Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
If I could just get his name!!
“Hey. Is it ok if I sit here?” He asks with a low-pitched voice which happens to have a high tone too.
“Yes,sure!” Chloe gulps,as shocked as I am.
“Don’t like your carrot?” He laughs, plotting his food tray right beside mine. Oh no.
“It’s not THAT! It just happened to...slip.” I reply, blushing embarrassingly.
He burst out laughing as soon as I had said that, later on,commenting “Oh, you’re patently humorous!” I provide him with an uneasy smile, exchanging a single glance with Chloe. This guy undisputedly astonishes me with his personality. This causes me to like him even more than I already had, knowing he’s full of surprises. Perhaps Chloe is right when she says I should have more “self belief” and self confidence.
“So um... what brings you here, at this school?” I question, trying not to sound too eager, too friendly or too enthusiastic.
“I’m here to complete my A-Levels course for...History, Science and French, I believe.” He answers, scooping up a mouthful of salad with his knife and fork. Yes! He’s going to be studying pretty much the same subjects I’m studying! I push back my bushy, curly hair away from my mouth, a smile tugging the corner of my mouth as I begin dipping carrots into dip ,once more.
“ I’m studying History and French as well.” Chloe smiles
“ That’s great...” he was hinting for Chloe’s name.
“ My name is Chloe Hardin.” She introduces, holding out her hand. It dazes me how Chloe failed to offer me an introduction. I suspect that her opinion of him is not as lame as she let’s on.
“ Nice to meet you, Chloe.” He says,briefly shaking her hand, as though he didn’t want someone to prejudge what was going on.
“Um, what about you? What are you doing for A-Levels?”. He asks, his swooning ,bluest eyes sliding onto me. Instantly, I look down into my churning plod of mash potato bake, camouflaging any kind of emotion, specifically the nervous type.
The only anticipation I had was Chloe’s words of wisdom earlier: “Dominique, being dissentious surely shall not help anything. You just got to have more self-believe and self-confidence.”. For that reason I answer:
“ For A-Levels, I’m currently studying social studies, physical and human geography, World History, English Literature, Religious Education, French Language, Chemistry, Physical AND Biology Science, Mathematics, Drama and Music. Although, I may quit my classes in Drama as it’s not an career choice I’d personally consider yeah!” I blush,looking down at my plate once again. By now, I presume he’s imagining me as one of those shy,intelligent, snobby, stuck-up teenagers who always strive for the best and are particularly vain about their cleverness. Ok, I am slightly like that. But still, it’s very clear I do NOT want him to visualize me as that.
“Wow! What a mouthful! How are you even able to fit all of those subjects into one single sentence?”. He questions,with astonishment, not sure whether to laugh at his question or take it seriously. The answer to that: Have no social or personal life and work,work,work until I feel my brain has processed enough. Then I go onto my Pinterest. But then I go to bed.
“ Um...I just do.” I shrug, attempting to appear nonchalant, possibly succeeding but likely not.
“Well...I only do half days during sixth form. At least that way, I can balance my personal life with school work.”. He comments, as if I had asked which I hadn’t.
“ Awww! You’re lucky. We both have full days EVERYDAY.” Chloe moans, hopefully in pretense, to impress this somewhat alluring guy. If I can just get his name...
He laughs at Chloe’s remark, sooner or later realizing that neither of us found it humorous. By then, the next few minutes had been almost silence. I say ALMOST as the guy seriously is the loudest cruncher I know. But hey, SCIENTIFIC statistics prove that louder sounds attract a Human’s interest more than actual appearances.
“Well, ladies, it’s been great sitting and talking to you. BUT I REALLY need to get to my next class so, see you around sometime.” He nods, intensely gazing into my eyes with a seducing smile before heading towards the cafeteria bin.
And so, that was the end of that.
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