Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Too Good To be True
I enter my house, still astounded by what had previously eventuated at school. Prior to anything else, I go to my bedroom,switching into a pair of Tencel print utility joggers accompanied with a contemporary graphic T-shirt,partially tugged into my joggers reading: Me? Sarcastic?Never. I tie my hair into a voluminous, high-rise ponytail before gathering my research book work. I draw myself downstairs to the living room table, where I set my books for book work.
I spend an hour,brushing up on every subject I attended today, later on, taking up another hour to revise all the facts I need to have mastered for my Science IQ next Monday.
Once I concluded going over my Science notes, I continue studying History, Religious Studies and English literature. Following English Lit came my Maths, French, Drama and Social studies homework assignments. Note: In case you didn’t know, this is a studying ritual routine which I follow every day after school’s dismissal. Occasionally, I may pay a visit to Chloe’s house, in order to study with her or I may study in my favorite, quiet local library. Otherwise, I do so at home. As soon as I’ve ended, I once again change out of my home clothes,into my sportswear and go for a half an hour jog around the block. Usually, I take my iPod and earphones with me when I go out to exercise.
I’d say it was in the region of 17:45 when I left the house for my regular jog. As I was doing so, my iPod happened to play one of my best loved songs; Closer by Chainsmokers and Hasley .
At this point, I am intrinsically immersed into the song, as I jog past the “in close promixity” houses, enhanced with grand, divine driveins ,porches and tall, shading oak trees.
Turning a corner, a smile whipped onto my face as the song reached my my favoured lyric piece. Through the corner of my eye, I recognize a familiar face. I turn my head, noticing Adonis, strolling down the path opposite to mine, reigning my favoured breed of dog-Shih Tzu. I already perceive a great deal of information on Shih Tzu: they originate from Tibet in China, have a life span of approximately 10-15 years, their name actually means “little lion” and their dominant characteristic is affection. See?
He turned his head, discovering me staring in his direction.
He calls my name, waving. Spontaneously, I make a U turn to the corner in alarm, insecure of what to do. I peer out from the corner, spotting him cross the road, with the dog, towards me. Anxious, I begin running down the road as fast as possible, reaching home a whole 20 minutes before I should’ve. Still agitated, I kick off my running trainers,bounding up to my room. What is WRONG with me???
Time passes. Eventually I proceed downstairs, to find to my discovery, mum home from work.
“Hey Sweetie. How was your day at school?” Mum greets, patting my head and closing the door behind her.
In a sense, I regard her question as too oppressive for a response. After everything that has occurred, discussing school today with ANYONE, ESPECIALLY my mother is out of bounds. As a result I reply: “Good. Just the usual.”.
“ Oh right-y! I’m making us lasagna today! “ Mum announces, opening the kitchen cupboards and pulling out ingredients. I provide Mum with a blissful expression on my face. I help my mum make the pastry and she makes the mince to go inside. Together, we work well in the kitchen- you could say in equivalence to Gregg Wallace and John Torode.
During dinner, our conversation turns up a notch.
“Why were you so unusual when I asked you about school?” Mum interrogates, narrowing her eyes. Darn it, why is my Mum so observant?
“How was I unusual?” I ask, hiding any kind of weakness.
“Normally, you’d explain your school day in..extended detail than you had, earlier on. You may think I don’t listen to a word you say. But really , I do.” Mum justifies.
“Or it could just mean you’re very observatory and inquisitive .” I suggest, sarcastically.
“Oh comm’on Dominique! Spill what happened!” Mum pleaded, as though she was my best friend.
“No.” I demand, studying the table’s surface.
“Hm...” Mum trails off.
“Hm?” I question.
“ I’m just thinking of what kind of scenarios make you react overprotective. A unknown test score?” Mum tries. I shake my head.
“Fallout with Chloe?” I shake my head
“Dropped out of sixth form!” I shake my head.
“Bullied?” I shake my head.
“Moving to America to join NASA?” I widen my eyes in awe, eventually shaking my head.
“Hm... Let me think about this one. Hm... A boy?”. I look down at my plate, trying really hard not to smile.
“It is a boy!” Mum gasps.
“Who is he? Do I know him? Is he the fit-dumb kind, or the smart,intelligent type or a mixture of the two stereotypes?” Mum questions.
“Hm... I’d say a mixture.” I answer. I cannot get my head around having a conversation about Adonis to my mum. The more I over think the situation,the weirder it seems.
“Moving was work?” I ask.
“No. We’re not alternating the subject until you tell me more information about this unknown guy.” Mum protests.
“Mum, there’s honestly nothing to tell you. We’re literally talked for two minutes during lunchtime and for 1 minute in an elevator on our way to Science. Apart from that-“
“Ah. So he’s in your classes? And there must be more to what you’re telling me. I betcha, you probably enjoyed your short-term conversations with him, right?”
To set the record straight, no, not really. Whenever we hold a conversation with one another, I persist in hoping the conversation will end shortly. I always transform to an disconcerted wreck when we talk... then he looks at me with his ardent blue eyes.
“Dominique?” Mum questions with concern.
“No. Not really.” I say, making eye contact with her.
“Okay, if you say so...” Mum says in the tone “ Mhmm”. Referring back to that Internet Slang list I’d learnt off-by-heart, the translation was “OK,sure(!)”. So, she doesn’t believe me. OK, whatever. I have more pressing issues to deal with such as my homework,studies and some educational trip to Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Okay, Adonis could potentially make the list of “pressing things to deal with”.

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