Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Adonis stood in a ample Pantone Yellow room. Ok, I am perplexed as to why the room was empty. Maybe I lack in imagination, maybe it’s the colour for OUR new home. I don’t know! Now, he had taken a good look into my eyes, causing me to become sheepish and...demure. With that, I back up to the wall, self-consciously. He approaches me in..concern, I anticipate.
“Dominique, are you okay?” he asks in his cool, foreign-like accent. I nod, sensing I was gawking at him the whole time. He moves closer to me, my heart beginning to melt.I’m aware this is a daydream since this is not Adonis’ style at all. ONLY....this moment in time internally feels...magnificent.
“Is everything ok?” he repeats. I nod, smiling. For some reason, I am enticed closer to his soft whispering in his soothing accent
“You know the way I feel about you,right?”
He grabs hold of me, lifting me up and crossing my legs around his waist, linking my arms around his neck. His hands steadily travels upward until we’re intimate. He lures me in closer,intensely,lovingly, devotedly gazing into my eyes just as I do the same. I’m just about to kiss him when all of a sudden-
I awake to the resonate of my alarm. At this moment, I am exhausted after last night’s affairs. I make my way to the bathroom,running myself a short-length bath. It was due to be a rather glorious,warm day so I dressed myself in short-sleeves denim T-shirt, cropped white trousers and my white Nike Air Forces. I was untroubled about my hair. Therefore, I left my hair in its usual crimped-curly, Afro-like format.
Once fulfilled, I gather my pre-organised, sizeable handbag,seizing my tablet, phone before heading downstairs into the kitchen.
“Morning Dominique!” Mum welcomes.
“Morning.” I grumble back.
“You alright?” Mum asks,taking her pre-made breakfast parfait from the fridge.
I nod” Just tired from yesterday.”
“Well I’m off to work now. The time is...7 o’clock. Don’t be late to school,ok?” Mum informs me, plucking a fruit from our fruit bowl before pecking a kiss on my cheek.
“Bye Mum!” I call out,whilst pouring milk into my bowl.
“Have a good day!” Mum farewells before closing the door.
I eat my breakfast while watching my favourite YouTuber, to motivate me for today’s events. All this time, I hadn’t realised Adonis and his family were trying to hide the truth behind Adonis’s arrival at Bridgend. And to be honest, I kind of want to get to know him, otherwise there’s no purpose to liking him other than his looks.
I briefly meet Chloe at first break, in her form room.
“And I have a EXTREMELY LONG project to fulfill with Ajax. I don’t understand how he can always get away with not doing ANY work!It really annoys me!” Chloe exclaims.
“But...anyways , what did you want to talk to me about?” Chloe asks.
“I have a proposal...of help for you.A circumstance beyond ...restraint occurred yesterday... ” I trail off.
“Yeah, I was meaning to ask what happened yesterday?” Chloe enquires. I “enlighten” Chloe on such events in brief description as I had promised Adonis’ mum I would speak little of last night.
“At this moment in time, I am MYSTIFIED opinion of him and where we presently stand. To begin with, I was- AM astonished by his generosity and his exuberance. I, to some extend liked and appreciated my time with him. As the days progress and we near the conclusion of the assignment, he changes. WE change. For some reason, I sensed he wasn’t himself.” I disagree.
“ Dominique. The reason you two change from good to not-so-good rapidly is due to the fact that your conversations ARE safe and TOO easy. Now that you tested the water,it’s time to jump in.” Chloe pro-pounds.
“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” I deny, “ I relished my moments with him extraordinarily, I felt guilt-ridden because I lied to one of my closest guy friends ever!”
“ No.... You don’t understand what I’m saying.I’m sorry Dominique but having a boring,detailed discussion about food isn’t really saying much. You need to know the full facts. Like those Get-To-Know-Me videos online.” Chloe acknowledges. I perceive Chloe’s advice.
“I don’t know, Chloe. I don’t know him well enough to be asking those types of questions.” I sigh.
“Well how else are you supposed to get to know him? Talk about pets next,I guess? Yeah, that’s getting to know him,isn’t it(?)” Chloe snaps sarcastically.
“Dominique,imagine how much closer you’ll become if he entrusts you with his past. If it clearly means a lot to him, it would be a big deal if he confesses to you.” Chloe proclaims.
“Not happening. In addition to that, we didn’t simply talk about food. I asked about his heritage,we discussed our family-we did get into deep conversations.” I expostulate.
“But you need to get in deeper. Can’t you see that Adonis hides a lot of things? I bet you, half the things he tells you isn’t even a quarter of what’s gone on in his life. Why else would he be hanging around with Enzo? We all know that Enzo’s gang is bad news.” Chloe justified.
Without doubt, everything adds up into calculations.
“Adonis has done something careless.” I hear myself say aloud.
“Exactly! Can’t you see I’m having your back? I want you to be sure...that he’s not gonna hurt you...” Chloe trails off. Chloe’s being ridiculous. What does she expect from Adonis truly? It wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if Adonis intends to emotionally disrupt me. Nonetheless,I know it isn’t exactly the best feeling.
“Fine Chloe. For your sake only, I’ll confront him in a more...tenuous fashion.” I give in. Chloe passes a countenance reading “Really?” . I ignore it, prior to suggesting making our ways to our upcoming periods.
“No. I have a better idea. Meet me in 10l form room during study break.” Chloe proposes.
“Why?” I question with suspicion.
“Oh. I just had something in mind...just come. I’ll explain when you come.’” Chloe brushes off, leaving to her next lesson.
I guess my trust lies with Chloe right now.
I bide my time outside the form room for her. After kicking my heels for what feels like a lifetime, Chloe arrives.
“Right, come with me.” chloe commands.
“Wait!” I declare,jerking Chloe backwards.
“Why am I here? You are due for an explanation.” I object.
“No time. We’re already late-“ Chloe cuts herself off, opening the door and tugging me inside.
“Late for what?” I ask.
I feel her grip against my arm as she lugs me further into the room until...I notice Enzo,Beckett, Mason and Ajax, laughing and presumably circulating rumours. All while drinking from exotic fruit carton bottles. Unknowingly, Chloe draws me to them. My remonstrating, complaining side dies down once I come to face with the fully-fledged crew, excluding Adonis.
“Enzo!” Chloe shouts out. He looks briefly in her direction, turning a blind eye to the both of us.
“Enzo,man!” Chloe cries out! The class grows silent to Chloe’s yelp.
“Can I help you?” He rudely counterbacks.
“Yes Dominique would like to ask you something but as you know Dominique is really shy so she’s asked me to speak.” Chloe lies. I frown. Wait,what? Asked Chloe to say what?
“Go on.” Ajax nods.
“Basically, she wants to know more about Adonis.” Chloe plainly expresses in words. Huh? I believe it’s fair to state no one is as nonplussed as I am!!!
“What do you mean by know more about Adonis?” Enzo questions. Chloe sighs.
“Like where he’s from, name of old school, why he left the school and ‘dat-“ she clarifies. Is this her course of action in terms of “helping” me?
“Why does she want to know that?That’s his personal business” Enzo screws. Oh no.
“Well, he IS her Science partner and she DOES practically see him everyday. I think she deserves to know.” Chloe contradicts.
“Wait, I’m confused. So do YOU want to know or does SHE?” Enzo questions, glancing over towards me closely besides confident,”intrepid” Chloe.
“I just said she does. So...? What can you tell us?” she says. OML WHAT IS CHLOE’S POINT IN THIS?? Worst still, what is she planning next?!
“Well...have you tried asking him?” Enzo rudely comments, sarcastically.
“Duh! But he never gets to the point of anything. Like....he always makes excuses. But Dominique was hoping you’d be more..straightforward.” Chloe elucidates.
“Look, one I’m not gonna “jesus talk” one of my boys because you like him,Chloe.Why would I tell YOU about his personal life? Also, he hasn’t even really told us much. I mean he IS new so...?” Enzo proposes
“I don’t like Adonis. EW! Are you mad? Also...ok so the truth is...the reason why I’m asking and I hope Dominique doesn’t mind me telling you...” She glances at me before continuing. She won’t, no she won’t. SHE WON’T TELL THEM!
“Dominique likes Adonis. Like as in like.” Chloe confesses.
“No!” I shout although it comes out as an exasperated murmur..
“Dominique likes Adonis? For real?” Beckett asks.
“Yes. I just said!” Chloe snaps.
“No...I don’t believe you. I have to hear it from her.” Enzo declares. NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things are launching off at too much of a quick pace.
“Dominique do you like him?” Enzo asks. OMG no!!!! I just stand there, awkward and humiliated.
“I told you she’s shy. Unless you didn’t know that already?”Chloe covers for me.
“Well then, I won’t tell you ANYTHING about him. Unless...SHE admits it.” Enzo evilly smirks, signalling at me.
“Errrrrrrrmmmmmm.......” I crack my voice “ Yehhh.”.
“So you admit you like him?” Beckett confirms. OMG I wish Chloe had delineated her “thought-out”plan with me first.I’m unsure whether I like him. I’m BARELY familiar with him. That is the grounds for why I like him right now. This is all too soon.
“That’s a yes then?” Ajax butts in.
“Yeah.” I hear myself say. It’s done. I just admitted liking Adonis. Omg no! Is this happening? Am I STILL dreaming?
“ basically forced the girl to admit her feelings. What are you waiting for? Tell us about him.”Chloe snaps,impatiently.
“Ok, calm down gyal!What do you want to know then?” Enzo smirks in my direction.
“Like why the .. he’s hanging out with you? Why did he leave his old school even? And since when do sixth formers here have half days? Does he have a girlfriend...that kind of thing?” Chloe interrogates.
“Ok...why he hangs out with us is something you don’t need to know. Why he left his old school, I don’t even know myself. He said something like it was too far or something. And sixth-formers have half days all the time, according to him. If he has a girlfriend....that’s something for you to ask him then.”He smiles.
“That’s all I shall say for now.” Enzo says, springing off from the table and swaggering towards the door.
“Enzo!!!” Chloe calls out!
“What school did he go to?” She yells. He pauses in his tracks for his sidekicks to catch up with him.
“Ablenewood Hills!” He calls out, kicking the door open and slamming in shut.
As of now, everyone is the room in eyeing me and gossiping to their friends. I turn to look at Chloe the first time after her “confrontation”.
I knew from now that there’d be trouble.
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