Do best friends really come before boys?
Stolen Heart
I love my hair
We wake up at 6:30, only getting 6 hours of sleep.
“Oh no! We do not have long to style your hair!” Chloe exclaims in a panic.
“Would it help if I had a shower?” I offer.
“Yes. Go have a shower!” Chloe agrees.
“But one thing- I left my towel at home. Do you have a spare, by chance?” I ask. I was in a hurry!
“Ugh, yes. I’ll fetch for you!” Chloe sighs leaving the room.
Meanwhile, I gather the clothes which I’m dressing in, my underwear and Chloe’s body cream.
“Here you go!” Chloe says, handing me a neon towel. I thank her with a smile before going inside the bathroom. The amount of time I had spent in the bathroom getting dressed was 15 minutes,the maximum.
Once I’m done, Chloe runs in there in a hurry. I check my phone finding the time’s 6:47a.m.
“Hurry up Chloe! It’ll soon be 7am!” I call, as Chloe’s showering. I remove the shower cap from my head, discovering my hair is a tangled mess. I had forgotten to plait it before falling asleep. To save Chloe’s life, I begin untangling knots in my hair with my fingers. Once I’m done, my hair is the equivalence to a bush outside my house’s front porch.
“Oh right-y!” Chloe comments as usual, exiting the bathroom, fully dressed.
“Oh...k. Time to wash your hair!” Chloe demands with an disgusted expression.
She washes my hair using her Head and Shoulders shampoo, conditioning with Herbal Essence with the scent of coconut. She towel dries my hair, later wrapping my hair in a different dry towel as we ascend downstairs for cereal. By the time we do that,it’s 7:25am. We’re on track of time which isn’t SO bad.We go back upstairs onto Chloe’s dresser table. She unwraps my hair and it falls by the sides of my head.
“Good.” She smiles. Carefully, with effort, Chloe blow dries my hair, parting each portion of my hair, applying the after washing treatment, hoping it’ll protect my hair from the heat. By the time she’s done, my hair looks cleaner, glossier,longer and less frizzy. With the result of this, she straightens my entire hair without burning a single hair on my head. Wow! Chloe’s really good if she can style a mixed race person’s hair. Once she finishes straightening, Chloe lifts up a long piece of my hair to the side so I can see it.
It’s a Chestnut colour from the roots downwards, then it blends into a caramel colour around about the middle and at the very tips, it’s camel brown. It looks BEAU-TI-FUL! My hair is beautiful.
“Oh my gosh! I was unaware of my hair being these array of shades!!” I gasp in shock.
“You see now? You have natural highlights all the way through. Is that even possible?” Chloe grins. I guess so. I’ve never dyed my hair. My mum had informed me that I were originally blonde, like her, when I was a baby. Until roughly the age of five, my hair transformed into a camel brown. And then my hair fully converted to really dark brown, similar to a chestnut brown when I were 7. As of now, it is as though I’m metamorphosing back to blonde.
“Keep your head REALLY still. I do not have long to style your hair so...”. Chloe requests, as she begins parting my hair. I sense her plaiting my hair down from the roots, at some points , using her hair curler. I notice Chloe, using a product of some sort at the tips of my hair.
“What are you doing?” I question.
“I’m brightening the camel and the caramel colour of your hair with a hair highlighter. Therefore, everyone will notice it’s your REAL hair colour rather then dye or bleach.” Chloe explains. At last she ties the ends with a black hair bands.
“It’s done!” She says, as I close my eyes to the spray of styling spray is spritzed around my hair. I go to the nearest mirror, eyeing my hair. Chloe styled my hair as two parted french plaits, which extends halfway down my back. If I can see the natural change of colour, everyone will.
“Wow! My hair looks amazing! It’s astounding! Magnificent! Beautiful! I’m proud to have my hair! I really am!” I squeak with tears in my eyes.
“Yes I know. I just LOOVE your hair. It’s so pretty.” Chloe smiles.
With no more time left to lose, we brush our teeth as quickly as brushing teeth goes, collecting our school bags(my English essay) and our phones. We slip into our shoes and coats and literally run to school. We reach school five minutes before the bell’s due to ring. Before we enter, Chloe pauses me in my tracks.
“So remember the plan? We walk in. I take off your coat and you need to make sure your hair is trailing down your back. Then your keep your head up and we style everything out, making our way to History. Got it?” Chloe recaps.
I nod ,with the impact of my coat hood nodding with me.
“OK! Let’s go!” Chloe shrieks.
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