Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Why can’t we stay the same?
Author’s Note
Hey everyone! Thanks ever so much for getting this far in the story as I know it can be hard to stick with a book up until this stage. I apologize if you pined for another chapter sooner. Recently, I suffered from an “unfriendly” case of writer’s block as well as genuinely lacking in imagination. Nonetheless here’s the chapter,another thank you in advance and let’s jump right in! Xx
Over the next couple of days, Adonis and I are set to complete our Science project which,as a matter of fact is due in two working days. As we “venture” through a “work-in-progress”, I gather our companionship is blooming into what may be the first step to a whole...pristine friendship..
It amazes me, the first instance Adonis and I met,how different affairs were. I expected nothing but how much he would DEPLORE my character, thinking nothing but the worst;I had in mind, snobby,-stuck-up and cocky.Who knew , I , the girl who never associates herself with any altitude of distraction, manages to form a relationship with the most well-liked sixth-former in the school? I guess that’s my life for you. Never predictable.
Whereas my friendship with Chloe,is nothing but predictable. It’s only impartial to state this is the worst dispute between Chloe and I have had so far. Why do I CLASSIFY my difference of opinion with Chloe so highly? Hm....Because of all this idiocy is about a boy? A damned’ boy who simply cannot save his life to get himself out of trouble! Honestly, it’s a catastrophe! Although nothing less is expected from Dominique,truly.
I spot Chloe outside,participating in her A-Levels PE practical. Chloe is ultimately Bridgend’s sports queen, the finest sport woman our school have ever had. Granted that her jock-like wit may not transfer into her more serious academic subjects, I’m fairly certain her accomplishments in her PE subject can cover her over the entire curricular program. I wait for her for a good half an hour before she finishes up. As soon as she’s laid eyes on me, she sets out in a rush to the changing rooms.
“Hey Chloe!” I call from the other end of the court. She hastens to a jog. I break into a run towards her. She quickens when I finally catch up to her.
“Chloe...I just have something I would like to say to you.” I propose.
“Save it,” Chloe snaps “My lesson’s not over yet.”
“So when will it finish?” I ask.
“Look Dominique, I can’t talk right now. Come back later.” Chloe retorts, marching past me into the changing rooms.
“I’ll wait!” I call out,approaching a bench outside the changing rooms and sitting myself down. I check my watch for the time before busying myself with homework & revision- I haven’t procured time to revise since my Science project. Chloe takes some while and at some point throughout my productivity,I believe she’s escaped. With that,I pack away and head to the door. As soon as I go to open it,Chloe opens the door,exiting.
“Can you talk now?” I question as I launch into a walk. She says nothing.
“I have something I want to say to you.”
“Go on then. I’m counting two minutes.” Chloe informs.
“I miss you and I hate how we have to argue over this. I’m so sorry I hadn’t notified you about Adonis sooner. I never purposely set out to exclude you from my plans or anything like that. I simply forgot,probably from all the nerves I was feeling. For the record, yesterday went better than excepted. I really wanted to talk to you about it but then I realised that so much has happened and it’s not anything easy to call and talk. I’m just really sorry and I won’t do it again. I promise to-”
“Dominique....,” Chloe breathes out “That’s not what this is. I’m scared. Not of Adonis...well yes because of Adonis by not in the intimidating format. I scared that he’ll get in the way between me and you. I mean he already has. You’re already spending time with him and slowly but surely you’ll spend more time with him and start to enjoy his company. This’ll turn out mild at first but after time, you’ll grow to like his company and without realizing,enjoy his company more than you enjoy my own. You’ll feel like you won’t need anyone else,once you get into the just of having someone else,other than me, who cares about you. And I’m afraid that I won’t even notice. All this family drama has started to distract me from everything. I know it doesn’t appear that way but that’s because I’m good at hiding it. With my family circumstances,sooner or later, we’ll start to drift away. You’ll fall in love with this guy, I’ll be head-deep in my family troubles and we’ll soon forget the thread that’s tying us together. We’ll forget our bond. Go our separate ways without even realizing that you’re not in my life anymore and vice versa. I know this sounds so stupid but I’m scared to fall in love. I’m scared to meet someone because I’m afraid of losing you. And besides losing family, that’d be the worst thing ever.” Tears begin to swell in Chloe’s eyes. She begins to walk to calm herself down. I continue on with her too.
“That’s why I’ve been so overprotective of things you do with Adonis even though it’s just some dumb project. If you do not let me know what’s happening, I feel excluded. I feel like we’re starting to drift because you’re choosing him over me. I feel...lonely deep inside and scared.” Chloe admits.
Before Chloe’s household issues, the Chloe I recall wouldn’t make Adonis an excuse for the unidentified incentive of this fallout. Her line of thought previously was...prudent. I’m not sure whether she has remained like so.
“Chloe, I cannot grasp your childishness towards.... whatever this is. All this... dissension is caused by of your infantilism. Your intention to “settle” your blunder onto me, all with the excuse that I AM unable to confide in you. Well,let me tell you this....I don’t know Adonis the way I know you. Someone with my intellect cannot BE ignorant enough to slip-up to the point of shattering such a dynamic friendship. Even if I was so ignorant to make such a mistake, why should that be an issue? Our friendship should be fervent enough to EFFORTLESSLY pass something like that. You know me. Why are you granting this boy permission to intercept our friendship? Why are you doing this? YOU KNOW ME. You’re in a hard place,I understand. You’re wary as to who you can trust....but you out of ANYONE, know my affection towards you can make up for a whole friendship between the two of us. You out of ANYONE.” I outcry. Chloe’s face softens,in an action of guilt and certainly realization.
“Look at me.” I declare,more aggressively than I had intended. She sweeps her eyes to mine.
“ It’s inconceivable... how you’d conceptualize such an idea. You know me better than anyone than to say that I’m going to leave the best-est friend I have had for 7 WHOLE YEARS for someone I don’t know.” I clarify,a small smile slipping onto my face.
“I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions. This family drama is doing a lot more than I thought.” Chloe apologizes. I sigh with a smile. WE’RE BACK. At long last.
I recount the kiss with Andy with Chloe, along with all the indignity provided with it. I also explained my time with Adonis.
“Dominique,trust me on this. You shouldn’t feel guilty right now. It’s not as though you’ve gone and cheated on somebody. Look... Andy’s gone. And I’m pretty sure he won’t be back anytime soon,right?”
“True....” I trail off in agreement.
“I tell you what: you can come over to my house today after school and we can try to configure a solution out of your boy troubles. Is that settled?” Chloe pro-offers.
“Count me in.Even supposing, I am scheduled to rehearse with the school’s competitive music group tonight for an hour and a half,followed by an further assignment set with Adonis. All the same, I am in the position to cancel him, if you are keen on hanging out-“
“No,no no. That isn’t necessary. The next time?” Chloe shrugs.
I sigh and nod. The school bell outside strikes, specifying our next lesson which is History.
Taken by surprise, Mr Richards arrives to lesson on time.As per usual, Adonis sits besides Enzo,misbehaving, at the back of the class. I approach his table.
“Adonis...” I trail off. I don’t even think he heard me the first time.
“Adonis!” I call again. He looks up at me,distractedly.
“Um...I’m actually busy after school with the musical concert rehearsal.”I inform him,folding my arms.
“Really? Oh. When can you...?” I was assuming he preferred to avoid being blunt that I’m regularly visit his house,in front of Enzo. I understand as Enzo’s EXTREMELY judgmental and can be very intrusive and mindful.
“Um as soon as I can. I don’t know when...”
“What are you two gassing about please?” Enzo interrupts rudely.
“Shut up!I’m trying to sort something out here.” Adonis snaps,turning to Enzo with a screw.
“Make me.” Enzo smirks. Adonis just rolls his eyes. Even with Adonis being the most good-looking boy in school, nothing seems to overpower Enzo.
“Blabbers get stabber-ed.” Adonis says,before facing back to me. intriguing?
“Come whenever you want. I’m not even gonna be there coz I’d be hitting up streets with ‘dis one.” Adonis comments.
“I swear Ajax is coming too.” Enzo chirps in.
“No,he has his bae-ting ,remember?” He reminds Enzo. He nods,recalling such words. Rephrasing Adonis’ words,it’s “patently humorous” how different Adonis is when he’s at home in comparison to how he conducts himself at school. It appears to me, Adonis’ friends have some form of influence over Adonis’ conduct. That or something’s happening at home, I am to presume. Should I be attracted to this?
“Dominique! What are you doing out of your seat?” Mr Richards interrogates. Uh-oh.
“Just asking for a pencil!” I lie ,my back turned to sir so he cannot notice I’m lying. As evidence, I whip a pencil from my pocket,turn around,wave it in sir’s direction , making my way back to my seat.
“Ok class. Please finalize this assignment for tomorrow and hand it in tomorrow,staff-room first thing in the morning.” Mr Richards sets.
Once more, the bell peals, signalling our next lesson. From then on, I were separated from Chloe.
Whenever I am expected to meet Adonis, the school day travels at top speed. Well, at least in my own perspective, time progresses at fast pace.
My final subject teacher for the day,obligingly, dismisses my class five minutes earlier. As a result of this, I move towards the music room for my hour long rehearsal. Don’t get me wrong- I have a strong passion for music of all kind. Nonetheless, it’s obvious what option I’d rather choose- Music or a evening spent with Adonis?Unfortunately, time halts and reverses back to its regular, slow-moving speed and music rehearsal feels longer than one hour.
I catch the bus at Adonis’ bus stop. I habitually walk to Adonis’ house, five minutes away from the bus stop. Cyrena answered my knock, being in the middle of a conversation on her phone. I furnish a simper onto my face, making my way inside to the living room table, to my surprise spotting Adonis’ dad, sitting there with an newspaper in hand,busily reading it. I place all our work things at the table and sit down.
“Hi.” I address Adonis’ dad.
“Hello.” he rejoins.
Time elapses onto nothing but awkward silence. He prefers to be unaided at the table and so do I.
“Where’s that boy now, then?” Adonis’ dad comments.
“I don’t know.It’s ok. We still have two days to finish this up.” I disregard,casually. At the moment, we’re fortunately ahead of work speed. Likewise, his absence will situate a setback for the project. Based on speculative, I believe it won’t matter that we’ve missed a day.
“No,it’s not alright. He should be here by now.” Adonis’ dad objects.
“I tell his mum not to allow him to go wherever he wants yet he is,again late home!” he snaps with rage. I keep my mouth quiet.
“He promised this time he would be sensible now after...what’s happened.” Adonis’ dad retorts. I gape in his direction.
“What has happened?” I dare question.
“Nothing,nothing. I was just vex with him.” Adonis’ dad dismisses. I lay back in my seat,composing my feeling of downright appalled, muddled and the feeling that Chloe’s right.
“Man needs food now. Would you like anything to eat? Drink?” Adonis’ dad offers, with a smile on his face from his remark.
“No thank you.” I repudiate. An hour passes by with Adonis still non-present. So far, all I’ve done is procrastinate with research, hoping Adonis would finally be here.
“Do you have his number?”Adonis’ dad asks. I shake my head.
“Call him for me.” Adonis dad pulls out his phone for me. The call goes to voicemail.
“He’s not picking up.” I reply.
“Call him again.”
Voicemail. What is this boy’s problem?
“How about I call from my mobile?” I offer. Adonis’ dad nods in approval. Surprisingly, he picks up second try.
“Hi.” I say.
“Who is this?” Adonis says.
“Dominique.” I answer
“Ok. Why are you calling me?” Adonis rudely asks.
“Are you still out?”
“Yes. Why?”
“I’ve been at your house for the past couple hours, waiting for you to-”
“Oh gosh! I forgot all about that.” Adonis interjects.
“Is my dad annoyed?” he wants to know.
“Yeah,sort of.” I respond.
“Stay put. I’ll be there as soon as possible. Tell him, I’m not far from home. Bye.”Adonis implores, cutting off the call altogether.
“Well....” Adonis’ dad trails off.
“He said he’ll be here as soon as possible and he’s not far from here.” I repeat.
“Ok thanks. I am truly sorry about this.” Adonis’ dad apologizes.
“Please don’t apologize. It’s fine,honestly. If he doesn’t turn up in the next hour, I begin to travel back home. It’s fine, once again.” I brush aside.
Adonis reaches home an hour after,appearing sluggishly and the opposite of capable.
Chiefly when he enters, his dad storms out into the hallway in spleen. Unexpectedly, his cheeks metamorphose into a rusty red, his good-looking,kind face transforming to a mien of temper.
“ADONIS! WHAT TIME DO YOU CALL THIS? ARE YOU FOR REAL!!” Adonis’ dad fulminates. I sense the abrupt silence in fear Adonis’ dad will explode.
“Move!” Adonis retorts at his dad. Adonis’ dad mildly impels Adonis to the front door.
“Who are you talking to like that? How embarrassing! You have a guest who you promised would be here as soon as possible and then you end up being hours late! How disgusting!” Adonis’ dad soothes himself down.
“What is the problem?! I’m home,aren’t I? Where is Dominique?” Adonis counters back.
“She’s been SO nice to you. She’s waited for hours and hours without any complaint. And you’ve taken advantage of her and I don’t appreciate that!” Adonis’ dad cries out.
“Why are you shouting for in front of a guest? It’s not even that deep!” Adonis shouts. Adonis’ dad slaps Adonis across the face.
“If you speak to me like that again, I’ll slap you back home!” Adonis dad speaks old-fashionably.
“Right, come on, let’s get you out of here!” Adonis’ mum appears from the kitchen, ushering me into the other room.
“You don’t need to see this.” She adds, leading me into the nearest room which is the living room.
“Go home Dominique. I don’t think Adonis will be up to studying.” Adonis’ mum insists.
“Yes, of course. I’m due home, anyway. But before I go, could you please inform Adonis if he is not in the right frame of mind for this project, I can stall our continued work on Friday.” I agree.
“Yes,ok. Please PLEASE don’t tell anyone about this! This is not what you think.Adonis isn’t like this. Just PLEASE don’t tell anyone at school or anywhere!” Adonis’ mum pleads, with teardrops forming in her eyes.
“Of course. I hadn’t planned to tell anyone anything. Don’t worry. It’s fine,I really don’t mind Adonis being late. It’s fine.” I assure. His mum lets out a sigh of relief.
“Right go home.” She orders, fixing herself up.
“I’m just going to pack away my stuff.” I reply. She nods before, going out into the hallway. From then on, I apprehend more shouting.
“....Stop! Wait until the girl goes first!” Adonis’s mum hisses.
“No! I simply will not wait for this boy no more. He says he wants time to fix up and we give him time and yet he treats us like this!”
I enter the hallway to leave.
“Bye!” I send off for the evening.
“Bye Dominique. I dearly apologize for hearing any of this. You shouldn’t have heard the things I said or did. I’m just so angry he let you down. You’re such a good girl. I just wish...” He looks in Adonis’ eyes “ The goodness was mutual.” Adonis looked fixedly back ,displaying resentment and offense,beautifully in the blueness of his eyes. I would fail wholly at being infuriated by Adonis if I take a good look into his eyes.
“Get out Dominique!” Adonis says through gritted teeth, locking his long,hard stare at his dad. I do as I’m told,taking my leave in a dash. Hm... it appears as though Adonis struggles with issues at home.. His whole family want to retain everything about Adonis, for some reason. But fear not, I’m about to get to the bottom of this...
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