striped navy blue and white sliders. To finish off his athletic style, his hair is tousled back into a...sort of loose tousled, brushed back style.
“Hello.” Adonis greets.
“Hi. I’m sorry I kept you waiting. I did not exactly know the mum got mixed up with the turnings.” I apologise.
“Yeah it’s OK. you’re here now. Follow me inside.” He says , allowing me in.
I untie my white Nike Air Force trainers. “Where do I put my trainers?”
“At the side.” He replies.
I follow him to presumably the living room, instead coming to face with his Mum and a pretty young girl, who looks around 14.
The mum, the young girl and Adonis held a conversation in,presumably Greek. After Adonis pronounce a rather long sentence in a foreign language, he turns to me:
“Dominique, meet my mother and little sister whose 13.” Adonis introduces.
“Hi!” I say, mentally embarrassed.
“Hey.” His sister greets back coolly. She’s exactly like her brother; Greek accent, cool,collected, just the prettier version . She has bushy,wavy reddish-brown hair up to her waist, almost like green pistachio eyes,dimples and very tanned skin, average height, well developed, solid limbs and body. She’s exceedingly pretty.
“Hi er..Dominique? Welcome to the er household.” His mum greets. His mum is even prettier than his sister. Her hair is not as voluminous or generally as flattering as her daughter’s but it’s the same colour. Her eyes are also pistachio green, her wavy hair goes below her shoulders, briefly curling at the ends. She’s also tanned and has a curvy, feminine body. Absolutely stunning.
“Right better er begin. ” Mum suggests,before communicating to Adonis in another language.
He responds.
“Come with me.” Adonis leads me into his Greek-styled living room. To summarise their living room, it was particularly spacey;elaborate flooring,elegant furniture, light,bright walls-predominately an interior paradise.
“OK so do you want to take this up to my room?” He questions. Woah, woah slow down? Your room? Already? I was aware Adonis saw my expression of panic and shock. He begins to smile.
“Just because everyone’s down here and it’s SO much more quieter up there. Besides, most of the work I’ve done is in my room so...?”
“Can’t we just study here?” I question,seating myself at the clear coffee table, provided.
“If you want, we can.” he shrugs.
“Yes please, if you don’t mind.” I settle.I unfolded, becoming de-stressed and at ease.
“Sure. If that’s what you want.” He agrees. We plot all our work at the table.
“OK so can we settle on whether we’re displaying our project as a written project, presentation or a model?” I ask.
“ I really want to do a model as we’ll most likely receive higher marks. But then a presentation is easier.” He says.
“What about a written project...?” I question.
“Too much work.” Adonis excuses.
“Not necessarily ,we can write up a poster which can contribute to the model we plan to make.” I suggest.
“Hey good idea.” Adonis compliments. I smile. We run through how we’re going to present the project,drawing the overview of it, prepping content and etc,etc. An hour or so passes by and all we have accomplished is planning.
“ now it’s your turn.” I hear myself say.
“What is?” He asks.
“Tell me where you’re from.” I declare.
“Well...” He begins “ My mum’s side of the family are fully Greeks. My dad is mixed race,if you didn’t realise. My grandmother from his side is black and his dad is white. My black side is Jamaican and then obviously Greek.” He briefs me.
“Wow! You’re very culturally mixed.” I laugh.
“Yeah.” He says.
“To be honest, whenever I hang out with my Mum’s family, I look like a full Greek myself because of my hair and skin colour.I’m very tanned,almost like an olive colour and my mum’s whole family has skin exactly like that. However, when I’m with my Dad, my mannerism and charisma is so similar to him.Also, I take his eyes as well.” Adonis comments.
I begin to draw the title for the poster that shall accompany our model.
“Aw really? That’s nice.” I state.
“It must have been weird how my mum and sister were speaking a language you do not understand.” Adonis rejoins, drawing a template for our draft model.
“Actually it wasn’t. My whole family from my mum’s side speak French. Some are Congolese so they speak broken French. My dad is the only family member from his family that actually understands what my mum’s side of the family say.” I reply.
“Do you speak fluent French?” Adonis asks.
“Of course. Do you?”
“Oui.” He replies.
“How many languages can you speak in, fluently?”I ask in fascination.
“Four. English,Greek,French and Latin.” He replies. Impressive.
“Being partially Caribbean, what food do you eat?” He asks. From there we have an interesting conversation about foods from Jamaica and Saint Vincent, what we prefer, how our parents make it and so fourth.
I laugh “ Your mum cook salt-fish fritters?”
“Yeah. She almost burnt them but then my dad came to the rescue and helped her. It that he was teaching her. A know cringey but...that’s how married parents are, sometimes.” Adonis admits. I like how Adonis says what you want to hear.
“For some unusual reason, my mum is exceptionally masterly, when it comes to conjuring up Caribbean food. She’s practically as skillful at Caribbean food as my Dad.” I rejoined.
“Really?I’m surprised after what happened with my Mum and cultural foods.” Adonis admits.
“Well...the French ARE the best cooks.” I comment,biased.
“Init. Have you tried Baked Camberet?” He checks. From then on, we were chattering away about nothing but French dishes we tried, how we’ve tried them and so fourth.
Adonis and I are having a blast. I cannot believe how easy it is to be so laid back with him yet focused on the work.
“So, what’s your sister’s name?” I ask.
“Cyrena.” He replied. I widen my eyes.
“ I know it’s a horrible name.” He says.
“No it’s gorgeous. She’s really pretty.” I sigh, rewriting information onto the poster.
“I know she is.” He agrees.
“She’ll get a boyfriend, easily.”. I mention
“That’s the thing. Imma make sure that all boys that I don’t like steer clear of her or else they’ll get beats from Adonis especially.” Adonis threatens, posing a peace sign. Ahh!
“And for the boys that you don’t mind..?” I ask
“As long as it’s not a jagoff, I don’t mind.” He says.
“Do you have any brothers or sisters?” He questions.
“I wish I did. But at the moment, I’m the only child.” I reply.
“Sucks sometimes,doesn’t it?” Adonis agrees. I nod, planting my concentration back onto the project.
“Adonis!” Adonis’ Mum calls out a remark in Greek.
“Would you like something to eat?” Adonis replied in a strong Greek accent,for some reason.
“Um..yes please,if you don’t mind.”
I sat at the dinner table with Adonis and his family, consuming a traditional Greek dish titled “Fasolada” which is basically a “bean soup”, with a side of a dish which I cannot simply pronounce. To sum up the entire meal, it was absolutely outstanding. I wouldn’t say it beats my grandmother’s French food’s a very close call.
I sat beside Cyrena, Adonis being across from me and his Mum,also sitting besides me on the other side.
“Mmmm. This is lovely.” I compliment, before spooning some more Fasolada.
“Really? Thank you,my dear.” Adonis mum thanks.
“So,how do you find Bridgend? Good? Satisfactory? Otherwise?” Adonis’ mum questions.
“Um...Bridgend it’s an exceptionally high-levelled school,I believe. As long as you study hard and concentrate when necessary, you are guaranteed a fine university.” I respond with a smile,before continuing to eat.
“Wow! You see Adonis, how dedicated this young lady is. Rather than spending late nights out with friends, or playing on the console all day ,she studies. You should as well rather than partying way after-“
“Um,thanks for the talk Mum. Where’s Dad?” Adonis interrupts his Mum.
“He’ll be back from work soon.” Adonis’ Mum replies.
Quickly, the three of us devoured dinner.I helped wash the plates up with Cyrena. Once dinner is done and dusted,the door keyed open and in comes Adonis’ Dad. I begin to pack away tonight’s work. I check the time. 9:30.
This is the first time I properly come to face with Adonis’s dad. His dad’s mixed race(dark like an ordinary digestive biscuit) with jungle-blue eyes, Afro-like hair(more Afro than my own),smooth face,perfect nose,perfect lips,perfect eyes. Everything about this family looks perfect. His Dad is the most handsome out of the entire family. Even though Adonis holds the title for the most attractive guy in sixth form, at home he is predominately the ugliest. When I fix my eyes upon his dad, I was simply dying.
“Hiya there.” he greets, noticing I’m primarily standing in the middle of the hallway.
“Hi.” I chorus back.
At that moment, Adonis strides into the hallway, spotting his dad instantly.
“Seriously,son? Is that the only hello I get from you? Come on, I brought you into the world. Allow a hug.” Adonis’ Dad complains. He happens to have a street-like tone in his voice and mannerism,which reminds me of my own Dad.. He kicks of his Nike Air Max trainers and approaches Adonis in a worn-out fashion.
“Um...Adonis, I’m just going to pack away our project.” I inform before slipping away. Awkward.
Loading our project supplies into my large saddle bag, I overhear the murmurs and low voices of Adonis’s mum and dad. I understand this does not involve me but his mum didn’t sound especially pleased with his dad. It’s causes me to recall my mum and dad’s low voiced argument when I was 5,peering out from the crack in the kitchen door. Anyways, I head out into the hallway.
“Adonis, I better make a move. I don’t want to be late to school tomorrow.” I interrupt, swinging my bag over my shoulder.
“Yeah ok. Are you walking home or is your Mum picking you up?” Adonis asks.
“Um...I’ll text her for a lift back.” I respond, whipping my phone out and swiping a text for Mum.
“She says she’s already on her way.” I say aloud.
“Ok.” Adonis replies.
“To confirm, should we continue this tomorrow lunch in the library?” I put forward.
“Would you want to come over here again tomorrow?” Adonis asks with curiosity.
“I’ll see if I’m available from my Dad or any clubs first.” I smartly reply.
“Ok but if you are coming, could you come much earlier? I’m not complaining but it was kind of late which gives us less time to get this done.” Adonis proposes.
“Right. Straight after school,if you can...?”I propound.
“Depends because normally Ajax,Enzo and Beckett hang around in town to meet up with friends and ‘dat so...” Adonis shrugs. Now he is transforming back to his mannerism in school. Carefree and foolish.
“Ok. Well we’ll see. I mean I am unsure whether I’ll be able to come here tomorrow either so...we’ll see tomorrow.” I reason, shy creeping up on me.
At that instant, a knock bangs on the door.
Adonis goes to open it. “Dominique! It’s your mum.”Accompanying me,came Adonis’ Dad to the front door.
“Hiya!” Mum greets.
“Hey. Thank you for coming round and you’re invited here anytime-work-related or otherwise.” Adonis’ Dad kindly acknowledges ,with a smile. I smile back.
“Thanks for having me. I had a good time. Bye Adonis!” I farewell as I leave with Mum.
“Bye!” Adonis calls back, before closing the front door.
“Dominique...” Mum begins.
“Yeah?” I answer.
“The dad’s SO good-looking!” Mum exclaims, once we’re in the car.
I smile.

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