Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Did that REALLY just happen?!
She knows why. Because,talking to a boy outside the subject of classwork or a classroom, for the first time, definitely is an overload of both excitement and complication. In fact, the highlight of my time on Earth for the next 10 or so years is:
when I accomplished my aspirations of being a historian, educational news journalist,gain qualifications for becoming a all-round scientist, write my own book, teach children who are unable to gain an decent education, travel the world to acquire geographical documentation and hopefully attend a college featuring all humanitarian subjects and a decent university once I decide what I want to do on top of that. Yes, every single aspiration. Think I’ll have time for boys?
“Erm, no way! 1. He happens to be a stranger towards me.And unless you haven’t heard of the phrase “do_ not _talk _to _strangers”...please DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS. 2. I’m pretty sure he’ll feel ‘weirded’ out if I pop out of nowhere. 3. He’s really good-looking and I’m not. It just doesn’” I say,picking up a carrot from my plate of vegetable sticks and dipping it into my bowl of homous before taking a bite.
“Dominique, being dissentious surely shall not help anything. You just got to have more self-believe and self-confidence.” Chloe demands. As I take a second bite into my carrot stick, he approaches our lunch table, standing right in front of me. Immediately, my carrot stick evidently slithers out of the grip from my fingers.

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Chapter 3

If I could just get his name!!

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