Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
Ah... That smile.
“Bonjour!” “Good Morning!” “Bonjour!” Mrs Alphonse greets us, as we settle to begin class. At that instance, the door swings open, revealing Adonis. He seems out of breath, exhausted and confused.
“ERM... Is this, um, French Class with Mrs Alphonse?” He asks.
“C’est droite. Je voudrais vous présenter à tous les Adonis seront joindre nos classes à partir de maintenant.” Mrs Alphonse introduces. If you do not speak French, enter this into Google Translate.
Adonis smiles, providing the class with a friendly wave. Simultaneously, there are whistles, whispering and “whooping” sounds, erupting the classroom’s poised atmosphere.
“Where are you from, Adonis? Were you born here...another country...?.” Mrs Alphonse questions, once the noise quiets down.
“I’m British but of Greek descent from my mother.” He answers. See! I did say he was Greek.
“How interesting. Would you say your language is similar to the French Language?” Mrs Alphonse interrogates.
“Some of it is but most of it isn’t just because the Greek language is much,much harder.” He responds.
“OK. So, we’re going to complete a quick exercise- we going to go clockwise around the room and we’re going to tell Adonis where each one of us are from as he had done so. Adonis, you can sit down next to Akachi.” Mrs Alphonse clarifies. We start with Adisa who says she’s from Ethiopia, and go around the room.
“Hey Adonis. I’m Camilla and I’m Greek too. Do you understand this: Είσαι καυτός!” Camila hailed to Adonis.
I turn to look at him. He laughs awkwardly, pushing his hair back.
“Er...Ναι.” He mumbles. She laughs in reply, whispering to her friends, soon after laughing with her.
The rest of her friends were a medley of British, French and Turkish. Eventually, the order came to Chloe and I.
“ Bonjour! J’mappelle Chloe et i `a partir Angleterre.”
“I’m British, the second generation of French descent and Black British Caribbean Descent.” I respond. Adonis beams in my direction ,presumably targeted to me. I ignore him, writing the date into my exercise book. We continue the lesson, learning more about each others heritage, gawping in surprise if members of the class come from places we didn’t know, etc,etc.
The next thing you know,lesson’s over, we’re all assigned with homework and revision. Afterwards, I had Maths. Luckily, Adonis hadn’t been allocated to my class for Maths. The day moved on to music class. Tomorrow, trials to represent Bridgend for a national musical competition commence tomorrow at Lunch break.
With that being said, it was Lunch. On my way to the cafeteria, a familiar hand grabs hold of me,hauling me around and coming to face with Adonis.
“Hey.” I sigh awkwardly , releasing my arm from his grasp.
“Dominique, I just wanted to personally apologize about earlier. I never meant for it to annoy you. Reckon we could start again?” He questions, a heart warming smile spread across his face. Ahh. That smile is my favorite one. That smile would easily pressure me to forget everything entirely on its own. That smile hypnotizes me. That smile is paradise. That smile causes me to obsess over him even more.
“OK then.” I sigh, rolling my eyes
“Yay! So, you’re part French? I was surprised to hear that.” Adonis enquirers.
“Yes. My great grandmother was fully French.” I inform him.
“Aw cool!” he smiles. About to say something,one of his friends had interrupted me:
“Hey Adonis! You coming with us or what?”
“Yep, I’m coming. ” Adonis replies as they stride past him,through the cafeteria door.
“Well...I guess that’s my cue to go. But you have History tomorrow with Mr Richards?” Adonis questions. I nod with a smile.
“Ok. So see you around!” he calls, going off with his new friends into the food hall.
There is a copious amount of information I am obliged to tell one person. Chloe.

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