Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Too Little,Too Late
“Oh my gosh Chloe! What did you go and do that for?” I cry out, now outside the classroom.
“Chloe, what were you thinking, declaring my crush on one of the most favored boys’ friend?!And he’s immensely popular,himself! CHLOE WHAT THE HECK!!” I vociferate,scraping my hand through my crippled hair in perturb.
“Dominique...calm down....okay I didn’t just give you the answers we’ve been looking for...(?)We found out what school he left! This is fantastic!” Chloe cheers in elation and in ...sense of achievement? What have we achieved other than a whole lot of embarrassment and attention? Why should we - wait no. Why should I be happy about that?
“Fantastic? How could you assort such affairs to be FANTASTIC?! You’re an idiot!” I rage in unalloyed wrath.
“Because of your slow-wittiness, Enzo,Adonis’ friends AND Enzo’s form are aware of my passed fancy for Adonis!!! Why would you leave me in such an awkward position? Were you thinking straight? Are you-”
Chloe interjects “Dominique! Calm down. I understand if you’re confused as to what I did. And I’m sorry for telling them but this was the only way-”
“Only way? You think... my ONLY facet of familiarizing myself with Adonis is disclosing my secret crush to the greatest gossipers in school,primarily BEHIND my back?If so,you must like some really unusual people.”
I storm away from her.
I rush away, dumbfounded and mortified. I would like time to digest all this information. Alone.
“Dominique! Wait!” She calls out. I ignore her, persistently steaming away. Immediately after we amend our friendship,of course she feels OBLIGATED to break my trust in her to Enzo’s crew and form?I am... INCANDESCENT! She expects me to confide assuredly in her. Yet, there she is, babbling to the BIGGEST gossipers in our school. We’re never going to be the same following this. Moreover, WAIT until Adonis uncovers “the latest”. Then I’ll be socially deceased. Is this a dream? Ouch(from pinching myself). Ok, look at the ground to see if there’s a ground. How many fingers am I holding up? Seven.
“How many fingers am I holding up?” I ask aloud.
“Seven.” a voice passes by. this is definitely real.
I speed to the ladies toilets, lying low until my next lesson. I enshroud my face in my crippled, Afro-like hair, scurrying to class, anticipating no one, especially Adonis, will spot me. I find a hiding place at a desk at the far end of the classroom,diligently laying my head low until lesson’s over. All I ponder is the events which transpired at break. Enzo didn’t believe it for a single second. His face...almost breaks my heart. It’s almost like I’m a disappointment. None of them could ever see me with Adonis. Their expectations of me are too low. He’s too good for me. I’m not popular enough. He’s too popular for me. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for someone like him to date someone like me. That’s the reality of it all and how it shall forever be. Lesson ends and I wait for everyone to leave the classroom before I do so.
Ok. Perhaps I am,to a small-scale, intimidated of all, asking questions. That and being publicly addressed by of course the one and truly. On the contrary, every factor above is feasible IF he notices me,right? Presuming that I AM go for the day UNSEEN, how could he possibly confront me? During Lunch, I bumped into Chloe on my way back to my hiding place,which, at the moment, is the study room.
“Dominique,listen to me. This is not what you-”
“Listen to you? That’s the LAST thing I would do.” I snarl,setting into a walk.
“Can’t you not see that I helped you?” Chloe called after me.
“Helped me? Are you serious?” I raise my voice,flickering the attention of a passing student.
“You embarrassed me in front of the most popular,savage boys in Bridgend Grammar School and now... they’re aware that... well I don’t even know for sure of how I feel about Adonis. Yet there I was, admitting a uncertain truth.” I explicate.
“No. I helped you find out more about Adonis personally and put Adonis under pressure. This gives YOU the upper hand.” Chloe argues.
“We’re doing a SCIENCE project together!! What relationship am I supposed to get out of that?!”I assert.
“Dominique, you’re the over thinker of over thinking. You think too much and never live in the moment. You need to allow yourself to be put on the spot,under pressure because that’s what’s love is all about. If you can’t even do that,how are you supposed to fall in love with...anyone?’
“Yeah but why did you put me in the most AWKWARD position attainable; basically giving me no choice but to admit my feelings to ENZO? Anyone but Enzo,Chloe.” I expostulate.
“Because they are the only people in the school who actually know Adonis and would share what they know. Everyone else is scared of Adonis apart from them and they wouldn’t be afraid to say anything about him.” Chloe reasons.
“ your aim was to put me on the spot,embarrass myself all for a name of a school that is two hours away?”I snap.
“His school is two hours away?!” Chloe gasps. I nod.
“Look Dominique,you’re surprisingly being negative. Think of the positive outcomes: we know a little more about Adonis... and your reaction to the situation is good. I could tell you found the situation unexpected but you responded to it well.” I shake my head in vexation.
“Chloe....let’s acclimatize ourselves with certitude. The negatives outweigh the positives. I am too off guard to address any further attentiveness. That AND throwing myself to admit an uncertain veracity to Adonis. Adonis is a stranger,I barely know him-”
“Dominique. You haven’t stopped talking about this guy since the day he arrived. I pretty sure you like him.” Chloe smiles.
I apprehend a male voice around the corner.
“Hey,have you seen Dominique?” Guess who it was.
“Chloe. It’s him.” I hiss. I refuse to speak to him. I’m not up to meeting him. I need to disappear from here, to occupy my time, and evaluate Chloe’s words. But where?
“Cover for me.” I murmur, dipping into the nearest wall space. Just as I dive to the wall, he turns the corner, running into Chloe. She dissimulates her encounter with him, as if she never saw it coming.
“Have you seen Dominique?” he asks.
“Ah! You just missed her. She’s on her way to Drama now.” Chloe covers for me. Yes, she led him off-scent.
“Ok.” He says, about to stumble past where I am hiding.
“Adonis, are you dumb? That’s the LONG way to the drama studio. Go this way.” Chloe lies, directing the longest way to him.
“Alright(!) No,I’m not dumb. Shut up.” he growls,walking in her appointed direction.
As soon as I believe he’s out of eavesdrop, I dash out of the hiding place.
“Do I get any thanks from any of you? That’s something you and Adonis have in common.” She calls out.
I had additional sessions of Religious Studies,Music and English Literature (unfortunately). Subsequently, I end the day with a quiet Textiles lesson. I stand by for Chloe, outside her class up till it finishes.
‘OK so are you up to coming to my house today?” Chloe offers.
“Yes. I mean I have a project session with Adonis, again today, but I need a break from him. Besides,things would be too awkward that way.” I accept. She nods.
“Speaking of the devil...” Chloe trails off,fixing her eyes past me. I turn to make contact with Adonis’ eyes. I quickly swivel round to Chloe.
“No,no,no!” I exclaim in a whisper.
“He’s coming your way.” Chloe informs,dissimulating her guard as though she’s talking with me.
I pivot around, coming face to face with Adonis.
“Hey.” I greet, shyly,awkwardly rubbing the back of my hair. Within my peripheral vision, I noticed Enzo ,Ajax,Beckett and another friend of theirs,observing our conversation...oh did I miss out that Adonis’ encounter attracted the attention of his other friends from different classes...sixth-formers I’ve never seen before and I’ve attended Bridgend since the beginning.
“Hey...” He trails off.
“I’m not coming to your house straight away today. I’m going somewhere with Chloe.” I concise.
“Yeah,that’s cool. I’m doin’ the same ting.” He abbreviates. I could sense he knows....
“About yesterday night...I might have had a little to drink when I was out...” I raise my eyebrow.
“A little? Adonis do you even remember what happened last night?” I riposte.
“Yeah I don’t really remember. I’m just here to apologize. You shouldn’t have seen me like that. I mean Dad thinks that perhaps you were upset so I’m sorry I upset you-“
“Yes well I got to go....I’ll see you later though.” I farewell,straining an uncomfortable grin to the floor, making my way to Chloe, happening to stand a short gap away from him and I.
“Dominique!” He calls out.
“Keep walking.” I hiss, without moving my head.
“Do you like me?” He asks aloud. I break into a jog to the gates.
“Wait man!” Chloe hisses,catching up with me.
His friends begin laughing. That’s all I hear.
We settle on heading to my house after detouring to Chloe’s.
“So, he was drunk last night?” Chloe questioned as we arrive at my place.
“Look can we not talk about him for one hour please? I need a break from this nonsense situation.” I sigh,collapsing onto the sofa in exasperation.
“OK... I guess you’re going for “ wait & see” approach. Very unlike you but fair enough.” Chloe shrugs.
“I am not. I need time to contemplate & fully question whether I want to go ahead and tell Adonis how I feel.” I justify,throwing my head back,drained from the all tension transpired from one boy.
“You can think about it forever Dominique and NEVER make up your mind. I say, try the “ spur of the moment”approach. You never know how he’ll react...” Chloe trailed off. I sigh loudly. Literally? The countenance on his face says everything. He doesn’t like me in that sense. This is precisely what I was afraid of - being spurned.
We nosedive into schoolwork,homework and anything additional for school.
Once we achieved the above, the time is already late in the afternoon,roughly 4:30.
“Would you like to join me for a jog?” I offer. Chloe nods. We swap to our sports gear, leaving the house to jog to our heart’s content.
“On a serious note...don’t know about you but I’m curious on what you’re actually going to say to him.” Chloe comments.
“Wow! Throughout the total hour of simply perfect silence, what breaks it is Adonis?” I assert, shaking my head as we advance further down the path.
“I’m just curious.” Chloe glances at me.
“Um...I personally think ALL of this was WAY too rushed. If I was in on your plan, I would’ve never showed up-”
“Oh Dominique there’s no use in regrets! Just tell me before I plot an even more public confession.” Chloe threatens with a smile.
“Okay. Well, I can’t tell him. I perceive this is the wrong time to divulge any feelings- I think he’s in a rough patch with his family. Furthermore, I need to get his family to like me first, make his friends and I more conversant-I rather undergo relations, rightly. I understand I can opt to a more “straightforward” relationship. Despite that, I choose not to.” I tell her,pausing at a bend to take a breath.
“But DO realize he’s the most good-looking boy in sixth-former and there’s probably another hundred girls crushing on him and wishing they have the same opportunity as you do. You go to his house everyday-“
“He’s barely in.” I interrupt.
“Ok but you need to consider: we don’t even know whether he IS available and when he’ll be taken up. That and the fact that if you won’t be frank about your feelings ,someone else will.”Chloe points out. I launch back into jogging.
“I’m tackling this MY WAY , Chloe. I would like him to view the REAL me. Not only the introvert,quiet,intuitive half of me but the REAL side of me which YOU and my mum only know of. No more secrets.” I proclaim.
Author’s Note
¡Hola! First of, I hope you RELISHED this chapter very much and there will be more content as soon as possible(basically when my brain produces more ideas on what should occur next). Or...maybe you all could help with that...? Comment below,if you can, on what YOU believe should happen next,your theories for the next chapters and so fourth. I’m going to leave this note at that. I can’t wait to read your comments!
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