Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Can I look back if I’m so far ahead?
“Are you together now?” Cyrena catechises. I pout my lips.
“What...could you clarify on “together”,please?” I request,ruminating on whether my definition of “together” matches hers.
“Together as in...together.” she smirks in justification on what she intended.
“Together? What?! No.” I avow.
“Oh.” She mutters.
“Why would you think that?” I venture out.
“Ok so basically...” She retells Adonis’announcement to the family about my confession of liking him, how he requested a period of time alone to talk with me. To encapsulate what she told me, his WHOLE family are aware of my crush on him!!
“Alright...” I begin. I place my trust on Cyrena as I like her a great deal. Therefore,I concede that I like Adonis.
“So you do like him?” she corroborates. I hush her.
“Please don’t tell him though. He asked and I denied it because I feared his reaction!” I confess.
“AYE! You two chatterboxes, less bochinche and more pastry work!” Adonis’s dad orders. We take on kneading the dough.
“Adonis has too much pride to admit his own feelings. He says he finds you alright but I think he likes you. I think he’s jealous of you because Dad really likes you and...well Dad doesn’t give Adonis the same kind of treatment.” Cyrena clarifies. She reckons he likes me?
“I think you’d have a GOOD impact on Adonis. All his other girlfriends have caused nothing but trouble for us all. One caused us to move house,another to move school.He never seems to associate himself with the right people until he-“
“Does he have a” I ask in attempt to sound nonchalant but being unsuccessful.
“He had to leave his last girlfriend because he moved to Bridgend. But I never really liked her. She was really...inappropriate and not a good fit for Adonis. But you’re perfect. I like you so much and I want to be your sister-in-law someday because you’re so awesome! Also, Dad likes you, Mum likes your perspective on education. The whole family likes you.Adonis needs time. I think he really misses our old school-”
“Is that pastry finished?” Adonis’ dad called out. We hand over the pastry,dusting off our floury hands.
“Come with me!” Cyrena insists, lugging me out of the kitchen.
“Wait a second! Who gave you permission to leave?” Adonis’ dad objects.
“Erm...myself?” Cyrena answers. Adonis’ dad laughs .
“Come back here and clean your mess up now,seeing as you were talking way more than kneading.” Adonis’ dad demands.
“So what happens now?” Cyrena asks me,wiping the surface over.
“Adonis is impatient. If he wants something,he wants it now. SO despite you want to do,his desires are different. Despite what he says, fight for him-in the end he’ll be worth it.” Cyrena offers me her opinion. I established that after our conversation.
“I just- I don’t what to do. Since he’s immensely popular, I mean there’s probably a hundred other girls waiting to be noticed by him and then there’s”
“Dominique.... WHO CARES if he’s popular? Whether there are a hundred girls on him, my faith only lies in YOU! You two will make such an awesome couple and I hate to see such potential go to waste.” Cyrena cuts me off.
“But you said he misses his old school? Does that mean he misses his ex too?” I cross-question.
“I don’t know. I don’t really speak to him about her.” Cyrena shakes her head.
“I just...don’t know what to do.” I attest.
My heart-to-heart with Cyrena was all I thought about for the rest of the evening. Until the lasagna was cooked,Adonis was self-occupied in his mobile, harping to music through his phone earphones, at times holding conversations with friends and Cyrena dutifully preoccupied in her homework, I imagine and Adonis’ dad was watching a...soap opera on television.
By the time I am set to leave, it is in the course of 9 p.m.
“ will you be getting home?” Adonis’ dad enquires in concern.
“I’ll be walking home. I do not live a vast distance from here.” I respond.
“I’ll give you a lift,don’t worry about it.” he pro-offers forceful enough that it seemed more like an order.
“Ok.” I accept in a gulp.
Adonis’ mother,father and sister accompanied me on the journey home. Adonis proclaimed he was overly jaded from tonight’s workload, suggesting a early night. They lead me up to my front door,where I acknowledge them for all their magnanimity and goodwill towards myself during my late night study sessions with Adonis. Simultaneously, my mum keyed open the door, inviting all of us inside. I assume all were astonished by the size of my house being practically the extend of a mansion. This is followed by familiarising herself with the parents, interrogating Cyrena with questions(that’s the amiable method of stating mum’s version of Q & A). Mum mentions her best friend from university being Greek,lightly discussing individual heritages. I was incorrect when I previously mentioned my mum being white. According to HER, my grandmother is of Afro-Caribbean descent like myself which is why we share alike qualities and appearances, such as our hair and colour and so fourth. This certifies why mum is skillful at cooking Caribbean food! In actual fact, my mum was ridiculously fond of his parents and opened up to them immediately.
Withal, at no time has my mum revealed her hair down to anyone,other than my father and myself,in rare occasions. Unexpectedly, Cyrena, Mum and Adonis’ mum encountered the topic of hair. My mum had delineated she was head over heels for their hair which led to the pair enquiring about my mum’s hair. Without any thought, she unties her hair, slides out...approximately 15 hair grips and slides before her hair bounces down into cascades of glossy,sheeny,impeccable lengthy hair. Her hair colour is a combination of light caramel blonde, true butterscotch blonde and golden honey. Her hair is pre-possessing,exemplary,reaching up to her bottom. I wish I had her hair now. I am simply jealous. Cyrena and Adonis’ mum and dad solely gape at her hair. Mum slowly shakes her hair and lifts it in a backward motion.
“Have you ever cut it?” Cyrena gazes.
“Only when I was little. Like maybe ten or thirteen. But not since.” Mum answers.
“How are you supposed to manage all that hair?!” Adonis’ mum gasps.
“That’s why I pin it up into a bun. I work for long hours and I meet many clients everyday so it wouldn’t be appropriate to let my hair down unless it was your length.” she clarifies,gesturing to Cyrena’s mum.
“It’s lovely but honey...” Adonis’ dad trails off in a grin “You need to cut it!” We all laugh. By the time they leave, it’s well into midnight.
“So called for an early night.” I sigh.
“Going back to the topic of hair....” mum trails off,eyeing my newly coiled,curled hair.
“Chloe managed to change my hair to less Afro-like and more Alicia Keys-like.” I joke, proceeding upstairs.
“Tomorrow child, I demand you have your hair BACK in its usual form. Our hair isn’t well suited to those type of styles.” Mum declares,briefly teasing the ends of her hair with her fingers.
“And I demand YOU to wear you hair like that tomorrow. Our hair cannot be pinned back like that.” I rejoin with a “who’s laughing now” smirk. She simply rolled my eyes.
“I’ll never get through a day at work with my hair like this.”
I take a late siesta with the intuition that perhaps Chloe is right. Maybe I should just go for it?
Author’s Message
Hey!First of all,thanks for commenting your beliefs on what should happen. As of now, just like Dominique, I AM STUCK IN THE MIDDLE! While a few mentioned bringing Andy back in, others have started to grow to like Adonis so....?! Enjoy this chapter for now and by the time this is published in the public library, another chapter will be in progress.
Au revoir

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