Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
How come there’s so much to say to one person only?
Did you know that a University of Arizona study found that most people speak around 16,000 words in a day AND that Women speak 13,000 more words then men in a day? Hey, if you didn’t, now you know two great facts about human speech!
Nevertheless, what is the explanation of human communication? Why is it necessary? “Communication is a tool with which we exercise our influence on others, bring out changes in our and others’ attitudes, motivate the people around us and establish and maintain relationships with them,”, according to Communication Theory. In my opinion, communication is a chance to establish ideas and share them with people. Currently, I am urging to “communicate” with Chloe since there are multiple gaps of my story which need to be filled in. Although I am despairingly eager to explain to Chloe about everything, it is essential I am considerate of her feelings, in case she’s having an obsession too,you know? The last thing I intend to do is trouble her, especially with the whole wedding day weighing on her shoulders.
I wait at the back table in our spacious, stretched out cafeteria Hall, patiently delaying my meal for Chloe. At that moment, she’s most likely changing back into her clothes as she’s just had her P.E lesson. Nonetheless, it’s been 20 minutes already, since the dismissal bell rang for Lunch. Where is this girl? With 15 minutes of Lunchtime left, I begin eating my food, alone, devastated because I were not able to tell her about my Adonis situation. Honestly, I cannot put this problem on hold forever. I finish my Lunch, just before the bell rings; meaning it’s time for my social studies class which, to a great extend, is engrossing. My school day ends with Creative Writing class. I’m now assigned to write a lengthy creative writing piece due for tomorrow. How delightful (!) In my opinion, I do not believe my new creative writing teacher likes me very much for whatever grudge she’s carrying over me. I exit the school gate, abruptly being held back by Chloe.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Chloe questions, placing her hands on her hips in a “sassy” manner. I frown at her remark.
“I’m going home.” I pronounce carefully, ensuring she understands.
“ERM, no you’re not. Did you forget about our plan earlier on? I’m styling your hair today- you’re coming round my house?!” Chloe explains.
“Oh I can’t! I have been set to fulfill a long creative writing essay and I have maths homework as well.” I sigh apologetically.
“Hun, I’m not taking no for an answer. Meet me at my house , five sharp. Don’t forget to bring your hair products: shampoo,conditioner and obviously overnight clothes as you’re staying at mine.” Chloe says before heading in the direction of her home. I sigh aloud,trudging my way out of school.

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