Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
It has been precisely two days since that phone call from Chloe. Prior to that, plenty has resulted. Presumably due to Chloe’s family circumstances, she had not registered into school. This meant I had no best friend to keep me company.
As for my hair, my Mum fancied my frizzy, bushy Afro hair. Despite this, I opted for my hair remaining straightened. With aid from Youtube hair tutorials , I styled a side plait, beginning from the top of my head and going around my head to the side. In my opinion, my hair appeared to look satisfactory for school.
I arrived at school, arranging my books and schoolwork for Human Geography, Science, Maths and English Lit as well as social studies.
Unexpected events occurred during Science. Approximately nearing the end of our topic A-Levels Science, Mrs Moriarty assigns the class a home/school assessment, research assessment, individual research project or group research assessment. To finalize our subject on matter, based on the variety of living organisms, she set our learning group with a group assessment task.
“Consider this as practice- you’ll thank me for it. Displayed in front of you shall be your partners, assistants in this project.” Mrs Moriarty explained. The interactive whiteboard flashes on, revealing the names of everyone’s partners.
I assumed my assignment partner would be of similar capability my previous partner- knowledgeable, but in comparison to my intellect.
Sophia and Jackson
Emma and Aiden
Ava and Liam....It takes me a couple moments to spot my name on the board. Once I come across my name, I blink in surprise at the three words punched out of the whiteboard in black,bold letters.
Dominique and Adonis.
That simply could not be correct. There must be an error as to how I’m reading it. I blink again, rubbing my eyes, even squinting my eyes. But the words do not change.
Uncertain, I called for Mrs Moriarty “Miss...” I began. She approached me. “ do you read your partner’s name from left to right or up and down?” I inquired.
“Left to right, Dominique. So you shall be partnered with... the new guy. A-“
“Adonis.” I cut Miss off bluntly.
“Yes him. You have the whole lesson to plan and then a whole school week to construct and create the project which is expected to achieve high grades.” She instructed.
I nodded, thanking miss for her help. I sighed aloud. Out of all people, why did I I have to be assigned with Adonis?? If I tell Chloe this, she’ll most likely say this is the best thing ever and it’s fate knocking at our door. But this is different. As well as working from school, paired assignments need additional work at home. And so, it’s a whole lot more difficult to work from individual homes without having a visual of what the ending product will look like, whose doing what. A lot of preparation has to be done together. Oh no.
“Hey!” Adonis smiled, approaching my worktop.
“Hi.” I greeted, shakily.
“So have you read who your partner is?” He questioned.
“Yeah. You.” I responded.
“Yeah so, to be honest I don’t really like to do work during class. Most of my coursework I complete at home actually so-“
“Ok. See, I envisioned dividing our tasks into sections, in order to make the work easier. If you could do some individual research, that would be great.” I cut Adonis off, adjusting and alternating the task sheet.
“OK....” Adonis trailed off.
“Is there a problem?” I inquired,shifting my head to the side,ever so slightly.
“No. Actually that seems like a good idea. Can you meet me in the library at Lunch? I have a half day today.” He offered.
“Oh. That kind of collides with” I gulped.
“History club?” Adonis questioned, mockingly.
“No it’s fine. Lunch it is. For around half an hour though.” I agreed.
“Yeah cool.” His eyes met mine. His expression on his face hadn’t met the tone of his voice. His tone was so determined and bold and strong yet his mien had been soft and amusing.
“OK. So do you want me to grab some supplies or..” I suggested, doing one’s best to sound cool yet friendly.
“Pens and around A3 sized paper,scissors. That’s about it.” He shrugged. I compose a list of supplies in my Science book.
“OK. I’ll get those before Lunch.” I smiled.
“Oh there’s no need to do that. I thought you meant for when you come to my house to finish the assignment....” He trailed off.
“Oh. I’m coming to your house? Today?” I asked in astonishment.
“No. Tomorrow. Tomorrow after school.” He replied with a nod.
“Oh. I’ll have to see whether I’m free tomorrow. I’ll get back to you about that maybe tomorrow morning...?” I proposed.
“No, that’s fine. You let me know. But anyways, it’s the end of class so see you around yeah!” He says,swinging his cool backpack over his shoulder, swaggering away to his mates.
“Yo Beckett! Why you airing me!” He shouted, making his way out of the room.
“Who said that class was dismissed?” Mrs Moriarty questioned,aloud.
“Adonis.” I shrugged.
“Well he’ll be doing a detention after school.” Miss informed the class crossly. I keep quiet about Adonis only having half days to keep him out of trouble in his second week at Bridgend. Although, he isn’t exactly attempting to make a good impression.
“OK class. Please make a note that your assignment is due for next week and will be beneficial to your end-of-topic grade. You’re now dismissed.” Mrs Moriarty instructed.
I made a beeline to the door, aware that I needed to go on a hunt for the supplies Adonis wanted. Urge! Why did Miss have to partner me up with the student whose work isn’t in his best interest? I suppose there isn’t exactly a point in questioning Mrs’ decisions. After all, everything is for a reason. However, how can I not be doubting this partner work? He told me he barely completes his coursework in class so how did he get into A-Levels at this school???? This is going to require bucket-loads of willpower and research if we’re both going to get the grades we need to succeed in A-Levels Sciences.
The rest of the day, before Lunch proceeded as normal, only being assigned with two pieces of homework within the three lessons I had. When the bell rang for Lunch, I made one’s way to the library, in order to find a good spot to complete this assignment. Perhaps we could’ve finalized this task inside the library, to avoid going round his house.
Adonis hadn’t turned up yet, when I had arrived and didn’t come for another 20 minutes. After delaying our worktime for 20 minutes, I began researching, going ahead and planning out the way we’re presenting our project,drafting and drawing different designs.Finally, Adonis arrived, when the library was almost full and there was only ten minutes left in the library.
“Hey!” Adonis greeted casually. He seems pretty relaxed about wasting my personal time.
“Right so what have you done so far?” He asked, really paying no attention.
“I know what? It doesn’t matter. I’ve allocated your areas of individual research and a separate list of the ones I’ll do as well as the ones where joint reading up is needed. I was thinking of finishing the whole assignment at school so we don’t have to spend up our outside lives, completing schoolwork. So how about we meet up tomorrow break in the study room, outside 11F’s form room?” I suggested, beginning to pack away my supplies and my own research into my backpack of choice.
“Well, can’t you not come tomorrow?” Adonis interrogated, masking an emotion of some kind.
“I’ll have to see. But it’s probably better to do this in school where we’re more focused,right? So, just let me know whether you’re free that period, or just tell me the days when you have half days and we can try and fit in a day for working on this.” I say, throwing my backpack over my back.
“Ok...” He trailed off.
“Here’s my form room. I circled it for you, to let me know whether you’re free, you know...” I trailed off, proffering the school campus map ,departing the library, onto my next lesson.
If I didn’t leave, I’d would’ve had an angry outburst at Adonis. He turns up 50 minutes late, expects me to do all the work and let him take credit for it and it’s not on. I won’t stand for it. I may be quiet, reasonable and intelligent being. Nonetheless, I shall not a pushover and I imagine he has established that, evidently from my behavior recently.
Once I arrived home, I prepared myself for a jog, jogging locally for around 20 minutes. There were a few things I were to consider. One of which if Chloe’s allowed to talk to me. She may have told her Mum that she told me about her situation and her Mum’s banned her having any communication with me.
Another is Adonis. He’s not normally like that, from what I know about him. He’s usually kind and willing to do the work. But from his efforts today, I’m not so sure. I met Adonis, my life at a pause, then I began to cycle and now I’ve halted. I just don’t know what to expect with him. Why was it that I had to meet a guy who seems so perfect but does not behave so perfectly?
Author’s Note:
Apologies if you come across any grammatical or spelling errors. I unfortunately will not be able to amend every single error as I prefer to get my entire book out of moderation first. Hope you enjoy!!
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