Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
What am I to do?
The time is approximately halfway through the afternoon. I am yet to enjoy one last lesson before my school day is done. At long last.
I make one’s way to the Science Lab, elevated two floors high from ground’s level. With the hast decision of not using the stairs, I move towards the elevator. As the door pushes shut, something intercepts the process. A hand. Using burgeoning strength, the door gives in and opens. The guy who sat with me during Lunch , casually strolls into the elevator before pressing the lift button 2, the door shutting, eventually.
“Hey again!” he says with a friendly smile.
“Hi.” I mumble back, my eyes examining the elevator floor. Once again, I’m left in a position where I’m anxious of what to do.
“So...” he begins... “Where are you going? He asks, attempting to make small talk.
“Science Lab 24.” I answer, giving him a single glance.
“Oh right.According to timetable, I have to be in...oh. Science Lab 24. Looks like we’re heading to the same place.” he grins.
“Oh....yeah. Of course!” I sigh, awkwardly. Why me??
For what seems like eternity, the door ultimately opens. I hurry out, followed by him walking out. I get the impression he’s confused about the location of Science Lab 24 BECAUSE he’s frowning at his school map, whilst scratching his head in slow motion, squinting his eyes. Since, I’m not a typically mean person, I take a short,snappy breath, approach him and offer:
“Hey, erm, do you want me to take you to Science Lab 24?”
He’s still focusing on the map, losing eye contact with me, at first, causing me to doubt whether he was actually paying attention. But then, he gives me a quick glance before nodding his head in defeat.
Pushing thoughts aside, I take him to our Science class without any problem. Luckily, we both had arrived exactly on the dot- 2:30 p.m.
“Why, thank you Dominique for bringing your new classmate!” Mrs Moriarty thanks me as I sit myself at my designated place.
“With that in mind, welcome, sir to my Science class and I hope you enjoy studying here.” Mrs Moriarty greets the boy.
She calls out the register as usual. All I can’t wait for is for her to say my name and then his. I intensely listening as I apprehend all the sounds around me, including the pressing of Mrs’ laptop keys and the seconds hand on the clock, ticking.
When it comes to my name, I almost forgot that it was my name she had called.
“Here, Miss!” I reply, startled.
“A-do-is?” Miss attempts to pronounce. Simultaneously, I know that’s his name. The name originates from Aphrodite’s and Persephone’s child who had been killed by a boar. However, Zeus had commanded their child to spend every Winter with Persephone and summer months with Aphrodite. I know this from extended research of Greek gods and Goddesses back in Year 7. Due to Aphrodite being my favorite goddess, I did the most fact-finding for her.
“Erm it’s ADONIS- here Miss!” he answers. In a way, he does have a hint of a Greek accent. Ooh! I’m intrigued.
As soon as the register was over, Mrs Moriarty was good-natured enough to go easy on our workload as it was the last lesson on Friday before we were due to have a test the forth-coming Monday. Therefore, this lesson was ordinarily a book and note revision, which I personally find helpful. For everyone else, it had been an opportunity to gossip about lunchtime’s drama. Just because it’s A-Levels Science, doesn’t mean there’s any less dramatics or chatter than in any other school year. Perhaps if Chloe was in Science, I’d use this lesson as the moment to have an obvious conversation about Adonis. The hour surprisingly went quickly and the next thing you know, the dismissal bell resonates, indicating the end of school. Without hesitation, the entire class hastily packs away their books into their backpacks, before making a beeline for the door. It just leaves Mrs Moriarty, Adonis and myself packing away.
Afraid that I’m pretty much alone with Adonis, I speed up my “packing-away process”, dashing to the door once I’m done.
“Bye Dominique!” Adonis calls out. I smile. He remembered my name.

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