Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Did that REALLY just happen?!
Well…I guess if I initiate a random conversation with any stranger, I guess complication and confusion follows(!) Besides, it’s ESSENTIAL I don’t get sidetracked by boys. Within the next 10 or so years, I have the vocations for: earning a license for becoming a historian, an educational news journalist, attaining a diploma for becoming an all-round scientist, to write my own book, to teach children across the world who are unable to obtain an education, to travel the world for geographical documentation, finish sixth form and most importantly, move to a decent university when I finally decide which subject degree to undertake. Until my desires are fulfilled, do YOU think I’ll have time for boys?
“No way! 1. He’s a total stranger to me, unless you haven’t heard the phrase of “do not talk to strangers”, I’d advise no to do so. 2. I’m pretty confident he’ll find me a weirdo, especially if I pop up to him out of nowhere. 3. While he’s really good-looking, I’m not. How is that supposed to go? I mean, it doesn’t work.” I vindicate, consuming a julienne carrot, dipped in houmous.
“Dominique, I was JOKING. But hey, being dissentious towards yourself isn’t going to help matters at all. You just need to have more self-confidence and self-belief.” Chloe demands. I sigh aloud before taking another carrot stick and dipping it into my houmous.
Out of the blue, he approaches our lunch table, standing right in front of me.
“Hey. Is it ok if I sit here?” he asks in an irresistible, unfeigned voice. Immediately, my carrot evidently slithers out from the grip of my fingers.

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Chapter 3

If I could just get his name!!

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